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Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 2nd

Freeservers attempt to get your attention by boasting that they're fast, reliable and offer free hosting.

But are these claims true? Do they offer enough options to keep you interested and are they any good?

In this Freeservers review, I've got all the answers.

Quick, Simple Set-Up

First things first, Freeservers are certainly quick to sign you up. Right off the bat, you begin by registering or transferring a domain name before completing the rest of the signup process.

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It is an extremely simple setup that has very little variation: setting up both a free and a premium plan was a total breeze. You'll be making your own website in just a few minutes, which is always a great plus.

Freeservers Pricing

There are five Freeservers plans available in total. One free, and four premium.

If you choose to use one of the paid options, the price starts at $8.95 for Starter Hosting. Business hosting is the most expensive, at $42.95 per month.

One thing to note here is that pricing sits on a sliding scale. This means that if you pay for a longer period of time up front, the cost per month effectively reduces. While that's a good thing, the prices for this hosting still look really steep.

But before judging any further, let's see what do you get for your money.

Features of Freeservers

Free Starter Personal Professional Business
Disk space 50MB 1GB 5GB 10GB 10GB
Bandwidth limit 1GB 10GB 50GB 100GB 1000GB
How many domains allowed 1 1 1 Unlimited Unlimited
SSD or HDD used in servers HDD HDD HDD HDD HDD
SSL - - - - -
Email Accounts 3 25 100 500 Unlimited
Website builder Included Included Included Included Included
Money back guarantee - 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days
Customer Service Phone and email Phone and email Phone, email, and helpdesk Phone, email, and helpdesk Phone, email, and helpdesk

The free version of Freeservers is as basic as you can get. The upload limit and disk space are barely passable in this day and age.

You can't even get a WordPress blog on it! Truth be told though, 50 megabytes is not enough for WordPress in the first place.

As you move up the package options, it gets a bit better. The personal option at $17.95 offers 100 email accounts and PHP/Perl /MySQL access. You also get 5GB of disk space, which is not too bad for a regular website. However - for a regular website, $17.95 a month is way, way too much.

The top-priced package is also expensive at $42.95 per month. For this, you would expect a lot: well, don't. 10GB disk space, and 1000GB of bandwidth isn't exactly an enterprise option. And if you want to complain to someone about it, you might need to wait until morning, as there's no option for 24-hour customer support.

All the packages lag behind the better-known competitors of Freeservers.


The performance isn't much to turn heads either - an average 700ms. It's nothing awful - but nothing good either.

Freeservers Review: My conclusion

If you are doing anything more than setting up a basic blog or website, then Freeservers isn't the service for you. Their options are limited and the overall offering is very basic.

While it's easy to set up a site, it's pretty difficult to do anything with it - unless you choose one of the very expensive premium plans.

The reputation of the site online is a bit of a worry too. Many customers have reported paying for domains to then have them be taken down by Freeservers, who then request a second payment.

Even if you don't pay anything, Freehosting is not worth the price.

What do you think? Maybe you've used Freehosting and have a review of your own? Let us know in the comments!


  • Multiple email accounts even in a free plan
  • Free option for bloggers


  • Poor customer service
  • Not particularly quick
  • Very limited in terms of options and themes
  • Low disk space even with the most expensive package

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