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Bart Keating


2019 October 2nd

GameServers claims to be the internet's no.1 game server provider. It's certainly got an impressive resume, having worked with developers like Treyarch to optimize its servers for big-name titles such as Call of Duty: Black Ops series.

GameServers Review About Us Page

But how good is its service? Find out in this GameServers review.

First Impressions

GameServers was founded in 2004. Sadly, it doesn't look like GameServers has updated its site since.

Everything looks a bit dated with low-resolution icons not fit for modern displays. Well, at least it would look good on Minecraft.

GameServers Review Homepage

A Range of Different GameServers Services

Once you get past the unappealing aesthetics, you'll find that GameServers offers an array of different game-oriented hosting packages:

  • Cloud-based hosting: for virtual single game servers
  • Dedicated server hosting: to host games on your own private hardware
  • Voice servers: for low latency in-game audio communication
  • Procon hosting: hosting with a remote admin tool

Worldwide Server Locations

In online gaming, nothing is more important than low latency. GameServers offers 36 different hosting locations, so you can choose the one with the lowest ping for your area.

If you just can't make up your mind, you can switch data centers four times per month.

GameServers Review Locations

Easy Sign Up

Finding the right game server is a straightforward process; it only took me a few minutes to configure a package.

GameServers Review Configure Package

Subpar Service

Once I had a gaming server set up, I wanted to install an add-on DLC package and tried to contact GameServers' 24/7 customer support service for help.

GameServers Review Technical Support

Frustratingly, they were afk and I didn’t hear back for over 5 hours. Had I simply installed the game on a local system, I would have been able to install the DLC package without a problem.

GameServers Reviews: Opinions of Others

Unfortunately, such experiences seem commonplace. I checked out various forums and realized few people leave positive Game Servers reviews.

GameServers Review External Review

Users complain about unresponsive support, corrupted game files, and laggy gaming. Looks like user reviews is a no man's sky for GameServers.

GameServers Review What Are Other Customers Saying

GameServers Pricing

For cloud-based single game hosting, pricing depends on the game. You pay per player and the minimum number of players is ten. For an older title like Battlefield 1942 (not actually released in 1942), the minimum cost comes to $7.95/month. Newer titles like Battlefield 4 cost at least $12.95/month.

GameServers Review Battlefield 1942

For dedicated servers, there are four pricing tiers ranging from $69.99/month to $179.99/month.

GameServers Review Dedicated Pricing

GameServers Pricing In More Detail

As dedicated servers are suitable for hosting more than one game, let's look at those four plans in more detail.

E3-1220 E3-1240v3 E3-1270v5 E5-1650v3
Processor Speed 4x3.00Ghz 4x3.4Ghz 4x3.6-4.00Ghz HT CPU 4x3.5Ghz HT CPU
RAM 16GB 32GB 32GB 64GB
Disk Space 1TB 120GB 240GB 240GB
Bandwidth 10TB 10TB 10TB 10TB
Email Addresses None None None None
SSL Included? No No No No
Website Builder No No No No
Customer Support 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7
Refund Period 5-Day 5-Day 5-Day 5-Day

The $99.99/month E3-1240v3 plan will be better for most games than the starter plan because it includes SSD storage.

I was disappointed by the short five-day refund period. For most users, it will be hard to evaluate GameServer's service during that time.

Only Average Performance

During my GameServers review, I tested my server's performance with Bitcatcha.

GameServers Review Peformance Bitcatcha

Results were average which, with a gaming server, isn't acceptable. Response times above 100ms will cause significant lag. The server was located on the East Coast of the USA, however - and you can see that in there, the responses were okay.

So, in simple terms - server location will be crucial. Review: Final Thoughts

Having experienced issues that other users also complained about, I don't recommend GameServers. It seems that GameServers did offer a high-quality service a few years ago, so hopefully, it will be able to make a return to form in the future, just like C.O.D did.

Do you have GameServers reviews of your own to add? If so, post them below!


  • Long list of supported games
  • Choice of dedicated or cloud hosting
  • Flexible voice server add-ons
  • Affordable per player costs


  • Underwhelming customer support
  • Buggy servers
  • Short refund period

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User comments

BlizMare picture

2020 May 25th

I was paying $8.28/mo for 5GB RAM server, and wanted to switch games to a game that requires far less resources, but they tell me I can't use my current... Read more

I was paying $8.28/mo for 5GB RAM server, and wanted to switch games to a game that requires far less resources, but they tell me I can't use my current subscription, and have to cancel and start a new one for the other game, and want me to pay $9.99/mo. for 1GB RAM, when I was paying $8.28/mo. for 5GB RAM. When I first started with them, I was so pleased that I finally found a game server host with a location near me that had decent latency, but the money grabbing can take a hike!

Scott picture

2019 August 14th

Attempted to start a server with them... no guide, no instructions, and NOTHING tells you that you have to set up the server .cfg file PERFECTLY the first time with... Read more

Attempted to start a server with them... no guide, no instructions, and NOTHING tells you that you have to set up the server .cfg file PERFECTLY the first time with EVERY change and Mod you want, because once its set up and you start a world, your done... the only way to add a mod is to start a new world.. played for two days to get set up.. went to add mods..... nope, two days of work setting up down the toilet.. I asked ahead of time, and got no reply.. Sean helped me initially, and then??? Nothing.. no one answered anything. Off to try to find a more friendly game server.

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