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When it comes to the online web hosting there are more than 101 companies that you can consider. That's why in my review, I will present you services and features provided by this hosting old-timer, managing 2,5 million domains and 200,00+ websites. is a full service hosting provider that has been in existence since 1999. They offer a wide array of services, website capabilities and account management services for individuals, businesses, developers, and resellers.

It's possible that your choice is to get a website that can cater to your every need. is a quite straight definition of a one-stop shop for simple web hosting, offering domain names, SSL certificates, and cloud hosting.

Obviously, in the web hosting business, the most important feature is the "No bullshit" promise (hopefully made by the lawyers). And proudly values No Bullshit™ philosophy since 1999: no bullshit

Services Offered By offers essential hosting services: 

  • Domain Registration
  • Web Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • SSL Certificates

In addition to these services, there is also domain linking, DNSSEC capabilities platform, you are also able to set up hosting and host your own website. services

You can register, renew or transfer a domain. They offer support, DNS management, detailed documentation, 1 click connection to third-party applications and you have the capability of managing your products on all of your devices.

This provides a great variety for anyone who would need the services of a provider, without having to go elsewhere for additional services. Pricing & Plans in Detail

Now it's time to take a look at the pricing. Hopefully, it will be clear and without any Bullshit. I'll check the most popular shared hosting, as creative minds call it - simple hosting. pricing and plans
  • Small - For $5,00/mo. you'll get up to 5 websites and domains, no SSL key, 20 GB of storage (extensible up to 2 TB) and unlimited traffic.
  • Small+SSL - for additional $2,5/mo. you'll get unlimited SSL keys. In total - $7,50/mo.
  • Medium - For $10,00/mo. you'll get up to 10 websites and domains, unlimited SSL keys, 20 GB of storage (extensible up to 2 TB) and unlimited traffic.
  • Large - For $20,00/mo. you'll get up to 20 websites and domains, unlimited SSL keys, 20 GB of storage (extensible up to 2 TB) and unlimited traffic.
  • X-Large - For $30,00/mo. you'll get up to 40 websites and domains, unlimited SSL keys, 20 GB of storage (extensible up to 2 TB) and unlimited traffic.
  • XX-Large - For $40,00/mo. you'll get up to 300 websites and domains, unlimited SSL keys, 20 GB of storage (extensible up to 2 TB) and unlimited traffic.

When creating a new instance, you can select your preferred programming language, database and server location (France or Luxembourg). plans in depth

In the table below you can see some more features for each plan. Interesting thing is that although I've selected USD as a currency, when making purchase it was changed to Euro without option to change it to $ again. plans in detail

A nice feature is an ability to give Simple hosting a test ride before making the final decision:

Medium - For $10,00/mo. you'll get up to 10 websites and domains, unlimited SSL keys, 20 GB of storage (extensible up to 2 TB) and unlimited traffic.

You can try any plan for free and then resize with no obligations on your part.

I would really recommend it, because why not? It's free!

Speaking about No Bullshit it was nice to see, that the price stays consistent and when you are said that you will pay $5,00/mo. that's what you will pay for one month!


It's time to test the performance of this Europe-based hosting provider.

Are they able to show a good result even for the USA regions?

Well, yes. All-around performance is pretty decent unless you really like watching anime and eating sushi... Just kidding, my Japanese friends! performance

As you can see, Gandi got a strong B!

I had to search for their uptime guarantee. Finally, I was able to find it in one of the contracts. Strange that it's not somewhere on the landing page, because it's a pretty decent 99.95%. uptime calculator

This means that your website can go down only for about 5 minutes a week!

Another nice (and rare) touch is that they're transparent about all the unpleasant incidents: incidents Pros and Cons


Great Performance - decent uptime and response time makes stand out.

Clear and Reasonable Pricing - "No bullshit". This means no shady upsells, no confusing renewal pricing. They are all about selling you what you want, but not what the provider wants you to buy.

10 Days Free Trial - they are not scared to let you use their services before making the decision. And, again, I would recommend you to use this option beforehand.

Free Stuff with Domain Registration - when registering a domain, you'll get 5 mailboxes with 1,000 forwarding addresses, free SiteMaker pages, free SSL for 1 year and private domain registration for your personal information.


Customer Service - it's a bit lacking... The forum is overwhelming and, in my honest opinion, messy:

gandi support

Ticket support is not what you like to see when looking for an instant help. Live-chat would be a big plus! 

Pricing - you can find cheaper providers, offering similar services. Not many, but there are some.

The registration - it may appear confusing and the reviews from users show that you had difficulties choosing the username or making bank-transfers. Review - Are They Worth Taking Your Money? 

With the price difference in each package, you can choose the one that best matches your budget and requirements. You can use my review if you want to see all that they have to offer and make a decision, based on all that they have to offer. 

It is easy to overlook the capabilities of as a trusted provider of web hosting and domain registration because it is not as popular as other, more popular brands, but their tenure in business clearly speaks to their reliability and longevity in this business.

Their motto explains their approach to fairness and transparency and their service offerings are not to be compared. This is clearly the brand of choice for anyone who needs this type of service.

If I missed something, please leave your comment and I will fix the possible discrepancies! 

Good luck!


  • Great Performance
  • Transparant Pricing
  • Free Trial


  • There Are Cheaper Options
  • Servers Only In Europe
  • Outdated Customer Support User Reviews

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