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Bart Keating


2019 October 2nd

Globat is web hosting provider aiming at making web hosting services accessible to everyone who desires to start and maintain their online presence.

Providing web hosting and domain registrar services, Globat claims to be the leader in Performance Web Hosting® with affordable, quality solutions for worldwide customers. The US-based hosting company thinks that its the commitment to customer service and technical support that makes Globat successful. 

Disappointedly, you won't find advanced hosting solutions like Cloud or VPS servers in Globat services list. So can its shared hosting plans really meet every client needs?

In this Globat review, we are ready to cross-check all of the host's claims and see, whether it provides what's promised.

So let's go ahead and start!

Globat Pricing 

Globat has 2 shared hosting plans - GX01 and GX19 which pricing starts at $4.44/month. The more expensive option, GX19, will cost you $19.99/month. With both plans, only 1-year subscriptions are available, and you'll need to pay in advance.

globat shared hosting review

With both GX01 and GX19, you'll get unlimited disk space, email accounts, and a domain name. However, plans differ in other features:

  • With GX01 Plan for $4.44/month, you get 50 MySQL databases and eCommerce tool for up to 15 products.
  • GX19 Plan for $19.99/month includes unlimited databases and eCommerce tool for up to 50 products.

With the noticeable difference in the cost of the two hosting plans, the features seem to look pretty similar. So the only case where you'd benefit from GX19, is if you plan on having a small, 50 product online store. Though there are better and less limited tools for the same price.

On the other hand, a cheaper plan does look affordable. After all, you get unlimited resources and a domain for $4.44/month. 

But there's a pretty pricey catch.

The plans are only available for a 1-year period and after that, GX01 price jumps. It renews at $14.95/month. And that is quite a price!

You can also get a bit cheaper pricing after the renewal if you choose a longer billing period. In the table, you can compare the pricing:

Payment Period GX01 Plan monthly price GX01 Plan cumulative price
12 Months $14.95 $179.40
24 Months $13.95 $334.80
36 Months $12.95 $466.20

After all, Globat pricing turns out to be pretty expensive. Anyways, you can check the table to compare both of the plans. Perhaps it's still worth hosting with Globat?

GX01 Plan GX19 Plan
Disk Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Domains allowed Unlimited Unlimited
HDD or SSD used in servers? HDD HDD
SSL Included (free for domains registered with Globat) Included (free for domains registered with Globat)
Anti-DDoS protection Included Included
Anti-malware protection No No
Email accounts Unlimited Unlimited
FTP accounts Unlimited Unlimited
Website builder Included Included
eCommerce Up to 15 products Up to 50 products
Assisted website transfer No No
cPanel Included (web-based FileManager) Included (web-based FileManager)
Auto-installer Yes Yes
Money back guarantee 30 days 30 days
Customer support 24/7 Live chat, Phone, Ticket & FAQs
Choice of server location No - US only No - US only
Free Automated back-ups No No

Even after comparing the plans, GX01 looks more logical - you get nearly the same, but cheaper. But keep in mind the increase in the price. After the renewal it will jump, so if performance is not top-notch, staying with the host any longer than a year might not be worth it.

Globat Performance and Uptime

Globat does not offer any kind of uptime guarantee. However, you'll probably be safe in case of a power cut - Globat has a diesel generator and UPS power backup.

Also, in the last 30 days, the provider managed to keep 99.998% uptime. This means the servers could've been down for less than a minute. Pretty great result!


The Globat performance, on the other hand, could and should be improved. Our testing tool rates it with a C mark - just a bit above average.

The US times are great, not reaching 100ms. However, other continents need some serious improvement. Banglore and Japan are lagging behind quite a lot, not managing to keep the industry average of 553ms

  globat review speed

Hosting website with the target audience in the US will be pretty great - you shouldn't feel any delays in page loading. However, I cannot say the same with other continents.

Globat Pros and Cons

Going ahead with the Globat review, the next thing for me to do is to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of Globat and its shared hosting plans. Afterward, you should be able to decide whether Globat's hosting plans are good enough for your sites and businesses.

Globat pros

This Globat review shows that the hosting provider delivers some great features with its hosting plans and these include:

Money-back guarantee - Globat returns money to customers who are not satisfied with its hosting plans within 30-days of subscription. This makes Globat better than some hosting providers who offer shorter days for their money-back guarantee strategy.

Good support system - the hosting provider offers 24/7 support for their customers. Globat’s technical team is reachable via Live Chat, Phone, and online Ticket. Similarly, sufficient FAQ guides are available for guidance in Globat’s knowledge base.

Fully equipped control panel - the control panel that comes with the hosting plans is fully equipped. The control panel features web-based FileManager, site statistics, and some other management tools for managing email addresses and MySQL databases. Globat also provides tutorial videos that can help in the easy navigation of the control panel.

24/7 Network monitoring - Globat has two data center locations in Boston, US. These data locations are monitored 24/7 and have UPS power back-up as well as a backup generator.

Globat cons

We also noticed a few disadvantages that come by choosing Globat:

No specified uptime guarantee - Globat fails to specify its uptime or downtime. This is very disturbing because the absence of such a commitment means some uncertainty for the customer. Fortunately, recent results show, that Globat is pretty good at keeping downtime to the minimum.

The absence of advanced hosting packages - Globat does not offer advanced hosting packages such as cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS, or reseller hosting. With the lack of such, the hosting provider is not meant for high-performance sites and businesses. Also, when your website grows, you're bound to change provider - there's simply no scalability options with Globat.

Relatively slow server speed - the server speed is only fast in America and only fairly bearable in other regions of the world.

Renewal pricing - GX01 plan is affordable only for the 1-year initial period. After that, the price jumps by $10. So you can end up paying $14.95/month. Is it worth paying that? Now that's up to you to decide.

Globat Review - the Verdict

This Globat review has shown that the host still has quite a lot of room for improvement. The cheapest plan is great for the initial period - in the US, you'll have great response times and pretty much unlimited features.

But then come all the drawbacks of Globat.

After the renewal, GX01 pricing increases 3 times. The uptime guarantee is also nowhere to be found, so the question, if you can trust this host, remains unanswered. And if you choose to host anywhere else than the US, server speed is only bearable.

Keep in mind, that you won't have any scalability option with Globat.

So can we recommend this host? Well, if you only need a small website for the US-based audience for a year - yeah sure. But that's quite a lot of conditions, so you better look for another reputable host. 


  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Good Support
  • Unlimited Storage


  • No Uptime Guarantee
  • Slow Server Speed
  • No Advanced Hosting Packages

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Chris picture

2020 February 8th

Just got ripped off by Globat. Very poor service. They could not resolve ongoing issues with my email service and after some time, I asked them to remove my auto... Read more

Just got ripped off by Globat. Very poor service. They could not resolve ongoing issues with my email service and after some time, I asked them to remove my auto renewal and they canceled my services. Now they are saying that they don't give refunds for partial service terms. Even though they wee the ones that canceled the account. Service and call center are very poor.