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2019 October 4th at 3:23






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GoCentral is a website builder coming from a hosting company GoDaddy.

GoDaddy is a huge international company with plenty of great things going on for it. The biggest ICANN domain registrar on the planet and one of the biggest names in web hosting, this corporation is synonymous with all things internet. But the website builder is a rather new addition to GoDaddy's services.

So, in this GoDaddy website builder review, I will look into the company's newest attempt to woo the masses with an easy website building interface.

How is it doing? Stick around and find out!

godaddy website builder review

GoDaddy Website Builder Pros

GoDaddy aims at those users looking for a simple way to start a website. Therefore you get a drag-and-drop builder along with great hosting specs. Making a website within minutes and having it fully functioning without any downtimes - this is what you should expect from GoDaddy website builder.

So let's go to the goodies.

1. Easy-to-use website builder

GoDaddy website builder offers comfortable accessibility and ease of use. This is a drag-and-drop type of platform that's really easy to start using.

After signing up, you get asked the two main questions: what is the website about and how do you plan to call it. You can choose from hundreds of different topics - even the ones that seem to be too niche, GoDaddy website builder already had in mind.

With the information you provide, GoDaddy website builder offers you some possible domain (or subdomain) variations as well as the website themes with topic related stock photos.

Of course, the name and theme can be changed later. And the stock photos are always open for your choice.

godaddy website builder review stock photos

Each theme has a slightly different structure which you then can adjust to fit your needs. Choose which looks best for you, and then the customization can begin.

godaddy website builder color editor

The editing menu is placed on the right side of the page. It is divided quite intuitively so you can easily find all the editing options. All the items of the page are working as blocs and sections. You can edit them through the menu or just click directly on the item. When you click on the title, for example, you get to edit the text, font, color, etc.

godaddy website builder editor

The changes you make are visible immediately on the left part of the screen. So you don't have to shuffle between editing and preview modes.

The customization is not only for the visual part. There are also little things for your content.

For example, promotional banners. While they are not overly useful for many blogs or news websites, these are great for online stores looking to make sales.

Going further, you'll find analytics, SEO, and other website background information to be edited.

godaddy website builder color editorAll that is easily found within the builder along with simple explanations on how to set them.

Needless to say, all the templates respond well with other devices. And you can preview how it looks right in the editor screen.

Other good news is that this editing platform is so simple and so well-optimized, you can actually do it all on your mobile phone.

No app, no specific software is needed. Just log into your account, and you can touch up the website from your phone.

2. Exceptional performance

This website builder comes with the GoDaddy hosting, so there is no surprise that the response times and the uptime are great.

Website builders usually don't provide the best numbers, but the expectations of overall server uptime are always high. 100% is ideal, under 99.9% is unsatisfactory, everything in the middle is circumstantial.

But GoDaddy website builder stands out with the performance that turns out to be a perfect 100% uptime.

Another great thing is just how stable the speed is. For this GoDaddy website builder review, a randomly-selected 24h period was tracked, and only once there was a 2-second performance bump. All the other time, the performance was stable and great. Response times around 350 ms go hand-in-hand with the good web hosting companies.

Combine speeds and the impeccable uptime - they paint the picture of this website builder being optimized for a terrific performance. No worries here.

3. Superb customer service

GoCentralis a GoDaddy product, therefore, you get the same support as the hosting clients do. You can choose from two types of customer support - chat and phone.

godaddy website builder customer support

What is definitely great, the support is available full 24/7 with no exceptions! Many website builder providers have their "off" hours, despite even having their support offices all around the globe. And if you need technical issues to be solved, you don't want to wait for the next business day.

And to reach that chat support doesn't take much time. The longest I had to wait was 7min and while other times I got to an agent the same second.

Also, when you start each session, the estimated wait time is shown. This way you know whether you're expected to be glued to the screen or can go and make yourself a cup of coffee.

The agents are friendly and patient even with the most repetitive questions. However, sometimes the answers they put out are not always clear or contain full information. It seems that the chat service doesn't have a good internal knowledge base.

The phone support, on the other hand, is great. GoDaddy has a well-deserved reputation for having terrific phone support.

It takes no time to get connected with knowledgeable agents. Simply put - I was unable to find a gap in their expertise. Anything related to making a page, managing a page, or using various tools, was explained with clarity and details.

Also worth mentioning, GoDaddy website builder has a knowledge base and user community forum. You can find thorough explanations on how to use the platform as well as how to improve your website.

godaddy website builder help center

So in general, GoDaddy website builder has strong customer support. You will get your answers one way or another and most importantly, you can reach out anytime.

GoDaddy website builder Cons

Despite great performance and customer support, GoDaddy website builder plans seem a little too expensive for the features it provides. In this GoDaddy website builder review, we have to look at the not-so-great sides of this platform. And actually, the features don't justify the price.

So, here are the GoDaddy website builder cons.

1. Lack of customization

Unfortunately, GoDaddy website builder offers a very small choice of templates. And the customization doesn't give you much power to make them more original.

The GoDaddy website claims to have an incredible amount of different templates (over 300). However, in reality, there are basically 8 templates with some derivations. When choosing one for your website, you'll be offered 16 options. And although they are stylish, you won't find much difference among them.

Talking about the customization possibilities, they are quite limited. After all, the pages are predetermined. You can change the colors, the images, the menu items but you can't move elements freely to modify the design.

godaddy website builder editorThings like fonts, text boxes, specific color schemes or overall organization of elements have very few options that are inbound with the template. This means you can't add custom headers, titles, buttons and so on.

The interaction between elements can also be slightly changed, but then you start to see, how very little difference is between those templates. If originality is important for you, GoDaddy won't cut it.

In the end, GoDaddy website builder is not meant to create specific website designs. It offers a very simple editing experience and there are great tools, sure. However, this builder severely lacks in customization options.

So if you have a more specific idea for your website design, you may want to look elsewhere.

2. Limited features

In order to have a well-functioning website, you want not only a website builder, but some other features included with your plan.

With GoDaddy website builder, there's not much to talk about. Of course, All plans offer unmetered disk space and bandwidth as well as SSL certificate.

But there's no free domain - you may connect your own. And you can create only one website with one account. Also that one email (Office 365) account included is free for the first year only.

What's worse? No backups provided - be sure to do them yourself. And that's where the add-ons step in. You get those backups for $2.00/mo per site. As well as performance monitoring, automated security check, branded reporting and so on. Sure, with an additional fee, you can improve your website. Many of those add-ons could be included with the plan.

As for eCommerce features, you get SEO and email marketing tools. However, there aren't such things as coupon codes or gift cards. And the marketing emails are limited, for example, with the Business plan you can send 500 emails per month. As for social media, there's only Facebook integration.

godaddy website builder marketing tools

To sum it all up, there are some great basic features, however, it won't blow your mind. Especially when you pay that subscription price.

3. High prices

GoDaddy's website builder pricing goes all the way from "reputable" to "questionable". Considering the features you get, the prices start to look a little on the high side.

Here's a list of all four GoDaddy website builder plans:

  • Personal - $5.99/mo, a regular plan with core features, unmetered data and bandwidth.
  • Business - $9.99/mo, includes all Personal features with SEO added and basic eCommerce capabilities.
  • Business Plus - $14.99/mo, adds email marketing and social media integration. Also, here you get the appointment scheduling or group bookings.
  • Online Store - $29.99/mo plan focusing on serving an online store. There's a shopping cart and the plan allows to accept credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay. Also, you can configure products, shipping, and taxes.
godaddy website builder pricing

The actual eComerce shop can only be started with Online Store plan. The Business and Business Plus plans allow you to sell and promote services. You get Paypal and marketing analytics.

Unlike some other website builders, GoDaddy doesn't bother with the free plan. But you get a 30-day free trial to try out many of the platform's features.

The pricing goes with two subscriptions terms - monthly and yearly. The promoted prices are valid only when going with the yearly term and paying all the price upfront.

However, the Online Store plan has the same pricing no matter the term.

Here are the GoDaddy website builder prices for each plan and both periods:

Personal Business Business Plus Online Store
1 month $6.99 $11.99 $17.99 $29.99
12 months $71.88 ($5.99/mo) $119.88 ($9.99/mo) $179.88 ($14.99/mo) $359.88 ($29.99/mo)

(extra taxes may be applied to certain purchases)

Of course, that still may seem to be quite excessive, and there are plans that are way cheaper. With GoDaddy website builder, a full online store experience can only be received by paying $30 every month. A free domain is not included with any of the plans either, so that's also something to buy additionally.

The cheapest, $5.99 plan falls in between of Weebly and Wix/Squarespace in terms of expense. GoDaddy has no data/bandwidth limitations, and for those not planning to sell online, Personal is an affordable option. But when looking for higher plans, the value you get doesn't seem so reasonable.

GoDaddy website builder has a strong side with a simple interface and great hosting. However, considering the little features you get, you might want to check out other website builders with more attractive offers.

GoDaddy Website Builder Review – Conclusion

Overall GoDaddy website builder is a very competitive product. Offering an intuitive building system ready for SEO and email marketing it covers most needs of beginner users and growing businesses. Quick start, great performance, and full-time customer support are sure to get you online fast.

However, simplicity is actually what's hurting this website builder. The customization here is constrained with very tight editing boundaries. The platform could even more powerful without sacrificing amazing usability.

If you want your websites to look a little bit better? You may choose Wix or Weebly. Do you want a simple platform with 24/7 support and flawless performance? GoDaddy website builder is your choice then.


  • 24/7 phone and chat support
  • Terrific uptime and response times
  • Very easy to use


  • Limited customisation options
  • Only 8 main templates
  • Lack of features






User friendly






Disclosure: We earn a commission if you make a purchase through referral links in this review. This helps to cover the expenses for running ongoing performance tests.

GoDaddy Website Builder User Reviews


Gerry picture

2019 February 2nd

Terrible. Don’t waste your time or money. They don’t care unless they can sell you more crap which won’t help either. Your site will get lost.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Kevin Barclay picture
Kevin Barclay

2018 December 19th

Buyer beware GoDaddy has gotten big enough to not care about their customers. I’ve been a business customer for years and they are to the point where they have lied about features and convinced me to sign up for GoCentral only to have my cpanel email stop working and now the only answer is to pay them more money, which isn’t happening, So I asked for a refund for the GoCentral and I would go back to a wordpress site and they state they do not give refunds anymore. What a joke, I’m now looking into Bluehost.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Elias H Timoult picture
Elias H Timoult

2018 November 22nd

Very Limited and expensive , Technically very limited , 5 service categories while i have more than 15 , and 5 staff while i have 36 ….and they charge $388 per year ….and customer service are untrained and horrible crooks !

Regis Morrow picture
Regis Morrow

2018 August 30th

I was thinking about trying it but only 8 main templates? That is a bit underwhelming… Is it worth trying, can someone who is using it answer me? Thanks

Shania Gomez picture
Shania Gomez

2018 March 3rd

Good, but not as good as others. Not enough features for my liking.