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GoogieHost was founded in 2012 in India, with its founder (Indian blogger Rajesh Chauhan) intending to solve issues in Indian IT. Since then, GoogieHost has become an international operation and provides a variety of different services to both home and business users.

But is this Asia-based hosting provider worthy of your attention?

A Confusing, Concerning Business Model

Googiehost is not like most hosting providers. And that isn't actually a compliment.

Things can actually get quite a bit confusing. Let's start off with the website.

googiehost review landing page

It's not a looker, sure. But that's not the issue. When you click on the ‘Paid Hosting’ link on GoogieHost's header, it automatically defaults to, which I have covered before.

So, you can't actually pay for hosting directly from GoogieHost, but instead from its partner.

Additionally, GoogieHost does specifically mention, which it launched in 2016 in order to provide premium website hosting facilities at an affordable price. But if you want to buy something from them directly? No such luck.

This means that GoogieHost doesn't get all of the services under its name. Instead, it simply redirects users to other providers. This act is called reselling and thus, GoogieHost is Interserver's reseller.

The real service Googiehost offers all the way is free web hosting. And even then, a little bit of creative research reveals that for that, they're using Interserver's servers.

With that mystery out of the way, let's have a look at how much would you have to pay for hosting here:

GoogieHost Pricing

The pricing of packages with its partner (Interserver) ranges from $2.49 to $9.99.

These are widely affordable, but do they provide value? Here's how those plans compare:

Price Per MonthFree$2.49$9.99
Disk Space limit1000 MBUnlimitedUnlimited
Bandwidth limit100 GB100 GBUnlimited
Domains allowed510Unlimited
SSD or HDD used in serversSSDSSDSSD
Website BuilderFree, includedFree, includedFree, included
Money Back Guarantee30-day30-day30-day
Customer Support24/7 live24/7 live24/7 live

I have included details on the most affordable and expensive packages. There are a few others in between, but these right here and the main interesting ones.

It turns out that GoogieHost plans are actually pretty reasonable for the most part. I'd especially recommend the Local plan as the best for value, although its 100GB bandwidth limit means it isn't suitable for traffic-heavy websites.

Also, the free SSL (shared) certificate and 24/7 customer support with all plans is a great touch.


During my GoogieHost review, I tested the site on Bitcatcha. You can see the results below:

googiehost review bitcatcha

As you can see, GoogieHost performs quite okay, delivering average speeds. But there's one problem:

These are essentially Interserver's performance metrics, not Googiehost's!

Final Thoughts

In general, it's quite impossible to give Googiehost a good score. Because first and foremost, it's nothing more than just a page with a link to Interserver.

Googiehost uses the Interserver platform, and delivers competitive prices, as well as 24/7 customer support. However, you'd be better off going to Interserver or choosing an even better hosting provider, instead of using Googiehost.

If you have any GoogieHost reviews of your own, please leave them down below. In particular, what do you think to the third-party offering of hosting?


  • Good pricing
  • Free account available
  • Excellent feature set


  • Slow response times in Japan
  • Slightly confusing branding

Main Features

  • Free account
  • Unlimited features
  • 24/7 support

Hosting Prices

googiehost review landing page

Server Locations

  • India
  • United States

Server OS

  • Linux logo Linux
  • Windows logo Windows

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    • Prashant Shukla portrait Prashant Shukla
    • 2018 December 11th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I have an awesome experience about the Googiehost free hosting company as my web hosting provider. The guys are very supportive at there. What kind of service, what kind of support they provide to the customer, that’s truly amazing? Along with the services, the guys at Googiehost know the customer value very well. Every time after contacting them, I feel valued at Googiehost. They listen to our query very carefully, diagnose the problem and take a quick action to resolve the same. Guys are very co-operative there. Every one should learn from them. I’ll recommend to everyone who wants to host their own free project, should go to them and enjoy the best hosting services.