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On top of many other things, Google (yes, the search engine we all famously rely on) has its very own website builder.

Google Sites is no ordinary website builder, though.

In fact, it's completely different - It's a way to keep you organized and always in the loop.

For an in-depth look and to find out more, stay tuned to my Google Sites review.

What Is Google Sites

First of all, there are two versions of Google Sites - new and classic. The new version of Google sites was launched in 2017, and because classic Sites is disapproved by Google and soon will be extremely outdated - it's not recommended for you to use it.

The classic version of Google Sites will still exist but it's greatly recommended for these sites to be converted (not moved, the process is way simpler) to the new Sites.

You can easily compare classic & new Sites with the charts below:

google sites review designgoogle sites review view edit

Just to clarify, whenever I mention Google Sites from here on in, I am speaking of the 'new' Google Sites. 

Google Sites is a free drag and drop website builder. But unlike other website builders, Google Sites is not for creating any sort of elaborated website. Alternatively, it's the most suitable as a cooperative tool - a place for Google forms, Google docs, and Google calendar.

Think of Google Sites as a place for a business or organization to store checklists, vacation calendars, and important documents.

If you want to try your luck and build a website for your business on Google Sites then you are more than welcome - after all, it's free. Just always keep in mind that the themes are too simple and the feature set is not designed for that.

On the other hand, Google Sites is extremely user-friendly, but then again you'd expect it to be with so few features. But seriously, the simple things are really made simple. And you even have access to a media library, without having to build one like with many other website builders.

Google Websites

To give you a clear indication of what Google websites look like, here are a few examples that I have selected from the internet.


As you can see from the sample sites, Google Sites is very basic.

The general customization components are text, dividers, and images. While the editor has always displayed the desktop version of my website, tapping preview will enable it to be viewed from both tablet and mobile device.

The ability to embed URL and HTML codes may be able to help you add more. The other options are embedding content from other Google services.

Embedding and Support

google-sites-review-3The deeper you look, the smarter google sites become.

The integration with other Google services will please a lot of users. Click on YouTube, for example, and you can embed your own video uploads.

Embedding slides and charts can also be done with Google Docs. The viewer isn't particularly pleasant to look at, but it's a good way to combine multiple contents.

Google Sites' support center is a group of articles organized into five sections. They're generally clear and simple step-by-step guides to your problems.

I found their support to be helpful, but if you have a more in-depth question, there is a Google Sites forum page, too.

Google Sites - The Features

On Google Sites, there is no paid, premium plan. The only one available is free - and you can see its features right here:

Number of Templates6
Number of WebsitesUnlimited
Connect a Custom DomainNo
Free DomainNo
Drag and Drop EditorYes
SupportSupport pages and Forum
Ads DisplayedYes

For a completely free website builder, it's not surprising to see the lack of features available. However, if you are using Google Sites as a collaborative tool then it has a lot to offer. The integration with other Google services is a great feature and will no doubt come in handy to many individuals or businesses.

It also uses a simple drag and drop editor, this could be an easy way to showcase your ideas within a team or a group.

Overall, I found it pleasant to use and extremely easy, and therefore I would recommend Google Sites. It's a great way to keep you organized, and would definitely suit working groups.

The Performance Is Nothing Impressive

To complete the performance of Google Sites, I ran some tests to check how well It performs in the speed field.


This was a rather average result, and therefore I cannot say anything too good or bad regarding the speed of Google Sites, as it completely depends on where you are located.

Google Sites Review - The Decision

Google Sites provides a simple way to present Google docs, sheets, or other Google content. Unfortunately, it is far too limited to compete with the top free website building sites.

Google Sites help fill a very niche market. If you are using Google Sites as a collaborative tool then it is excellent and extremely useful. For anything else, it's lack of features let it down.

If you do decide to try Google Sites, however, please feel free to leave your own Google Sites reviews and experiences below!


  • It is completely free
  • Integrated with other Google services
  • Drag and drop editor


  • Lack of features
  • Poor support





User friendly






Disclosure: We earn a commission if you make a purchase through referral links in this review. This helps to cover the expenses for running ongoing performance tests.

Google Sites User Reviews


Merphey picture

2019 March 27th

Hi Michael,
I really appreciate your review for Google new and classic sites but just that may be you were too much giving them point onto this rubbishy they have just done that they call Google Sites as if the old ones were not Google sites. Classic or new, they keep the same name everyone knows from the beginning: Google Sites. Really, for the first time I am truly deceived by the Google Team developers and am asking myself for which interest they are doing this? At least they change it quickly and go back to the “old powerful one”.
I am using Google sites since 2011 and now, I am seriously deceived. And if you want to know the following, I’ve just started developing to make then my own website myself because all other websites that you were just mentioning, are not that good you think with other people, you can trust me. I’ve even dug very deep into those sites but no one is competitive to Google Classic sites that remain the most powerful sites for beginners and the whole average users and even farther if we add all other offers that people have freely in Google, talking of 15 GB, YouTube, Google+, Map, Drive, Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets, Forms etc. It’s simply too much to have freely from Google. I am angry because they gave us something powerful and it seems like Google Team does no longer want to do good. Why, my God? I am crying, no Classic Google site, no Web life for poor people. May people using these websites claim up to Google so that they stop this disorder. Thank you!