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Fiona O’Connell


2019 November 12th

Growing businesses need optimal server performance and flexible hosting options. Hivelostity aims to provide exactly that with its dedicated server hosting solutions.

From instant set-up to custom made servers, Hivelosity promises to provide the right solution to every business.

In this Hivelocity review, we tested how good the provider is.

What Is Hivelocity?

Hivelocity is the US-based hosting provider focusing on dedicated and cloud hosting solutions for mid- to large-scale projects. As for the dedicated server hosting, you'll have two options - deploy an already configured server instantly or customize the server according to your own needs.

Hivelocity Review - Homepage

But even for instant-deployment servers, Hivelocity has almost 30 options. And that's the main reason companies like SpaceX and Volvo choose Hivelocity - it simply provides the flexibility growing business needs.

Since its launch back in 2001 with barely 1 server, the company now has 60,000 square feet of data centers scattered across the USA.

Hivelocity Pricing

Hivelocity has 27 instant-deployment server variations and more than 1000 hardware options to build your own server with the pricing starting at $105/month. The Hivelocity pricing for the 3 of the most popular dedicated server options starts at $99/month.

Hivelocity Review - Pricing

With each server choice, you'll get DDoS protected network, private LAN and backups, 10GB cloud storage, and network layer intrusion detection system.

  • The 4 core Kabylake Xeon server for $105/month will get you 16GB RAM, 480GB storage, 20TB bandwidth, and 3.5GHz processor.
  • 6 core Kabylake Xeon server for $130/month will get you 32GB RAM, 480GB disk space, 20TB bandwidth, and 3.3GHz processor.
  • Customizable 8 core Dual Haswell Xeon server for $159/month will provide you wit at least 64GB RAM, 480GB storage, 20TB bandwidth, and 2.9GHz processor.

The pricing structure overall is clear - you get what you pay for. There is no price increase after renewal, so you won't have to jump through hoops to save some money. You are also getting 24/7 support, IPv6 support, 99.999% SLA, and peering with AWS, Microsoft, or Google.

Hivelocity Review - Features

You have 4 add-ons to choose from at the checkout, these include a hardware Firewall, daily backups, cloud storage, and data migration. These cost extra, from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars a month. The only free add-on is a data migration option.

Hivelocity Review - Server Configuration

To make your choice easier, we've put all 27 instant-deployment Hivelocity servers into several pricing categories, so you can see what you are getting for each:

Pricing Category RAM Storage Bandwidth
$99 - $150 16 - 32GB 240 - 960GB 20TB
$150 - $200 32 - 64GB ~960GB 20 - 100TB
$200 - $400 32 - 64GB 960GB - 2TB 100TB
>$400 64 - 128GB 960GB - 4TB 100TB to unmetered

More to add, Hivelocity promises that your dedicated server will be up and running in 7 minutes after the purchase.

The custom servers might need up to 24 hours to be launched. However, by choosing a build-your-own server, you may save a couple of dollars.

Hivelocity Review - Order Summary

If none of the plans from ready-to-go servers offer the optimal solution, you may just go ahead and build your own.

Pricing at Hivelocity is clear and simple, you pay for what you need. Add extra security, decently priced plans, and you got yourself a deal.

Hivelocity Additional Features

Apart from delivering powerful dedicated server solutions, Hivelocity offers other services to enhance your servers.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Content Delivery Network serves multiple different purposes. The two most important features are enhanced security and faster page loading speed.

Hivelocity Review - CDN Features

CDN works by scattering your data across a worldwide server network - any of the servers is capable of delivering the contents of your website. This way, you can get as close to the audience as possible which equals faster page loading times.

In the case of DDoS attacks, any server can deliver the same data, so you won't lose your website and won't experience any downtime. You can also get stronger Enterprise DDoS protection for $15 a month.

Hivelocity Review - DDoS Pricing

And Hivelocity CDN pricing is a convenient one. You only pay for what you use:

Hivelocity Review - CDN Pricing

Additional Hivelocity CDN features include geo-blocking, caching, and instant content removal.

SSL Certificates

There are many dedicated server hosting providers that don’t offer SSL certificates for their customers. But with Hivelocity you’ll be able to get any kind of SSL certification - single domain, organizational, wild card, etc.

Hivelocity Review - SSL Features

The pricing starts at $9.95/year for Comodo SSL, $119/year for PositiveSSL Wildcard certificate, and $49/year for Comodo InstantSSL.

Backup Services

Hivelocity does not include backups in their hosting packages. However, you can purchase them separately. Hivelocity stores the backups on the Colo-Cloud and you can buy up to 8TB storage to keep your backups safe. Of course, that will cost a hefty $479 a month.

Hivelocity Review - Backups Pricing

The starting price is $29/month for 500GB and includes backups for any type of server or device online and offline, as well as recovery services.

With Hivelocity you get the most important security and performance features in one place.

Hivelocity Support

If you run into any sort of problem, you can use the 24/7 customer support options. Technical support is available through Live chat, emails, or phone. You get 2 phone numbers for it, one for toll-free and one local number.

Hivelocity Review - Support

The billing department works just weekdays from 9 A.M to 5 P.M, and sales support works weekdays 9 A.M - 10 P.M and weekends 9 A.M - 5 P.M.

Hivelocity Review - Phone Numbers

We tested the Live chat a bit, and while the sales department was offline, technical support answered us immediately. Our questions were solved in a short amount of time and our support agent was friendly and patient with us.

Hivelocity Review - Live Chat

A standard knowledge base is available, there you'll find the most common questions and answers. Everything is grouped into easy to navigate categories from SSH to Direct Admin articles.

Hivelocity Review - Knowledge Base

And some of these even have a video with them for more visual learners.

Hivelocity offers 24/7 support options that will not keep you waiting, and its support teams are really friendly.

Hivelocity Performance

Hivelocity offers a 99.999% uptime guarantee, and it's not just for a show. We installed WordPress on our test website and ran it for a month, and got great results. Our website didn't have any downtime and showed a 100% uptime rate.

Hivelocity Review - Uptime

Our average response time was just 155ms, and at times it was 119ms. These are truly lightning-fast speeds, and even the biggest performance spike had only 381ms.

We used GTmetrix to see how our test website actually loads. It took 1.5 seconds for our page to fully load, while not perfect time, it's still faster than most providers.

Hivelocity Review - GTmetrix

In optimizations GTmetrix gave us both A's in PageSpeed(96%) and YSlow(91%). Everything that could be done from the provider's side was optimized correctly.

You can expect stable performance and fast response times from Hivelocity.

Hivelocity Pros

  • Fast delivery: You can purchase a dedicated server and have it up and running in less than 7 minutes. For custom servers, the wait time won't exceed 24h.
  • Excellent response time: Hivelocity server response times even with the cheapest server average at 155ms, worldwide.
  • No upselling: there are no hidden fees, upselling attempts, or extra-high renewal prices. What you see is what you pay.
  • 24/7 customer support: all your problems will be solved quickly no matter what time of the day you'll be having them.
  • Good uptime: During our testing, Hivelocity averaged 100% uptime, with decent stability all throughout.

Hivelocity Cons

  • Not suited for small business: the pricing is way too high to launch a simple blog on a dedicated server. Hivelocity specializes in enterprise-level companies.
  • Made for developers: it's created with more tech-savvy users in mind, but they do have a management option that starts at $35/mo.

Hivelocity Review - the Verdict

As we found out from this Hivelocity review, it aims at enterprise-level businesses. It's a great dedicated hosting provider and offers fast, reliable, and flexible hosting solutions.

But this flexibility and speed are expensive and you need to be a more tech-savvy user. So if you have your own team of developers - go ahead and try Hivelocity.

Hivelocity is great:

If you need dedicated servers with high speed, powerful hardware, and no hidden fees or upsells.

What do you think about Hivelocity? Leave your opinion below.


  • Fast delivery
  • Excellent response time
  • No upselling
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Good uptime


  • Not suited for small business
  • Made for developers

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