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Bart Keating


2019 July 25th

Choosing a VPS can be a tough nut to crack. But if your business has grown beyond the newbie’s shared hosting needs, you need a company that puts a strong emphasis on its infrastructure and server network.

These two critical aspects of every successful hosting offer are exactly what Heficed (former Host1Plus) aims to perfect as a company.

It was created in 2008 under the name Host1Plus and started to provide reliable cloud computing to locations all over the world. After nearly 12 years they have grown as a company, added new locations, improved their infrastructure and changed their name to Heficed.

But is their infrastructure and offers as business-friendly as it advertises? And what services does this new version of Host1Plus has? Let’s find out in this our Host1Plus review - which is now known as Heficed!

What Is Heficed?

Heficed is a VPS hosting provider that was established in 2008 and specializes in business-grade hosting. But you won’t find here the typical beginner-level shared hosting services. Instead, the company is aiming at attracting entrepreneurs and serious business owners who are looking for high-value hosting services and are ready to pay the extra price.

The company offers tons of options that a growing business might be interested in – Kronos cloud hosting, dedicated servers, IP transfer, and IP address switching.

Heficed review - Services

Host1Plus has changed not only its name, to Heficed, but also how and what it has to offer for customers. It this review, I’ve decided to focus on all of the changes and their most popular service -  Kronos Cloud servers. Mainly because I believe that it's a great solution for experts, and has some interesting features.

But first, let’s see the service pricing.

Heficed Pricing 

The cheapest Kronos Cloud option is available for $10.5/month (Linux) and $41/month (Windows), while the max option is $2464/month (Linux) and $2476/month (Windows). At the low end, you get -  1 core and 512 MB RAM. And at the High end - 8 cores, nearly 66 GB RAM.

Heficed review - Prices page

Kronos cloud servers are located in 6 locations - Frankfurt, Chicago, Los Angeles, Sao Paolo, Johannesburg, and London.

Some of which differ in pricing quite significantly - depending on the location, the price of the initial plan can go up as much as 290% - $10.50 (Chicago) vs $29 (Johannesburg):

You can split all the locations into 4 price category:

  • $10.5 - Frankfurt, Chicago 
  • $11.5 - Los Angeles, London
  • $24 - Sao Paulo
  • $29 - Johannesburg

Now, there are a lot of variables when we look at the pricing – Backup Slots, Service level agreements, and Heficed Connect (Traffic). And based on how many backups and what exactly you will need, the price can change quite a bit.

Let's take a closer look at how things work in Heficed. 

Heficed VPS Offer in More Detail

Before the change, we had several plans with fixed parameters, but after Host1Plus became Heficed we got more freedom. Now, if we look at the price page we can see a lot of different sliders. Meaning you can customize and have the best plan for your business, like having 8 cores by saving on disk space.

 So let's see what Heficed has to offer and whats important choosing VPS hosting:

Min Max
Disk Space 1 x 40GB 8 x 1000GB
Bandwidth 1TB 100TB
RAM 512MB 65536MB
CPU 1 Cores 8 Cores

If you are new to VPS hosting, you might be wondering why bandwidth is limited. This is because, on a VPS, all resources allocated to your hosting package belong exclusively to you (contrary to shared hosting). This means that you are free to drive as many visitors as you want – within your bandwidth allowance, that is.

The next thing worth mentioning is the available OS. When signing up for Kronos Cloud server, you will be asked to select an OS to work with - Windows or Linux. If you choose Linux, Heficed allows you to choose from all the popular Templates – Centos (both 6 and 7), Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, and Fedora.

Heficed review - Templates

Sadly, you are responsible for getting a panel license for the platform that you want. Of course, Heficed itself recommends using cPanel (about 15$/mo), but there is no way to buy this license when buying the server, so you have to get and activate it manually.

Speaking of extras, you will also have to dig deep into your pockets if you are interested in any level of decent support. Based on what Service Level Agreement you choose, the ticket response time can vary from 1 hour to 12. Of course with this, you also get System backups, but as said before it will not be cheap.

Heficed review - Service Level Agreement

The price of the Service Level Agreement is a percentage of your Kronos Cloud package price, from 0% for Standard support and up to 20% for Enterprise:

But, while Host1Plus was for everyone, Heficed is more of a business or advance user space. While it means that their services are at higher than the usual price point, it also offers some interesting services that can help your websites. In this review I’ve decided to include some of them that I liked:

  • 10G network - Built-in 10G fiber optic ports for network troubleshooting and performance testing
  • Multiple IPv4 addresses - Get access to IPv4 addresses for your projects up to /16. More IPs are available on request
  • Powerful API Directly access web control panel functionality and benefit from advanced networking features
  • Self-managed rDNS control - Simplified rDNS self-management means less time spent getting support and more time working on your own projects.
  • High scalability - No longer bound by the physical size of your server, quickly scale your virtual machine at the Terminal.

Heficed Performance

For their Reseller Partner Program, it claims that the uptime is 99.9%. According to our uptime calculator, that can be 1 minute and 26 seconds of downtime every day. This number is usually considered to be the standard uptime for most providers. But at this price, we expect better.

And what about the speed and response time of websites hosted using Kronos Cloud Server? We made two tests to figure this out, one from South Korea and one from The United States. And what we found was pretty interesting.

Heficed review - Response time

The USA test results were much faster in response time, but overall stability was jumping up and down way more. While Korean response time was slower but it had more stable results.

What can we learn from this? Well, the stability and overall performance will be greatly impacted by the server you choose.

Overall the performance is great, while there is still more space to improve.

Heficed Pros

Let’s start moving this Heficed (Former Host1Plus) review towards the end. First, let’s go over the advantages of their VPS offer.

Good Data Centers Locations

Two US locations followed by data centers in the main markets on three different continents make their offer quite competitive. Especially for someone who wants to operate internationally.

Decent OS and Specs Choices

If you are looking for a VPS that has a wide variety of specs to offer, from fairly weak 1 core and 512 MB to a beast with  8 cores and 66 GB RAM. Having an option to scale your specs if you need more power is a great deal for bigger businesses. And the ability to choose from the most popular OS is a great little extra.

Above Average Performance

The website's performance was great. The response time was lower than 100ms, and on some tests, it was as low as 17ms. The stability was great, though it depends on which server you are hosting. These things give the company a significant advantage over its competitors.

Heficed Cons

Sadly, there are quite a few things that I listed in my Heficed review and which I didn’t like about their offer. Let’s quickly recap them.

Low Specs For The Price

$11 per month for a 1-core with 512 MB RAM in the US is not the best deal, yet not the worst. For roughly the same price you can get a VPS with 3 cores, 3 GB of RAM. And the lack of fast support or backups makes it more suited for experts and bigger businesses.

Expensive Support

Ticket response time up to 12 hours is not a policy of a company that boasts being modern and business friendly. While the cost of support doesn’t look like much (10% - 20%) if you pick the basic hosting setup, it grows quickly once you go for any of the more expensive options.

Expensive “Exotic” Locations

Advertising VPS hosting on three different continents and in main economies on each of them definitely draws new customers in. But I’m pretty sure that some of them turn back just as quickly once they see that the price for the same service in a different location can be double the advertised one!

Heficed Review Summary

As we can see Heficed is a solid virtual private server provider, that is focused on business class users. It has flexible plans, solid speed, data centers in the US, Europe and Afrika. Unfortunately, the price, lack of good support and expensive backups,  complicate things. It's a good VPS, but not great VPS.

The Kronos Cloud servers are customizable and can probably fit any project, but for new users, I would suggest using a different provider.

If you would like to give it a test drive, don’t hesitate and sign up – it offers a 14-day money-back guarantee so you’re free to resign if you don’t like it.


  • Good Data Centre Locations
  • Decent OS and Specs Choices
  • Above Average performance


  • Low Specs For The Price
  • Expensive Support
  • Expensive “Exotic” Locations

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