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Choosing a VPS can be a tough nut to crack. But if your business has grown beyond the newbie’s shared hosting needs, you need a company that puts a strong emphasis on its infrastructure and server network.

Host1Plus aims to be a perfect company

– two critical aspects of every successful hosting offer? One of such companies is Host1Plus. 

But is their infrastructure and offer as business-friendly as they advertise it? Let’s find out – in this thorough Host1Plus review!

What Is Host1Plus and Who Is It for?

This established in 2008 hosting provider specializes in business-grade hosting. But you won’t find here the typical beginner-level shared hosting services. Instead, the company is aiming at attracting entrepreneurs and serious business owners who are looking for high-value hosting services and are ready to pay the extra price.

The company offers everything a growing business might be interested in – from VPS to managed cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and advanced network solutions.

host1plus review services

In this Host1Plus review, I’ve decided to focus on their Virtuozzo VPS service. Mainly because I believe it’s quite affordable and has some interesting features that make their VPS offer stand out. But first, let’s see the service pricing.

Host1Plus VPS Pricing & Plans

Their basic unmanaged VPS plans are available for as low as $15/month, while their Gold plan starts at $66/mo. As you can see, at 2 cores and 2048 MB RAM, their first tier can be a great choice for someone who is interested in experimenting with their own VPS.

Host1Plus virtuozzo

Unfortunately, as usual, there is a catch. But this one doesn’t really have much to do with the length of the contract. Instead, it’s all about the location. And, when it comes to their VPS offer, you can choose between five different data centers – Frankfurt, Chicago, Los Angeles, São Paulo and Johannesburg.

Some of which differ in pricing quite significantly - depending on the location, the price of the initial plan can go up as much as 100% - $15 vs $30:

Frankfurt, Chicago, Los Angeles$15$21$36$66
Sao Paulo$25$31$46$76

On top of that, the above table does not include the recommended backup slots – which cost extra $2/month ($4 in Sao Paulo) and allow you to store one backup of your server (you can get as many as 5 slots).

VPS Offer in More Detail

Let’s add a little bit more details to our Host1Plus review and compare certain aspects of all plans that are important when choosing a VPS:

Disk Space40GB60GB120GB250GB
CPU2 Cores2 Cores3 Cores4 Cores
How many domains allowed?UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
HDD or SSD used in servers?HDDHDDHDDHDD
Anti-DDoS protectionNoNoNoNo
Anti-malware protectionNoNoNoNo
Free assisted website transferNoNoNoNo
Available OSCentosOS, Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Fedora
Money-back guarantee14-day 14-day14-day14-day
Customer supportVariesVariesVariesVaries
Choice of server locationYes (5)Yes (5)Yes (5)Yes (5)
Free automated back-upsNoNoNoNo

If you are new to VPS hosting, you might be wondering why bandwidth is limited. This is because, on a VPS, all resources allocated to your hosting package belong exclusively to you (contrary to a shared hosting). This means that you are free to drive as much visitors as you want – within your bandwidth allowance, that is.

The next thing worth mentioning is the available OS. When signing up for an unmanaged Linux VPS, you will be asked to select a platform on which your server will function. Luckily, Host1Plus allows you to choose from all the popular ones – Centos (both 6 and 7), Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, and Fedora.

host1plus review template

Unfortunately, having an unmanaged VPS means that you are responsible for getting a panel license. If you would like to get cPanel – which is so widely popular in shared hosting packages, you need to add an extra $15/mo. to your monthly bill:

host1plus review recommended

Speaking of extras, you will also have to dig deep into your pockets if you are interested in any level of decent support. The price of it is a percentage of your hosting package price:

host1plus service level agreement

But, while Host1Plus unmanaged VPS hosting is priced at a higher than usual price point, they also offer some interesting services that can help your websites. In this Host1Plus Review I’ve decided to include four – all of which are available in every tier:

ServiceWhy It’s Beneficial?Included in All Packages?
SSD CachingIncreases data access speed making your website load faster for the average visitorYes
RAID data storageBy writing your data to multiple disks (fully automatically) it’s possible to restore it even if something goes terribly wrongYes
Virtuozzo™ ReadyKernel™Assures zero-downtime kernel updates – no need to restart your serverYes
Virtuozzo APIAllows you to implement API to your existing system and expands monitoring and networking capabilitiesYes

Host1Plus Performance

Unfortunately, neither the uptime guarantee nor website speed is up to scratch. At least that’s what I felt after I read all their great sales copy.

The uptime guarantee is just 99%. According to our uptime calculator, this means that your site can go down for 14m 23s every day!

host1plus review uptime calculator

The good news is, service downtime for one hour over the 99%, equals one extra day to service due date. Four hours give you one week, eight hours two weeks etc. – all the way up to one month.

And what about the website speed? Sadly, it was graded C - a lot less than what one could have expected:

host1plus review response times

Host1Plus Pros

Let’s start moving this Host1Plus review towards the end. First, let’s go over the advantages of their VPS offer.

Good Data Centers Locations

Two US locations followed by data centers in the main markets on three different continents make their offer quite competitive. Especially for someone who wants to operate internationally.

Generous Service Downtime Compensation

While their uptime guarantee is not the best I’ve seen (99%), their generous downtime compensation is a kind of an insurance that they are definitely looking after their servers. Of course, depending on your business, a few hours of extra downtime can cost you a lot more than their compensation.

Decent OS Choice and Specs for the Price

If you don’t sign up for any of their additional offers, you can get a VPS with decent technical specifications in the most important online economy in the world for just $15/mo. The drawback is, its performance is average, so in the long run, you might be better off with other companies such as Inmotion.

Host1Plus Cons

Sadly, there are quite a few things that I listed in my Host1Plus review and which I didn’t like about their offer. Let’s quickly recap them.

Too Many Upsells

$15 per month for a 2-core VPS with 2048 MB RAM in the US sound like a steal. That’s until you start ticking all the checkboxes with stuff that sounds basic, such as reliable and quick support or a place to store your backups. I hate to say it, but this can quickly skyrocket your monthly hosting expenses.

Expensive Support

Ticket response time up to 12 hours is not a policy of a company that boasts being modern and business friendly. While the cost of support doesn’t look like much (10% - 20%) if you pick the basic hosting plan, it grows quickly once you go for any of the more expensive tiers.

Expensive “Exotic” Locations

Advertising VPS hosting on three different continents and in main economies on each of them definitely draws new customers in. But I’m pretty sure that some of them turn back just as quickly once they see that the price for the same service in a different location can be double the advertised one!

Average performance

The website performance was okay. But to be honest, after visiting the company’s site, reading how much they regard network and infrastructure quality, I would expect something better than that. While it’s not bad, it doesn’t give the company any significant advantage over its competitors.

Host1Plus Review Summary

If you are just starting out your adventure with Virtual Private Servers and are looking for an inexpensive yet reliable hosting with a data center in the US or Germany, Host1Plus could be a good choice. Of course, assuming that you ignore all of their sneaky upsells. If you would like to give it a test drive, don’t hesitate and sign up – they offer a 14-day money back guarantee so you’re free to resign if you don’t like them.


  • Decent Specifications
  • Good Data Centre Locations
  • Generous Downtime Compensation


  • Expensive Support
  • Upsells
  • Price Differ Between Locations
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