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2019 October 2nd is one of the newer hosting providers, launched in 2013. Right now, just like the name suggests, provides ASP.NET hosting services that include shared, reseller, and Windows VPS solutions. 

With the number of options, claims to provide services that match every customer needs. Also, the host positions itself among the leaders in high-speed ASP.NET hosting. But can deliver what it promises?

In this review, we'll test what the host is actually capable of.

So without any further ado, let's begin! Pricing has 3 plans for shared ASP.NET hosting which prices start at $2.95/month for the Basic plan. The second tier, Advanced plan will cost $3.95/month, and the most expensive, Business plan pricing starts at $9.95/month. pricing also depends on the period you choose the plan for. review plans

Each of the plans gets you Windows 2012 R2 run server with Plesk control panel installed, Cloudflare CDN, and unlimited data transfer.

However, each plan features a different number of resources:

  • The Basic plan for $2.95 per month gets you 1 website, 10GB disk space, 256MB memory, and 10 email accounts.
  • The Advance plan for $3.95 per month will provide you with 6 websites, unlimited disk space, 512MB memory, and 30 email accounts.
  • The Business plan for $9.95 per month includes unlimited websites, unlimited disk space, unlimited email accounts, dedicated IP, and 1024MB memory. 

For only $10 a month, you can have unlimited everything which makes much sense as your site and your needs begin to grow. Giving yourself room to grow means you aren’t going to have to go through the trouble of upgrading your site when the time comes.

Now to the bad news. does a common trick that the hosting industry is very well-known for. After you enter your domain name or get ready to buy your domain through them, you go to the form to enter your personal and payment information.

When you look at the pricing, you will see that the advertised pricing is only available if you purchase 36 months in advance: review billing

If you are going to buy the Business option, you will have to put out $574.20 to get the $9.95 monthly price.

You do not have the option of month to month and 12 months is the minimum amount of time you can purchase hosting for. If you purchase a year of hosting it will be $14.95 per month and an upfront cost of $191.40.

More to add, everything is paid: a domain name, automated backups, SSD storage, dedicated IP, site migration and SSL.

To get a better picture of what you get with each of hosting plans, take a look at a table:

Basic Advance Business
Disk Space 10 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Domains allowed 1 6 Unlimited
HDD or SSD  HDD (SSD paid) HDD (SSD paid) HDD (SSD paid)
SSL Paid Paid Paid
Anti-DDoS protection Yes Yes Yes
Anti-malware protection Yes  Yes  Yes 
Email accounts 10 30 Unlimited
Customer support 24/7 live chat, email tickets
Choice of server location Yes (USA and Hong Kong) Yes (USA and Hong Kong) Yes (USA and Hong Kong)
Free automated back-ups Paid Paid Paid

Also, be careful with the renewals. The agent we contacted assured, that the plans should renew at the same rate, however, you might need to contact the support to get the same price.

Host4ASP Performance

Host4ASP promises great server performance and 99.9% uptime guarantee.

But when we tested the hosting speed for our review, we found that the host is not a very fast one. Some locations test faster than others, but if you plan on having visitors from around the world, you may want to consider another hosting option. review response times

The US times are great, especially the US East Coast with 1ms response time. However, locations like Singapore, Banglore, and Japan lag behind and average at around 450-500ms. 

Sit down, You've just got a C. Pros & Cons

After performing this review, we are a little on the fence. Let’s look at the pros and cons so we can help you decide, whether Host4ASP is the right choice for you. pros

Specific for Windows needs -  If you need Windows specific services, this hosting will enable you to build that infrastructure as desired.

Uptime guarantee - promises 99.9% uptime guarantee, which leaves them just around 1-minute gap every day. So you should expect the servers to be reliable - not many people are reporting any outages of

Plesk control panel - purchasing hosting, you are provided with an intuitive and user-friendly Plesk control panel. This way, managing your hosting becomes easy even for beginners. cons

Customer support - While the response times of customer support are great (we were connected to live chat agent immediately, and promises to reply to tickets in a few hours), the agents lack basic English skills. And although they do try to help you, understanding the answers becomes difficult.

Tricky pricing - We are not fans of the tricky pricing. While many hosting providers do this, it is still something that is not desirable and the fact that they wait for you to enter your domain or desired domain until they show you the final total is not something that clients trust.

Site speed - For those of you that have visitors coming to your site from around the world, you want to have the best site speed possible. After our tests for our review, the slowness in some areas of the world make this option less attractive. Other hosting providers can provide you with fast services for visitors all around the globe. Review - Final Thoughts

What we found out from this review, is that the host is not awful, but not good either. is capable of providing a pretty reliable service with speeds slower than the industry average.

But what lacks is clear pricing and better customer support.

Each additional feature like a domain name or SSL certificate is paid, making the price skyrocket in the shopping cart. And while agents do try to be helpful, they do need to speak English just a little bit better.

So, what is our final verdict on We think you wouldn't be completely disappointed by its service, but there definitely are better ASP.NET hosting providers.


  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Plesk control panel
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Lots of paid features
  • Below average performance
  • Lacks good customer support User Reviews

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