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Hosting24 is a small hosting company offering a variety of services. That includes both domain names and shared, VPS, Cloud, and reseller hosting.

So with such a wide list of premium services, Hosting24 surely has a big client list. And the feedback from the users praises the speed, reliability, and support of the provider.

But is it actually worth your money? In this Hosting24 review, we'll find out if the provider is truly good.

So without any further ado, let's begin.

What is Hosting24?

Hosting24 is a growing hosting company aiming at professionals who need fast, reliable, and secure hosting. All of that, the host seeks to do in a simple and user-friendly way, so even beginners could use Hosting24 to build their first websites.

Hosting24-review-hosting24 - homepage

How does Hosting24 do that?

It makes all the services needed to host a website available in one place. So with all plans, you get a website builder included. With the second cheapest plan you'll also be provided with a free domain name registration. Also, you can manage your hosting from an intuitive control panel.

But that's not even all Hosting24 has to offer.

The provider has a professional 24/7 customer support that is praised by all of the users. They also praise the improving performance of the host.

All that sounds promising. So let's get into the details.

Hosting24 Features

Hosting24 has many features meant to win customers from other hosts. But is it better than its competition?

In this part of Hosting24 review, we'll see whether the features the host has, are as good as it claims them to be.

Hosting24 website builder

To make owning a website available to everyone, Hosting24 claims you can launch your own in a matter of minutes. For that, the host provides a user-friendly website builder.

The builder has a bunch of pre-made templates to customize.


The builder itself has enough to offer. It's pretty easy to use due to the drag-and-drop editor.

You can simply choose a button, text, or image box, drag it on the page you are customizing, and it will attach to the invisible grade. That will make sure your site looks tidy with regular spacings, etc.

Everything is customizable from the menu above live editor as well.

It's a pretty neat feature. Especially for those just getting started.

The website builder will be perfect for resumés, portfolios, blogs, or small business websites.

Enhanced Security

Hosting24 claims to be serious about security.

The provider has a monitoring team on set at all times. As well as a custom software designed for security.

And that's not even all.

Hosting24 includes advanced server-level firewalls for all users. With more expensive plans you'll also get SSL certificates pre-installed. Others can purchase the installation separately for $11.95 or do it themselves.

Free automated backups are also available for purchase. It costs just $0.95/month. But you may not even need to buy them as the most expensive shared hosting plan include them for free.

Overall, for a small hosting company, Hosting24 has some serious security measures on.

Purchasing and user interface

Hosting24 accepts both PayPal and credit cards. And with PayPal, you don't even need to have the account fully verified! In general, this is quite a simple but logical lineup of options. Also, if you still have some bitcoin left, you can pay in cryptocurrencies as well.


The whole purchase process was unbelievably simple. Often, in this part of the review, I tell you a little story or an anecdote about how the purchase process went.

No such thing about Hosting24, as I went from the homepage straight to the dashboard in a matter of seconds. After such a quick trip, I ended on the homepage of my hosting account.

Hosting24 reviews

Once you have clicked on the 'Hosting Account' box on the left, you'll be taken to a classic cPanel.

Hosting24 uses a standard paper_lantern cPanel theme. It is pretty much identical to many of the other hosts, so if you've been using hosting before, you will most likely feel right at home. If not - cPanel is a great place to start as plenty of providers use it as their main panel.

Everything is illustrated, so you shouldn't feel lost.

Hosting24 reviews

Keep in mind, that cPanel is one of the largest hosting management panels. It has a huge community and plenty of tutorials. So if something goes wrong, you'll easily find help. In short, it's a solid choice.

Hosting24 Service Performance

Great features is not all. The host, first of all, should be fast and reliable. In addition to that, the support team can also be a huge plus. Not to mention the account security.

In this part of Hosting24 review, we'll test the provider speed, reliability, customer support, and anti-theft security.

Hosting24 server speed and uptime

To provide the most accurate results of Hosting24 performance, we'll be doing 3 tests:

  • Host’s speed hosting a small website 
  • Host’s speed with a website created with Hosting24 website builder
  • Server overall speed and uptime

For the tests, we'll be using Hosting24 USA server.

Host speed hosting a small website 

A casual HTML website is a champion of efficiency. Obviously - it's difficult to clog the servers when you only take up 20 lines of code!

Therefore, by testing the host's performance with this website on, we should get the best possible results the server can achieve. I've used Hosting24 File Manager (very convenient, I may add) to put this adorable website on:

The tool we used ranked the server with the highest possible mark, A+. And the results are brilliant.

The US response times didn't even reach 100ms. Europe's, South America's, and Asia's response times were very good as well. They were below, or just a bit above the time of an eye blink (200ms). This means you wouldn't even notice a delay in page load times with these results.

Hosting24 reviews

The most impressive detail from these response times is, that even the often forgot locations like Singapore, Sao Paulo or Banglore are performing very well.

Host Speed With Hosting24 Website Builder

It is now the time to see how Hosting24 handles a more intense website. This time I will test Hosting24 response times by using its website builder.

A number of images, click-to-action buttons, and modern sliders - all that adds up to a pretty heavy website. So how will servers handle it?

Results, of course, are worse. Especially in the locations further from the server. But it still got an evaluation of C+, which is still acceptable.

The US, again it fast. Sao Paulo, London, Sydney, and Japan as well. However, Singapore and Banglore are dragging the results down.

Overall, not amazing, but definitely not bad. It's possible to say, that Hosting24 has pretty well-optimized servers.

Server overall speed and uptime

To check how Hosting24 does in a longer term, we've set up a monitoring tool. This allowed us to track a WordPress website once every minute, so we can see the performance and uptime of the host throughout the time.

From what we saw first, the response times were not impressive, often reaching over 1 second. But then we contacted the host asking what was wrong - after all, it was promising the fast speed of the servers.

In a screenshot, you can see Hosting24 response in action. Less than an hour and response times dropped below 500ms with occasional peaks. That's impressive.

Hosting24 reviews

The best speeds we saw before were around 750ms, compared to now where the average is 320ms and the fastest responses clocked at 230ms. These are much, much better numbers.

And we can only praise Hosting24 for their improvement.

Although you might need to contact the support to get what you pay for.

Uptime, on the other hand, is without flaws. Hosting24 promises 99.9% uptime and keeps its promise. During our testing, it hasn't gone down even for a minute. 


Hosting24 customer service

Hosting24 has 3 types of customer support - knowledge base, 24/7 live chat, and ticket support.  Unfortunately, phone support is not available.

So in this part of Hosting24 review, we'll take a closer look at how the support team is handling its inquiries.

We already saw that Hosting24 support is active - the slow server response times were improved once we've contacted them. So now, we'll need to review the support more extensively.

Hosting24 reviews

In order to find out more, we set up a few email tickets with both technical and sales questions, and also tried the live chat.

What interests us is the time it takes for agents to reply, how knowledgeable, and willing to help they are.

Ticket Service Evaluation

The most important thing here is the response time. Generally, everything under 3 hours is considered to be good. As Hosting24 says its support works 24 hours a day (fitting!), I imagined there would be no problem getting a quick response all around the clock.

After trying my luck several times, I can say with confidence that Hosting24 ticket service is pretty snappy. It usually took from 1 to 2 hours to get an answer.

The answers were fairly short, precise and straight to the point. Some questions about the technologies used actually led to me getting sent some Wikipedia links.

In general - this is decent. Pretty quick and informative answers are something I really like. Sure, there are hosts who answer in more depth - but when they take a full day to answer, I'll take Hosting24 and its dry precision any day of the week.

Chat Service Evaluation

As popular as ticket service may be, live chats are most likely going to stay way more important. They are quicker and more personal than ticket requests - and there are several more things to judge them on.

So we've opened multiple chats to see how that went.

Hosting24 review Live chat 4The response times were impressive. It took, on average, a few minutes for an agent to reply.

Sometimes, one would join immediately and sometimes a couple of minutes would pass.

One bad thing though -- the system does not indicate how much time will you have to wait. But overall it's really good.

What I did find a little bit more impressive was the knowledge and familiarity of the chat service representatives.

They knew most of the issues by heart, answering me with ease.

Also, while there were a few sentences which were most definitely copied from somewhere else, most of the time I felt like I talked to a real human being.

Hosting24 account security

For the final test, I am about to see how easy it is for someone to hack into your Hosting24 account. First up, I replicated a brute-force break-in. That meant I pretty much tried to guess my own password - incorrectly, of course.

Eventually, I was to guess it, as if someone had actually managed to get my combination right. If there were some security measures implemented, after a number of failed guesses I would be locked out of the account.

It took me 10 incorrect attempts to trigger quite possibly the sassiest security mechanism in the world of hosting. Instead of getting told I'm blocked or that password is still incorrect, I was redirected to a blank page. No explanation, no message, nothing.

At first, I had a theory my internet connection was broken or that some other error had happened on my end. Turns out - no! After changing my IP and logging in with a different browser, I had the same thing happen.

So rest assured - after 10 attempts a brute-force bot will be sent on a little vacation to a blank page. And someone trying to guess your password will be left thinking there's something wrong with their internet connection.

Simple? Yes. Absolutely brilliant? Also yes.

Now, it was time to see how does customer support handled sensitive user information. In simple terms, I'll pop into the Hosting24 chat and demand they "give my account back" - despite not being able to prove I actually own it.

The results were simple.  You either have to have access to your email account or give them the information about your payment.

Unlike some other hosts, Hosting24 does not ask for you to send a picture of your credit card - you need a transaction ID. I actually like this method way more, because someone may easily be able to take a picture of your credit card.

Logging in using a digital signature and a separate password is a completely different business. Simply put, this is probably the most secure and least intrusive method available.

Hosting24 Pricing

Hosting24 provides 3 shared hosting packages, the cheapest of which will cost you $0.80/month. To upgrade, you can choose the Premium Web Hosting plan for $2.15/month or Business Web Hosting for $3.45/month. 


It may appear that Hosting24 doesn't have much going on for it - that couldn't be further away from the truth. With no flashy promotional banners or catchy slogans, the host still offers 3 solid hosting plans. CloudFlare DDoS protection and server-level malware protection are both on par with many of the big companies.

So what do you get with each plan?

  • Single Web Hosting plan is a single-website plan, including 10GB of disk space and 100GB of bandwidth.
  • Premium Web Hosting plan offers an unlimited number of websites, SSD disk space, bandwidth, and more.
  • Business Web Hosting has all the unlimited features plus SSL and automated backups included.-

In the table below you will see an in-depth list of the features this host provides:

Single Premium Business
Disk space limit 10GB Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth limit 100GB Unlimited Unlimited
How many domains allowed 1 Unlimited  Unlimited
SSL Installation fee Installation fee Included
Email accounts 1 Unlimited  Unlimited
Customer Support 24/7 live chat, ticket
Choice of server location Yes Yes  Yes
Free Automated Backups Extra fee Extra fee Daily

Now, since we have the features covered, it is time to talk about the prices.

Even though Hosting24 is pretty clear about charging prices between $0.80 and $3.45 the truth is often slightly different.

That is because most providers display their prices monthly, despite them being valid only when buying hosting for a long time and paying in advance.

And in case of Hosting24 - it's also true. If you want to get the advertised price, you'll need to purchase a plan for 48 months. 

That's a long period, but the amount you save is impressive.


In the table below, you can see all the prices compared:

Payment Period / Plan Single Premium Business
1 month $7.99 $11.95 $15.95
3 months $6.45 $13.35 $20.25
12 months $23.40 $45 $70.20
24 months $34.80 $70.80 $106.80
48 months $38.4 $103.20 $165.60

You can also see a few upsells. Fortunately, they are not preselected, so you won't accidentally purchase what you don't need.

And you will need to purchase a domain for the Single plan separately, though sometimes you can score a free domain with a special discount. But if you don't, Hostinger24 domain prices start at $0.99/year. Also, a free domain is always included with Premium and Business plans. 

Talking about Hosting24 renewal prices, they are actually very simple. Basically, you pay the same amount of money like last time and get the same period of hosting. No crazy increases or yearly plans suddenly becoming monthly - without a doubt, that is a good thing, as it reduces confusion.

Hosting24 Review - Conclusion

This Hosting24 review reveals that it is a very decent host. The purchase process is easier than saying "one hosting, please" and everything is made the way anyone would understand. The plans are relatively inexpensive and offer a lot of great features.

Despite not investing in fancy headlines and marketing, this host nicely combines reliable services with great customer support.

It can also be praised for its excellent improvement. Once we contacted Hosting24 about the issue, the support was quick to solve it.

The one drawback Hosting24 has is the pricing periods. You won't be able to use its services for a short time cheap. So a long-term agreement is not avoidable.

Overall, we do recommend Hosting24, especially if you look for reliable, fast, and easy to use hosting.


  • Free website builder with all plans
  • Improving performance
  • Great uptime


  • Pricing differences for different periods
  • No phone support





User friendly






Disclosure: We earn a commission if you make a purchase through referral links in this review. This helps to cover the expenses for running ongoing performance tests.

Hosting24 User Reviews


John picture

2019 February 6th

Please do not fall for the price and do yourself a favor and get service from another company. Their customer service agents are fast but lack of professionalism and customer relations. I renewed my hosting with a free domain name, however, the domain was not free although I saw that on my cPanel. Then they could not fix it and made me pay for the domain. I did not feel comfortable with them and wanted to cancel my account on the same day, but they say that they do not refund the hosting fee.

In short, be aware!

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Jordan Wilde picture
Jordan Wilde

2018 November 10th

I’m extremely unsatisfied with their service. They don’t care about quality, trust, or their customers. My service continues to go down every couple of months and they don’t care. They don’t have a phone number to call or any actual support team. Yes it’s cheap, but so is their service. If I could rate their reliability accurately, it would be a zero. I can’t rely on their service at all. And it’s causing me to leave. But you know they probably won’t even allow me to publish this review.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
websitequeen picture

2018 August 30th

Good service most of the time. most of the time… uptime is not perfect for sure but any issues are resolved quickly. And loved the website builder. I could show you my website but I guess my comment would be flagged. lol

Laura A picture
Laura A

2018 March 14th

Wow, seems much much better than it used to be. Seems like Hostinger took them in a good direction. I wish I could buy only 1 month option to test it but I still will try it out!

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Pirkka Mönkkönen picture
Pirkka Mönkkönen

2018 March 1st

At first I was very skeptical about Hosting24 services because of the negative comments on the internet but then I went a little deeper and explored their services. I was very surprised that they’re actually quite good at what they’re doing. Can’t tell that they’re perfect but still very good, especially for a price like that! Uptime is good, response times are also good, everything is very simple and easy to use. So why not choose Hosting24?

Andris picture

2018 February 27th

Wow! I really love Hosting24 platform. It’s so much cheaper than anything else on the market. Also, user interface is really simple, intuitive and easy to use. Waso waso waso waso!

Marc B picture
Marc B

2018 February 22nd

Been using Hosting24 services for two months now so I can say that I have some experience with their services. Overally, I think that Hosting24 is a good hosting company. Of course, there are places to improve but surely it’s not a bad hosting provider. Recommending to at least try it out!

Sebastien picture

2018 January 20th

Those prices are tempting, I don’t care about the community but the support is essential. Wish it was slightly better than shown here tbh

NICK97 picture

2017 December 9th

Great site, great feature pricing on vps is ok shared plan is great price
Great site I recommend this site when they neeeded a shared hosting plan

Prageeth Maheshan picture
Prageeth Maheshan

2017 December 6th

I’ve been working with “hosting24” for two years now. During that time, my website made a good experience. The 24/7 chat service allows you to get quick answers. I appreciate it very much for that.