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The Internet has more hosting providers than you could possibly ever try. It is my mission, however, to do my best and test as many of them as possible. In my searches, I stumbled upon Hosting24 – a relatively small but still a very interesting hosting provider. With a modest, but loyal group of clients, it still has plenty of visitors to keep itself up and running. In this Hosting24 review, I will check its services and see whether it’s worth the money. Who knows – maybe a modest fanbase has actually discovered a real hidden gem? We will find out.

Hosting24 Services

  • Shared web hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Domain names

Hosting24 actually has a solid lineup of services made available. Simple shared web hosting services are good for users who don’t require a lot of resources. When they decide it’s time to supercharge their hosting experience, there are always VPS or dedicated plans ready to be purchased. Reseller hosting is also good for those who already have their own clients – and of course, you can always use Hosting24 to purchase domain names. Long story short, this provider has all the main bases covered.

That is not all – here are a few other aces Hosting24 has up its sleeve.

Multiple Website Builders


With plenty of software tailored specifically for beginners, Hosting24 is a perfect choice for someone’s first website. Intuitive, easy to use and still offering loads of freedom, this host’s lineup of website builders is a great little perk.

Enhanced Security


RAID disks and automatic backups make sure you don’t lose your data. Extra security against malware allows you to worry less about the hackers.

All things considered, Hosting24 gives off an impression of a company with a few key values. Trying to make mastering of the Internet as simple as possible, this host may be a perfect first hosting provider. Is it? In order to get a full answer, I purchased a plan of its shared web hosting services and started my test. In this Hosting24 review, I will look into many things that can help determine a great host. That is performance, customer support, security and many other key points. Let’s get to it.

What’s included in Hosting24 packages?

You are given a selection of two packages:


  • Silver – a single-website plan – pretty much everything is unmetered and unlimited, except that.
  • Gold – a premium plan, adding custom nameservers and multiple websites.

In the table below you will see an in-depth list of the features this host provides.

Disk space limitUnmeteredUnmetered
Bandwidth limitUnmeteredUnmetered
How many domains allowed1Unlimited
SSD or HDD used in serversHDD (SSD-accelerated)HDD (SSD-accelerated)
Anti-DDoS protectionIncluded (CloudFlare)Included (CloudFlare)
Anti-malware protectionIncluded (server level)Included (server level)
Email accountsUnlimitedUnlimited
FTP accountsUnlimitedUnlimited
Website BuilderIncludedIncluded
Website Templates190+190+
Assisted Website TransferYesYes
Auto-installer scripts300+300+
Money back guarantee30 days30 days
Customer Support24/7 live chat, ticket24/7 live chat, ticket
Choice for server locationYesYes
Free Automated BackupsYesYes

Now, since we have the features covered, it is time to talk about the prices. Even though Hosting24 is pretty clear about charging prices between $3.99 and $6.99, the truth is often slightly different. That is because most providers display their prices as monthly, despite them being valid only when buying hosting for a long time and paying in advance. So let’s see what are the real prices of this hosting:


Displayed above are the prices for the Silver plan. As you see, the promoted $3.99 deal is only valid if you pay for 1 year or more. For the shorter duration, the fee increases – but not by overly much. In the table below you’ll see the prices you’d have to pay in the cart – for all plans and all durations.

Payment Period / PlanSilverGold
1 month$5.99$9.99
3 months$14.97$26.97
6 months$29.94$53.94
12 months$47.88$95.88
24 months$95.76$167.76
36 months$143.64$251.64
48 months$191.52$335.52

Hosting24 renewal prices are actually very simple. Basically, you pay the same amount of money as last time and get the same period of hosting. No crazy increases or yearly plans suddenly becoming monthly – without a doubt, that is a good thing, as it reduces confusion.

First Impressions


It may appear that Hosting24 doesn’t have much going on for it – that couldn’t be further away from the truth. With no flashy promotional banners or catchy slogans, the host still offers two solid hosting plans. CloudFlare DDoS protection and server-level malware protection are both on par with many of the big companies. The SSD-accelerated performance uses a very similar system to NameCheap and that is more advanced than some of the other hosts which use strictly HDD servers. Add that to a free SSL certificate provided and this proves to be a solid lineup of plans.

It’s interesting that the only solid difference between Silver and Gold plans is a number of websites you can use. Many providers try to lure their clients into buying multiple-website plans even if they don’t need them. Some hosts’ single-website plans lack important features such as an SSL certificate, anti-DDoS, and malware protection. In Hosting24, with exceptions of custom nameservers and multiple websites, both plans are identical. This leads to thinking, whether a Gold plan is really worth the money – but it really makes sense.


Actually quite good. While the plans themselves don’t have flashy “$0.99” or “$1.99” prices, they are both genuine and don’t increase after the starting package runs out. It is a pretty good deal, going above a handful of more popular providers. The fact these promoted prices are genuine when buying for 12 months or more in advance is actually pretty good. Many providers ask you to pay for 3 years or even more.

Hosting24 Customer Service


In this part of the Hosting24 review, I will take a closer look into the host’s customer service. There are no doubts that this is a very important part of every successful host. Dealing with the customers’ problems immediately after they arise and doing so in a friendly and professional manner keeps the clients happy. In turn, they stay loyal and bring more people in. Plain and simple: good customer support is one of the cornerstones of a good hosting provider. So in this part of the review, I will test how Hosting24 treats its clients. After research, I found that it provides two types of customer service:

  • Live Chat
  • Tickets

There is also a dedicated message board where you can find some help too – but of course, a direct one-on-one conversation with a representative works best. So I tried it out.

Ticket Service Evaluation

The most important thing here is the response time. Generally, everything under 3 hours is considered to be good. As Hosting24 says its support works 24 hours a day (fitting!), I imagined there would be no problem getting a quick response all around the clock.

After trying my luck several times, I can say with confidence that Hosting24 ticket service is pretty quick. It usually took from 1 to 2 hours to get an answer. The answers were fairly short, precise and straight to the point. Some questions about the technologies used actually led to me getting sent some Wikipedia links. In general – that is decent. Pretty quick and informative answers are something I really like. Sure, there are hosts who answer in more depth – but when they take a full day to answer, I’ll take Hosting24 and its dry precision any day of the week.

Chat Service Evaluation

However, as popular as ticket service may be, live chats are most likely going to stay way more important. They are quicker and more personal than ticket requests – and there are multiple more things to judge them for. While checking the Hosting24 chat service, I will look into three main things: wait times, knowledge of the agents and how courteous as well as familiar they appear to be. I’ve conducted multiple chats. Attached below is one of them:

Hosting24 Hosting24 Hosting24 Hosting24 Hosting24 Hosting24

In terms of wait times, Hosting24 was only adequate. It always took from 5 to 15 minutes to get connected. What made it worse was the fact I didn’t know how much time exactly was left. The system could definitely use some tweaking.

What I did find a little bit more impressive was the knowledge and familiarity of the chat service representatives. They knew most of the issues by heart, answering to me with ease. Also, while there were a few sentences which were most definitely copied from somewhere else, for most of the time I felt like I talked to a real human being. All in all – the chat software may need an overhaul and wait times could be shorter. With all those things fixed up, this chat service is genuinely not bad.

First Impressions During and After the Purchase

Hosting24 accepts both PayPal and credit cards – with PayPal, you don’t even need to have the account fully verified! In general, this is quite a simple but logical lineup of options. It’s only slightly disappointing that Hosting24 does not allow to pay with cryptocurrencies like some other hosts do.


The whole purchase process was unbelievably simple. Often, in this part of the review, I tell you a little story or an anecdote about how the purchase process went. No such thing about Hosting24, as I went from homepage to dashboard in a matter of seconds. After such a quick trip, I ended up here:


On the right you can see a link to cPanel – this is where the magic happens. Here it is!


Obviously, no surprise here. Thankfully, Hosting24 uses a simple paper_lantern cPanel theme, which makes it pretty much identical to many of the other hosts. If you’ve been using hosting before, you will most likely feel right at home. If not – cPanel is a great place to start as plenty of providers use it as their main panel. Also, if something goes bad, there are plenty of tutorials and how-tos dedicated to it. In short, a solid choice.

Performance Evaluation

So far I have been quite impressed with Hosting24. Sure, it’s not the most glamour provider around but the plans are full of features and relatively inexpensive. Which leads to the main question of this review – just how exactly do they perform? In order to get a definitive answer, I ran this host through several tests:

  • Host’s speed during low upkeep
  • Host’s speed with a website created with Hosting24 website builder
  • Server’s overall uptime
  • Anti-theft security evaluation

Some of the tests you’ll see below will be done over the course of many weeks and months. This review will get constant updates – so stay tuned for them!

IMPORTANT NOTICE – the tools won’t give you 100% accurate results. That is only natural. Here I use the BitCatcha tool which also depends on its server. They may fluctuate in performance. The results you see here are mostly fit for comparing with other hosts who are tested with the exact same software in the exact same conditions. This is exactly what we are doing here. As they say in car commercials – your mileage may vary!

For the test, I have used the Hosting24 USA server.

Host Speed During Low Upkeep

A casual HTML website is a champion of efficiency. Obviously – it’s difficult to clog the servers when you only take up 20 lines of code! Therefore, by testing the host’s performance with this website on, we should get the best possible results. I’ve used Hosting24 File Manager (very convenient, I may add) to put this adorable website on:


This is how the BitCatcha tool ranked this page’s performance all around the globe:


Honestly not bad. Singapore and Bangalore are usually the “forgotten” servers, especially as American servers are concerned. Even then, they are more than usable, rarely ever exceeding 1 second of response time.

Host Speed With Hosting24 Website Builder

It is now time to see how Hosting24 handles a more intensive load. This time I will test Hosting24 response times by using its website builder. I am spoiled with choice as there are multiple options to choose from. But it would be best to choose the Zyro website builder – made by Hostinger. Here is a more code-heavy website that was made.


Here’s how it’s done:


Once again – not amazing but definitely not bad. Every server slightly slowed down but not by a huge margin. All in all, Hosting24 website builders are well optimized with the servers.

Server Overall Uptime

Click here to see the current performance of Hosting24 hosting, downtimes and response times.

NOTE – This part of the review will get constant updates.

I’ve set up an uptime status tool. This allowed to me to constantly track a WordPress website once every minute. This allows us all to check the host’s overall availability and changes in speed.

These are the current results:


Here it is, here’s the bottleneck! Even though this host is fairly cheap and has many features, it certainly lacks in overall performance. The dips in speed are quite natural but even at its best times, Hosting24 is at around 750 ms. Compared to the other hosts, that’s quite slow. Although it needs to be said, the dips in performance are not as common and not as huge as in some other bigger hosting providers.

Anti-Theft Protection Evaluation

For the final test, I am about to see how easy it is for someone to hack into your Hosting24 account. First up, I replicated a brute-force break-in. That meant I pretty much tried to guess my own password – incorrectly, of course. Eventually, I was to guess it, as if someone had actually managed to get my combination right. If there were some security measures implemented, after a number of failed guesses I would be locked out of the account.

It took me 10 incorrect attempts to trigger quite possibly the sassiest security mechanism in the world of hosting. Instead of getting told I’m blocked or that password is still incorrect, I was redirected to a blank page. No explanation, no message, nothing. At first, I had a theory my internet connection was broken or that some other error had happened on my end. Turns out – no! After changing my IP and logging in with a different browser, I had the same thing happen. So rest assured – after 10 attempts a brute-force bot will be sent to have a little vacation in a blank page. And someone trying to guess your password will be left thinking there’s something wrong with their internet connection. Simple? Yes. Absolutely brilliant? Also yes.

Now, it was time to see how does the customer support handle sensitive user information. In simple terms, I’ll pop into the Hosting24 chat and demand they “give my account back” – despite not being able to prove I actually own it.

The results were simple. Considering Hosting24 have close ties to Hostinger, their security measures proved to be understandably similar. That means you either have to have access to your email account or give them the information about your payment. Unlike some other hosts, Hosting24 does not ask for you to send a picture of your credit card – you need a transaction ID. I actually like this method way more, because someone may easily be able to take a picture of your credit card. Logging in using a digital signature and a separate password is completely different business. Simply put, this is probably the most secure and least intrusive method available.

NOTE – keep your account information as safe as it can be! Don’t use simple, predictable passwords and always make sure to be the only person with access to your bank account and important personal documents.

Hosting24 Review – Conclusion

Hosting24 is doing a lot of things right. The purchase process is easier than saying “one hosting, please” and everything is made the way anyone would understand. The plans are relatively inexpensive and offer a lot of great features. Despite not investing in fancy headlines and marketing, this host nicely combines reliable services with decent customer support. Yet still – there are some dark spots. Namely – the performance.

In the world where the best hosts regularly clock speeds below 500 ms, Hosting24 always stays slower than that. Simply put, it’s not fast. This host may be inexpensive, may have some great features and 24/7 support but its main bottleneck is speed. Disappointing, as with better results it would be so much higher up. Nonetheless, if you’re not fussy about reaching your website a third of the second slower, this host is still a very solid choice. Considering there’s a monthly plan available, this makes a decent first host.


  • All plans have no set limits on email accounts, FTP accounts, disk space, bandwidth.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Everything - from purchase process to publishing your website - is incredibly streamlined and simple.


  • No phone support.
  • Performance could definitely improve.
  • Chat wait times fairly disappointing, software could be better.

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    • NICK97
    • 2017-December-9th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Great site, great feature pricing on vps is ok shared plan is great price
    Great site I recommend this site when they neeeded a shared hosting plan

    • Prageeth Maheshan
    • 2017-December-6th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I’ve been working with “hosting24” for two years now. During that time, my website made a good experience. The 24/7 chat service allows you to get quick answers. I appreciate it very much for that.

    • jez
    • 2017-October-13th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    i don’t know if it’s a good host but it’s definitely worth some attention. Wish you could have this package with bluehost speeds

    • Gary LaMont
    • 2017-October-12th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    YOOOOOO, H24! I thought I was the only one who knew this haha. Yeah – it’s a wierd thing alright but as you mentioned, the plans are good and you don’t need to purchase much or wait for the monthly prices to kick in. Ideal for monthly plans.

    • HK
    • 2017-October-11th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    The support isn’t good. Chat takes a while, no phone, the community is half dead. Although the prices and the packages are good, I guess. Doing what they can….