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Hostinger reviews are based on the information taken from their website, real user experience and expert insights. As stated on Hostinger website, company is created in 2004, and is known as the best cheap web hosting provider. The idea behind Hostinger is simple – to empower everyone to unlock the world of WWW by providing the tools to do so. Back then, the company found a loophole in the market and made use of it. They started off by creating a free web hosting platform 000webhost.com and quickly became the most popular free web hosting provider. This then led them to perfecting their paid services, therefore, now, I can say that their shared hosting platform is made of high-quality features at the lowest price in the industry.

Their vision is to create a reliable, developer-friendly web hosting service with top-notch features, fast speed and effective Customer Support for the price affordable to everyone.

The minimum amount of money spent on marketing and staffing, allows the company to easily perfect the product and services. The company currently has over 200 employees around the world and 8 data centers.

Hostinger global locations

Let’s see if any of this is true.

Hostinger Services

Hostinger essentially has 4 main web hosting services:

  • Shared web hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Domain registration
  • SSL certificates

Hostinger shared hosting is designed to suit intermediate web hosting users who don’t feel like investing all of the budget into hosting solutions. Hostinger has their own unique cloud infrastructure which allows them to offer these services at very low prices without sacrificing any performance.

At first glance, Hostinger VPS hosting offers a reasonable variety of packages to choose from, each of them having a different set of features. I was hesitating right from the start because only 1 IPv4 address is provided on either one of VPS packages.

However, I must confess – I have been using Hostinger VPS user for quite some time now, and their performance has been on point right from the start.

hostinger vps uptime review

When it comes to their Domain Registrar evaluation, there is only one aspect you need to check – ICANN Accreditation list:

Hostinger ICANN Registrar

This list simply confirms whether or not the domain registrar is certified or is it simply ‘reselling’ domain names from other registrars. As you can see, Hostinger has been a fully certified domain registrar since early 2013.

While surfing Hostinger website and doing its analysis, I noticed a few added value features which don’t seem to require you to pay anything extra:

Hostinger Reviews & Tutorials

Hostinger Review - tutorials

Custom written Hostinger reviews and tutorials seem like a nice tool to teach a new generation of web enthusiasts. Hostinger offers a massive list of over 500 tutorials about website development, server management, and various CMS guides. Most importantly – all of these tutorials come completely free, and you don’t even need to own a Hostinger account in order to read them.

Affiliate Program

Hostinger affiliate program

Affiliate programs are quite common in today’s web hosting industry. Hostinger is no exception, and it seems to follow the most basic affiliate system – banners. The most distinct difference is that Hostinger offers full 100% commission for each shared web hosting purchase which definitely brings them up in the competition.

Website Builder

Hostinger website builder - Zyro builder

For such users who prefer their websites to be built with ease, custom website builder is a must. Luckily, all Hostinger packages have this feature included together with over 200 website templates. I’ve fooled around with Hostinger website builder for a bit, and while it does lack in customization options, it surely gets the job done.

Smart Domain Availability Checker

Hostinger domain checker

I know this may seem to be meaningless by today’s standards, but honestly – I have never seen such a great domain name suggestion tool. I was there just checking whether or not ‘awesome.com’ domain was available and it gave me a full list of even better and much more hilarious domain choices!

It’s quite clear that Hostinger designed its services for newcomers and intermediate website owners. All of the available features are perfectly suited for small project start-ups or local business owners who do not want to spend a fortune on hiring web developers separately.

It’s obvious that shared hosting service is the key product which defines Hostinger brand. This is why I’ve chosen to test one of Hostinger cheap web hosting services.

What’s included? (Pricing)

Hostinger offers three main web hosting packages to choose from:

Hostinger shared hosting price list

  • Single – Optimal package, designed for 1 small website.
  • Premium – Intermediate package for multiple websites.
  • Business – The ultimate package suited for multiple high-traffic websites. 

Now, to fully understand each one of the mentioned packages and compare them, I’ve listed all the features in the table format:

Disk space limit10GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Bandwidth limit100GBUnlimitedUnlimited
How many domains allowed1UnlimitedUnlimited
SSD or HDD used in serversSSDSSDSSD
SSLSupported, not included in the package.Supported, not included in the package.Supported, included in the package.
Anti-DDoS protectionIncludedIncludedIncluded
Anti-malware protectionIncludedIncludedIncluded
Email accountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
FTP accountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Website BuilderIncludedIncludedIncluded
Website Templates200+200+200+
Assisted Website TransferIncludedIncludedIncluded
Auto-installer scripts100+100+100+
Money back guarantee30 days30 days30 days
Customer Support24/7 live chat, email24/7 live chat, email24/7 live chat, email
Choice for server locationIncludedIncludedIncluded
Free Automated BackupsWeeklyWeeklyDaily

On top of all that, all of the packages include Anti-theft security system (BitNinja) and email anti-spam tool (SpamAssassin).

Now, when looking at the pricing of the packages, it’s good to note that Hostinger plan prices do not change upon renewals. The prices always stay the same, no matter which package or payment period you choose.

It’s a common practice between hosting providers to display their prices in a ‘monthly’ manner. This way, those prices look much more appealing and cheaper than they actually are:

Hostinger cart pricines

As you can see, it simply shows you relative monthly price, but you would still need to pay the full sum for 24 months in advance. In order to clarify the whole pricing structure I’ve put all the individual prices in this table:

Payment PeriodSinglePremiumBusiness
1 monthNot availableNot availableNot available
3 months$11.97$26.52$35.97
6 months$21.30$41.04$65.94
12 months$39.00$70.08$119.88
24 months$68.40$116.16$215.04
36 months$77.40$138.24$286.20
48 months$103.20$167.52$381.60

*All of these prices exclude VAT, which means that if you are purchasing this service from Europe, the final price will go up by 21%.

In terms of features, you can clearly see that ‘Single’ web hosting package is the one which differs the most. It is quite limited considering that it was designed to be suited for only 1 website.

The other two packages gave me a pleasant surprise as they are fully stocked with exclusive features like free Anti-theft and Malware Protection systems, free automated backups and free assisted website transfers., not to mention a free top-level domain if you go for the yearly subscription.

I’ve encountered countless of hosts which tend to offer these essential features as paid add-ons. Regardless, Hostinger is going all-in and giving their clients everything for the base price of the package!

As for the prices, it is quite straightforward, – you choose the package, then choose the subscription period and pay the same renewal price every X months.

If we were to compare the basic 12-month price of Premium Hostinger package with the HostGator Baby plan, which is the equivalent to Hostinger Premium, you could see a significant difference in pricing:

Hostinger ‘Premium’ package

Hostinger cart price review

HostGator ‘Baby’ package

Hostgator price overal

If we were to add a domain registration plus automated backups (all of which are included in Hostinger Premium package by default), the price of Hostgator plan would go up to $155/year. It’s double the price of what you would pay for Hostinger Premium plan!

Hostgator price overal renew

You can clearly see that Hostinger has won me over with the full stack of features and added-value features. Now it’s time to forward and evaluate Hostinger customer service!

Hostinger Customer Success

“It’s not every day an IT customer service agent tells you the true meaning of life!”

Hostinger reviews show that Hostinger follows one of the latest trends of renaming their customer support department into Customer Success. Arguably, this makes customer service agents feel as if they could become your true ‘success ambassadors’. Cheesy, I know, but this is a proven customer support validation and improvement method used by a large number of web-based companies.

Hostinger offers two communication channels with their clients and visitors:

  • Live Chat Suppor
  • Ticket/Email support

From the looks of things, Hostinger seems to be lacking in phone support. This is definitely a disadvantage when you need to acquire information urgently. Furthermore, there are definitely many users who prefer direct phone contact over anything else. As for me, though, – I prefer the live chat communication since it’s much easier to share technical information (like lines of code or even a difficult domain name) without spelling each letter to the agent. Believe me, it can get quite frustrating!

Chat Service Evaluation

When evaluating the chat service, I prefer to check their writing manners and see if agents are flexible with the answers they provide. For this part, I contacted Hostinger customer support from the main page in order to ask a few questions about the service before purchasing it:

As soon as I clicked on the live chat option on the bottom-right corner, I was put in a queue with 1 other person:

Hostinger chat queue time

After approximately 3 minutes of waiting time, I was able to establish a conversation with an agent named Tautvydas:

Hostinger chat support Tautvydas Hostinger chat support Tautvydas

It’s not every day an IT customer service agent tells you the true meaning of life! Jokes aside, it was definitely pleasant to chat with Tautvydas. His responses were fast and precise. He was flexible and has shown me a lot of empathy and compassion which created a nice welcoming vibe throughout the whole conversation. I have encountered a lot of bad customer service representatives in my lifetime, and I am glad to say that Tautvydas is not one of them!

First Impressions

“BitCoin acceptance is just another example of Hostinger being on top of their game”

Hostinger account activation procedure is quite simple. In the cart, all you’d need to do is choose your package (and domain name, if you’re getting one), then proceed to the payment submission step.

Hostinger billing system offers 3 payment options – Credit Card, PayPal and… BitCoin!

Hostinger payment methods

BitCoin is becoming increasingly popular in online purchases, but you don’t see a lot of companies embracing this as a payment method. BitCoin acceptance is just another example of Hostinger being on top of their game.

As soon as you choose the suitable payment option, an external payment API shows up. It allows you to enter your credit card, PayPal or Bitpay (payment processor, which allows you to submit payment using bitcoin currency) details directly.

“My domain was already showing the default ‘index’ page within 5 minutes of entering my credit card details”

Once the payment was submitted, I was greeted with a ‘success’ window which later redirected me to the account’s setup page. There, I had to enter my contact details in order for the domain registration to complete. The last step conveniently displayed my options for setting up the initial website:

Hostinger account activation process

Considering the low price of this host, I was expecting to wait hours until the account became fully active. Once again, – I was greeted with a pleasant surprise.

Both, – the domain and hosting services were activated instantly and my domain was already showing the default ‘index’ page within 5 minutes of entering my credit card details. I know that even in the perfect circumstances newly-registered domains need to go through a full DNS propagation cycle before becoming active worldwide. With some registrars this could even take 24 hours! Surprisingly this wasn’t the case with Hostinger.

Now, instead of using any of the offered website building tools, I went on to check and evaluate Hostinger custom cPanel:

“Considering the fact that all the added value features were already included in the base package, there weren’t many upselling offers nagging me to buy something”

I must confess. I absolutely love the old-school cPanel structure. It seems that Hostinger took the classic cPanel layout and simply re-designed it to give more visually appealing and sophisticated look.

On the left side you have the usual resource usage & specifications table which shows account’s real-time resource levels.

At the top of the panel lies navigational options for quickly accessing domain, VPS, SSL and affiliates control panels, also including the billing section where you could review the account’s current payment statuses and other related options.

In the base, you can see the hub for all the host’s features starting with email management panels, ending with ‘Git’ implementation system. All of the features are conveniently categorized and shown in order of popularity.

On the bottom-right corner, you can see Hostinger mascot – ‘the tiny dragon’, kindly offering help. At first, I thought that it was just a shortcut for accessing Hostinger live chat. But I was only partially correct:

This seems to be a separate guiding tool where you could search for informational articles about Hostinger service. If you can’t find the information you need, it offers you an option to open a chat window with one of Hostinger customer service agents.

I have to say that I was very surprised with all the sophistication and visual appeal of Hostinger control panels. They were slick, they didn’t give me any hard time of finding the things I needed, and most of all – everything was responsive and fast.

Considering the fact that all the added value features were already included in the base package, there weren’t many upselling offers nagging me to buy something. In fact, I only saw one which urged me to purchase an SSL certificate which, I think, is quite reasonable considering that websites without SSL certificates couldn’t do any marketing these days.

Performance Evaluation

“I must say, even I didn’t expect to see complete 100% uptime on a low-cost web hosting provider”

So far, Hostinger has won me over in almost every aspect with its easy-to-use & good-looking design, fast activation and responsive navigation, and most of all – best value I’ve seen in awhile.

Now it’s time for the most important Hostinger evaluation, – performance. I shall test it all:

  • Host’s speed during low upkeep
  • Host’s speed with a website created with Hostinger website builder
  • Server’s overall uptime
  • Anti-theft security evaluation

Some of the tests I will be performing will be ongoing over the course of few months, which means that this review will be updated every now and then in order to give you the latest results.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – the speed test tools I will be using in this paragraph can’t be 100% correct as they still depend on their own servers’ (access points) speeds. I have used Bitcatcha tool to check packet travel speeds all around the globe as their tool seems to be the most consistent. Furthermore, to acquire results as accurately as possible, I’ve tested the website at least 10 times in quick succession and then I’ve chosen the most average test result out of all of them to show in this review.

Host Speed During Low Upkeep

This part will consist of me, testing the website’s response time with a simple HTML website. Simple HTML websites do not require many of the host’s resources and theoretically should return the best speed results.

I’ve used Hostinger custom web-based File Manager (which frankly was quite convenient) to upload my sample html code, and here is my low-upkeep HTML website:

Hostinger HTML website performance review

Now let’s see how it holds up in terms of speed:

I have used Bitcatcha tool to check packet travel speeds all around the globe. Here are the results:

Hostinger Speed test review

Not a single location with over 1 second response time? That’s a good sign indeed! The speed across all locations around the globe is quite consistent. This means that the servers are powerful enough to give suitable access speeds even to the far-away visitors.

NOTE – This particular account was set up on Hostinger US servers. Keep in mind that Hostinger has 4 data center locations to choose from – UK, US, Singapore and Brazil. So these values would shift accordingly with each choice.

Speed with a website builder

Now I shall test how optimized are the websites which have been built with Hostinger own website builder.

Here is the website I’ve managed to create with the builder:

Hostinger website builder review

Now, let’s see how the speed of the website was affected by this amazing content:

Hostinger website builder speed test

As you can clearly see, the speed wasn’t affected too much. A small drop in performance was to be expected, but a couple milliseconds is definitely not too significant.

I am glad to say that Hostinger website builder creates optimized websites. And quite responsive ones, for that matter!

Server Overall Uptime

Note – This section of the review will constantly be updated with new and latest information.

I’ve set up an ‘Uptime Robot’ tool on my website which will look-up website’s uptime every 1 minute and thus tracking its overall availability. You can also check our top reviewed hosts’ uptime in real-time by clicking this link.

Here are some preliminary results nearly 2 months of tracking Hostinger.


Uptimes: none. Since this particular tool has been set up on the 3rd of August, not once have Hostinger servers gone down. It’s a result that simply can not be improved. I must say, even I didn’t expect to see complete 100% uptime on a low-cost web hosting provider. In terms of response times, the host also has a terrific record. For most of the time, in this tool, response times have been 200 ms or less. Even when the performance dips, response times still rarely exceed 1 second. It’s a great result that is by far the best between the hosts tested.

Click HERE to see Hostinger’s real-time performance, including server response times and downtimes.

Anti-Theft Protection Evaluation

This test was quite simple. I logged out of my account on Hostinger and simulated a break-in. Firstly, I’ve tried entering my password incorrectly 20 times to see if anything changes in terms of my accessibility to the account. After 20 incorrect attempts, I was no longer able to login to the account even with a correct password. It simply said that my password is incorrect. This is a very common security system which detects multiple incorrect login attempts and temporarily blocks the IP address of the user in order to protect the account against hackers. After 10 minutes of standing by, I was once again able to login to my account.

Now it’s time to see how Hostinger customer service handles sensitive security information. I have, once again, logged out of my account, and changed my own IP via VPN. I now intend to simulate an account stealing attempt by contacting Hostinger customer support and asking them to give me the account’s password without providing any valid proof of ownership. Let’s see how it goes:

Hostinger anti theft test reviews

And here we go, – I wasn’t able to steal my own account after all! Hostinger seems to have a strict policy of not giving away sensitive information unless you fully prove your account’s ownership using payment information.

NOTE – It would be a good idea to keep your payment information safe if you happen to lose your credentials and access to an email account.

In terms of overall performance, Hostinger has kept up with their promises and their servers seem to be capable of delivering an exceptional service. Both, the speed and uptime of this host are superb! It was extremely difficult to find any flaws about the host which also has the cheapest price tag I’ve seen in a while. I honestly never thought I’d ever say this, but Hostinger is the most honest, cheapest and reliable web hosting service. I would host my own website here.

Hostinger Reviews – Conclusion

Hostinger must be one of the biggest surprises I’ve had the pleasure of encountering. While reviewing it, I had to constantly ask myself why would anyone choose anything BUT Hostinger for their shared hosting needs. It’s the cheapest, fastest and most responsive shared web hosting platform I’ve ever tested

There are countless of features which I absolutely loved. Hostinger custom-written information sources, like tutorials and knowledge base articles. They seem to value their customers and want them to learn. Almost every tool or feature in Hostinger arsenal is custom-built, which leads me to believe that Hostinger itself was created out of pure passion.


  • One of the cheapest web hosting and domain registration services in the industry.
  • Huge amount of included features & almost no upselling.
  • Visually stunning, responsive and easy-to-use account management panels.
  • Helpful and efficient 24/7 live chat customer service.
  • 100% uptime and super-fast server response time.
  • Hundreds of custom written, in-depth tutorials for web development.
  • Custom-made website builder with a large amount of free website templates.


  • No phone support.
  • No plans for dedicated servers.

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    • Bob Margiotti
    • 2017-December-10th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    i have recently switched my website hosting to Hostinger due to their good pricing (for what i need) and the ease of use. The service was advertised to be “automatic” if you were updating from 000webhost. Well, let me say NOTHING has been automatic. The tutorials provided did not apply to my site. The representative from Hostinger (when i FINALLY received help) gave me new DNS numbers which were incorrect. My site has been down for 2 days now, and there is no support to be found. The chat support is a joke and they provide no live person. This was my mistake for not researching prior to purchasing 3 YEARS OF HOSTING. *SIGH* One thing in life will never change: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Lesson learned.

      • Laura
      • 2017-December-11th

      Hello Bob,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. I would like to investigate your case so we could be able to understand what happened!

      Regarding automatic updates from 000webhost.com to Hostinger, you do not need to do anything but contact Hostinger Support team so they could transfer your data to a new hosting account! In this case, you do not need to follow up any kind of tutorials or manage a website transferring on your own! Although, thanks to your feedback, I noted that the upgrade process is not clear enough so a moment ago I provided our 000webhost.com developers and marketing team with this information so they could clarify steps of upgrade program! 🙂

      Speaking about Support team, we admit that we asked our customers to wait for their answers a bit longer during November sale but in any other case Support team solves customers’ questions in a few minutes! Live Chat was created with a purpose to provide our customers with a quick help. This is why you should contact our agents (which are real people!) ASAP and inform them that you have issues while working on your site.

      We strongly believe that our services are reliable (the status of our servers uptime shows the result!). Even though we offer such cheap hosting, it does not mean that it is not a high-quality one. It simply means that we do not want to spend our customers’ money on our marketing! Our goal is to help people to reach their achievements and empower the Internet! 🙂 We created an amazing and user-friendly cPanel, our developers work every day to provide customers with more and more great features.

      Once again, I would like to thank you for your time and apologize for inconveniences. In case you have any questions or issues, reach out our Success team, they will be happy to assist you! 🙂

      Team Hostinger

    • Satish Kushwaha
    • 2017-December-4th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I am using Hostinger after using Bluehost. I find Hostinger is far better than Bluehost.

    • Marcelo
    • 2017-November-30th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    They do not respect the offers, in the middle of the year they change it; to pay with BTC they add between 50% and 100% of the official quotation. When you have to renew the domain, the value is more expensive than any other. The support responds quickly, but only by mail.

      • Laura
      • 2017-December-5th

      Hello Marcelo,

      thank you for the feedback!

      I understand that price changes are frustrating. Recently, we had November sale of 90% discounts to all our hosting plans and everyone was able to take this hot offer 🙂

      Regarding Bitcoins, its value changes every single minute! We cannot guarantee you that after one or another click you will have the same price because official quotation might be changed. I would like to point out here that we do not set up Bitcoins value 🙂

      It is difficult to investigate your case without any data but according to our price statements user’s renewal price is always the same to the one he paid when bought services. In case you have some misunderstandings or incorrect price charges, do not hesitate to reach Success team out. They will assist you as soon as possible!

      We admit that we asked our customers to wait for their answers a bit longer during November sale but in any other case Success team solves customers’ questions in a few minutes!

      Team Hostinger

    • Ianator
    • 2017-November-29th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    i just wanna thank my lad Mantus (Mantas maybe idk) from support for helping me to transfer from GoDaddy in like 10 minutes. I’m bout to save a lot of money and the server I have is like 30 miles from my home. Worth it, lads.

    • pomme picante
    • 2017-November-21st
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Does anyone know how many databases can you have with the medium plan?

    • punchnazis
    • 2017-November-21st
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    heard this is one of the hosts which refused to host Daily Stormer. Have a 10.

    • jesus h christ
    • 2017-November-17th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    This bunch aggressively advertises itself on Reddit. There was Black Friday so I finally decided to buy them, like 2.70 for three mths like you advertised on the blog as well. Honestly good so far. I’m a bit impressed.

    • Andrew
    • 2017-November-13th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    It is a pain to move my website from one hosting provider to another, but the support i received from goddady was so slow that i decided to move to hostinger and the support guys moved my wordpress. I had questions about billing and received an answer faster that expected. Billing issue solved and fast response time. Way to go Hostinger.

    • ide
    • 2017-November-12th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    moved to them then go to wordpress and install. work ok but i dont know if it faster than everyone.

    • sdfgh
    • 2017-November-11th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    FTP servers were down for a while. But they apologized and gave me some free hosting. I mean I want to be angry but going through the reviews of other providers it looks like someone has been down at some point anyway…soo…i don’t know. I’m staying.

    • gazzzzzzzzzzz
    • 2017-November-7th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    always though how good wuld it be if someone did a test when they just try to hack a hosting provider and see how eas yit would be hahaha. could you do it for everyone here? or would that be jail for u or something?

    • kevin
    • 2017-November-1st
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    It genuinely makes your wonder sometimes. How much margins do other hostings put so Hostinger can have they’re prices so low? Must be huge.

    • Ben Martin
    • 2017-October-13th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I tried free hosting services at 000webhost.com and then upgraded to paid service at Hostinger.com. My account moved to cpanel.hostinger.com and the new Control Panel make me surprise. It’s very easy to use than cPanel and Directadmin. I would recommended this hosting to all my friend.

    • i mean
    • 2017-October-9th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    yeah, it’s a good host – but it’s small and isn’t that an automatic sign it may close anytime soon? Not to talk smack but big companies are unlikely to fail. This one is good, I see. Could it be that it just offers good stuff way below the actual price?

      • Bruce
      • 2017-October-13th

      Not quite! Big hosts kinda just keep buying TV ads (GoDaddy? NBA players? Nascar?) and all of the other shit so they kinda need to charge to stay on top. Minnows such as Hostinger pretty much live on recommendations from their own users. Like how would you get people to recommend you as a host if you don’t offer cheap and good stuff? It’s a risky plan, I admit. But at the end of the day, the client wins because you get good hosting for cheap. People should take note, by registering to companies like Hostinger they help themselves.

    • Lewis Hartenstein
    • 2017-September-20th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Lovely service for whoever plans to go big. When I started with Hostinger, I had a little TImberwolves blog with 100 users a month. Now I run several web shops and develop sites for a living. All along the way I used Hostinger (first free hosting with a .tk extension, haha) – now I use their Premium plan and a VPS. Support has always been there for me, performance was good, there were issues but the good people have always made it right. I feel like I’m a part of a family!

    • Steven Lin
    • 2017-September-18th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Super cheap, very reliable and support is S-M-R-T :D. What else could you want? Wish they had more features included but I hope they soon will….Other than that, viva Hostinger.

    • maddalena
    • 2017-September-5th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I can confirm that Hostinger is the best provider I’ve ever tried. I was a bit dissapointed in the beginner because I had an awful experience with HostGator but Hostinger team changed my minds. They helped me to recreate my site after a huge failure and showed how to use their cpanel. All the help I got was huge and let me improve my skills, knowledge and work. Thank you, Hostinger!

      • King bongo
      • 2017-September-11th

      hey that sounds awesome. for how long have you been using it now? Any problems? alsooooooo……you have an idea how do they do wit storage? I’d like to upload more files but i know imma get banned if i do

    • PetPri
    • 2017-August-28th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I RARELY comment but I think my experience should work as a HUGE reminder for everyone trying to do the whole hosting malarkey with themselves.
    First of all, I want to say “thank you” to all of the good people in Hostinger who helped me to avoid the hell of HostGator and their useless services. I’ve had so much problems there, I was already preparing to close my site and hire a developed instead. However. My friend has been using Hostinger for some time and offered me to buy a plan. Long story short – in a few hours everything I had was transferred free of charge, I got total support along the way and my bills have decreased more than double. This is INSANE. Thank you, Hostinger. I don’t know whether you are so good or is the other company so bad but I am finally moving on!

    • SeanLFC
    • 2017-August-23rd
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Hi. I am looking for a cheap microhost to hold very small amounts of information in. My budget is about 1-1.50 dollars a month. I saw many people recommending me this. I think it’s worth trying it out – loved the renewal prices the most. Should be interesting to see what happens, I’ll update you as I go! 🙂

    • Ciaran
    • 2017-August-20th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    bought this from you, took the cheapest plan but I’m super made up with the services.
    Had some problems because i wasn’t able to easily change from builder to wordpress but the support was very helpful. all looks good^^

    • ....
    • 2017-July-20th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Took hostinger from your link, spent a good week were, here are my experiences:

    Tech support is lovely. The panel was a bit scary at first but i had chats with the guys in there and it was easy. Love the fact they didn’t seem pissed off when subjected to my stupid questions.

    The panel is a bit confusing. But maybe it’s just me. Once again, just had a couple chats with the guys and i was up to speed 🙂

    The website was up and ready thirty minutes after clicking on your link. Everything was super quick, felt like buying a game from Playstation. A provider i used to be with spent two days for everything and here it was simple

    Performance is okay, as good as i ever had, i don’t really pay much attention to it but it was great. SSL certificate was easy to buy too

    Overall: Awesome. I literally went as far and came back to the review i found to comment how was it. And it was excellent. Thank you, HR.

      • Andrew
      • 2017-August-16th

      I agree with you, nice support and servers are way more stable than other hosts.

    • huh
    • 2017-July-12th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Not sold on customer support. You tryign to say that phone support is not important but it is very important. Chat wait times can be very different every time and phone is usually quick

    • Betty
    • 2017-June-17th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I have been using Hostinger for more than 2 years now and can confirm that it is one of the best hosting companies I know. For me, the most important things are price and server uptime – both of them are very good here. Had some small downtimes, but as I remember, all of them where planned maintenance. I recommend Hostinger.

    • Rebecca
    • 2017-June-12th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Have to agree with most of the people here. I owe Hostinger a lot because of their tutorials and support. Used to fear working of webpages myself but now I consider myself a pro lol. For real tho, great service. Much appreciated.

    • James McD
    • 2017-May-24th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I was using hostinger for some time now and I am impressed. The price is ok, but what i like the most is how genuine everything is there. The support, as You said, is superb and tries to give you lessons which is good. If something gets really bad, you get directly contacted and it appears that it’s a fairly small company because there’s so much human contact. I’ve been recently looking for a dedicated server hosting provider (Hostinger don’t have that) but i don’t think i won’t leave Hostinger even when i will. Wish they would make dedicated servers!

    • Mag
    • 2017-May-11th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Never heard of them before but judging from what I see in this review, they’re worthy to be up high. I think it may be worthy to give them a shot, especially considering how downhill HostGator have been for me recently 🙂

    • pm
    • 2017-April-15th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    It’s funny how companies now have a competition not with their services but with who can have the cutest mascot. There’s the gator of Hostgator, hawk of Hawk Host and now this dinosaur thing from Hostinger. I wonder if it sells better because Barney tells you to get an SSL 🙂

    • bryce
    • 2017-April-12th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    For the price, it’s damn worth trying. If it’s a supercharged version of 000webhost, i’m game

    • Desmond Beasley
    • 2017-March-22nd
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    My favourite! I love how it’s simple but also very powerful. And ummmmm, $3.49 for an unlimited plan and no increased prices after a year? BOI.

    • caleb
    • 2017-January-28th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Been using Hostinger for two days now, no problems so far. Love the human touch the entire operation has, there are plenty of tutorials, agents talking to you like you’re friends with them, great.

    • Ana
    • 2017-January-4th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    It is so great to see a hosting server in Brazil! We are a huge country and it is nice to have some big companies with servers there. Massive respect!

      • pedro
      • 2017-June-13th

      rsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrs sim!