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2019 October 15th at 10:29






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You get what you pay for”, right? If a product is cheap, then there’s no way it can also be good.

Well, it looks like Hostinger aims to change that. A super cheap host still promises to deliver “lightning fast” performance and great web security.

Through over 15 years of its existence, Hostinger has transformed into a company offering premium shared, cloud, and VPS hosting services. Now it has 8 data centers and several hundred employees worldwide, yet the pricing for shared hosting still remains at the bare minimum, starting at $0.80/month.

Let's put this all to test and see how good cheap hosting can really be throughout this Hostinger review.

Hostinger Pros

Starting with the good things, Hostinger has great performance, cheap pricing, and premium security. It's also really easy to use and customer support is ready to help at all times.

So here is the full Hostinger overview.

1. Excellent performance results

Current uptime: 100%

Average response time: 112ms

Last downtime recorded: 5 months ago

Hostinger has a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is pretty good for a cheap host and might result in no more than 1 minute of downtime every day.

I've also tested the provider myself for a month. And the long term results are even better than the promises.

During the month I monitored Hostinger's uptime, it kept a very reputable consistency of 99.97%.

Response times surprised me as well. While regular hosting providers average somewhere at around 400 to 500ms, Hostinger did several times better.

The cheap host balanced out at less than 170ms.

It's actually better than Google's recommended 200ms. In other words, you wouldn't be able to even blink that fast.

The faster the better. Overall user experience is improved by faster response times. But the more tangible result could come from Google itself. The search engine says it will boost your rankings based on the fast server speed.

2. Hostinger pricing

Hostinger pricing starts at just $0.99/month for the Single Shared Hosting plan. For $2.59/month you can purchase the Premium plan. $4.09/month will get you the Business Shared Hosting plan. Each plan includes 24/7/365 support, website builder, and weekly backups.

Hostinger pricing

For those just getting started, Hostinger Single Shared Hosting plan for $0.80/month has almost all you may need. 10GB SSD storage and 100GB bandwidth should be enough for small business websites, portfolios, blogs, etc. You also get 1 email account and 1 MySQL database.

Unfortunately, a domain name is not included but you can buy one from Hostinger as prices are really affordable, starting at $0.99/year.

For the larger projects, like business websites or small online stores, the Premium plan for $2.59/month may be better. You get 20GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, and 2x processing power and memory. To top it off - you get a free domain name as well.

There's also enough space to scale up and choose the Business Shared Hosting plan for $4.09/month. It will get you all unlimited features from the previous plans, 30GB SSD storage, daily backups, and free SSL.

You can compare all of the features in the table down below:

Single Premium Business
Price $0.99/month $2.59/month $4.09/month
Disk space  10GB 20GB 30GB
Bandwidth 100GB Unlimited Unlimited
Domains supported 1 Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Extra Extra Included
Anti-DDoS protection Supported Supported Pre-Installed
Email accounts 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Customer Support 24/7 live chat, email 24/7 live chat, email 24/7 live chat, email
Free Automated Backups Weekly Weekly Daily

Hostinger has one thing in common with a lot of other hosts. To get the cheapest pricing, you need to sign up for longer periods. In Hostinger's case, it's at least 48 months. Fortunately, there's always some kind of discount going on or promo codes you can find.

3. Top-notch security features

SSL certificates, CDN, protection against DDoS - these are the features vital for each website. The more and more common attacks may break your website and huge amounts of data will be lost.

And Hostinger aims to take care of that.


SSL will ensure visitors don't run away from your site screaming about the data that's not being encrypted. It's the key security feature ensuring your user sensitive information remains safe and private when traveling across different servers.

At the same time, Cloudflare CDN will make sure to keep your uptime 100% or as close to it as possible. It also protects you from DDoS attacks by creating a network of worldwide servers.

All of these features are included in the Business plan for $3.45/month. But you can also add them to any of the plans.

For example, SSL will cost you $11.95 one-time fee. For that, Hostinger will take care of SSL installation in under a minute. And if you've ever tried doing that yourself, you know how painful it can be.

Cloudflare, included in the Business plan, can also be bought separately. You would pay $9.95 for a lifetime subscription and Hostinger promises to take care of every back-end detail, including updates.

4. User-friendly platform

Starting with the set-up process to actually building or migrating a website, Hostinger is easy to use. Once you sign up and confirm your email, all you'll need to do is follow the three-step process of setting up a website.

And if you already host a website elsewhere, Hostinger promises to transfer it for free.

Hostinger review: website setup process

Then you can log in to the Hostinger control panel to manage and customize every detail. The interface is modern, clean and easy to navigate.

Hostinger review: control panel

From the control panel, you can access usage statistics, set up email accounts, domains, find auto-installers, website builder, databases, file manager, etc.

Everything is illustrated by large icons, so you won't get lost or need any technical skills to actually understand what's going on.

Another user-friendly feature is a website builder. While setting up a website with WordPress may be easy as well, a website builder makes the process much faster. Especially if you don't have a lot of web development skills or time. Here's what I created in under 5 minutes:

Hostinger review: website builder website example

5. Great live chat

Hostinger has 24/7 dedicated customer support in 20 languages for over 40 of its locales.

The Customer Success team promises response times to be lower than 2 minutes. Want to see how it went? Here's my experience.

I was connected to the support agent instantly. And he was extremely friendly and well trained to help. He actually tried teaching me how to repair the database I accidentally broke.

But it gets better.

When I indicated that I am not really sure what are those things he's talking about, he just went in and fixed it himself. For a beginner web hosting user, such proactiveness is really great and helpful.

Hostinger support chat

I think I had the site working again in less than 5 minutes after I contacted the support.

To sum up:

Hostinger support is doing a great job. They are pro-active, friendly, and effective. Not to mention fast.

6. One-click installations

Hostinger aims to make website hosting and building process as easy as this complicated work can be. From the control panel, you'll have the access to over 100 software auto-installs. Basically, you'll be able to click on your chosen software, and Hostinger will do the work.

There are auto-install scripts for WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, and many others.

Hostinger review: Hostinger auto-installers

Hostinger goes beyond hosting. You can find even more one-click installations in the App Store.

There, you will find apps like G Suite, Cloudflare, VPN, SEO tools, etc. Hostinger promises to introduce even more apps later.

Hostinger Cons

We've reviewed hundreds of hosts and not a single one was perfect.

Hostinger is no exception. Here are some of its problems.

1. No phone support

Of all the things Hostinger has (knowledge base, live chat, email tickets), phone support is not one of them.


It does not seem to be a huge problem but some users might miss the service quite a lot.

So if you prefer phone support, Hostinger may not be the top choice.

Also, the lack of phone support can be a miss for beginners. Think of a stressful situation where something in a website breaks or some data is lost. Calm support agents are usually able to walk users through the needed processes to fix the issue.

Fortunately, live chat support is excellent and they often use gifs and images to illustrate any of the more difficult tasks.

All in all, you won't be left high and dry if anything happens.

2. Custom hosting panel

Hostinger plans do not include the classic cPanel interface. The company installed its own custom control panel (called hPanel) to manage your hosting.

So in theory, some users might miss the good ol' cPanel.

After all, it's the most popular and extremely friendly control panel there is. It has probably every function there is, and there's an extensive tutorial for every step you can find. In other words, the cPanel community is huge.

On the other hand, I wouldn't say Hostinger hosting panel is much worse. Or different, as a matter of fact. Here you can see the differences side by side.

hostinger cpanel

It was created for a reason - the user interface was simplified and illustrated by big icons, yet functionality remained the same.

And, each of the support agents is well-trained to help you use the control panel. So basically, you have an expert team capable of solving any issue related to the custom control panel. While with cPanel, you have to trust the knowledge of unknown people and possibly outdated tutorials.

But if you are not a chatty person, an extensive knowledge base and tutorials are there as well, covering all topics related to the control panel.

3. No unlimited plans

A while ago, Hostinger had unlimited plans - unlimited-unmetered bandwidth, unlimited storage, etc. Basically, a dream come true.

And this feature did look great. Especially with the cheap pricing.

As of a few weeks ago, the plans are gone. Now you get 10-30 GB storage space and 100 GB to unlimited bandwidth depending on your plan. 'That looks so not enough' - was my first thought.

But here's the deal:

With 10 GB of hosting you'd able to have from 5 to 10 big WordPress sites, complete with media libraries and multiple plugins. That's more than enough for most users! And it's available for just $0.80 a month. If you need more, there's a $3.45 plan, which can host up to 30 full-sized websites.

So, the plans are pretty generous. And yes, a lot of other providers actually offer "unlimited" resources to their users.

But how unlimited those unlimited plans actually are? Often, they're just as big as Hostinger's right here.

Just imagine this: if hosting plans were actually unlimited, Jeff Bezos could just buy one hosting plan for $2.15 a month, and move his entire infrastructure to one host, completely bankrupting it.

So yes, all of the hosting providers have their limits. Hostinger just makes them very clear.

Hostinger Review - the Verdict

As far as my experience goes - Hostinger is great. The performance of the cheap host can compete with the industry giants. It's easy to use, customer support is excellent (I don't like phone support anyway), and it's constantly improving.

A few things might look indifferent for experienced users. It's a custom control panel and lack of unlimited plans. But it might not be for the worse as we figured.

So when choosing a host, be it a cheap one or not so much, I would strongly consider Hostinger (and do watch Emit's video, he has even more insights).


  • Cheapest web hosting
  • Powerful and reliable servers
  • Excellent customer suport


  • No phone support
  • No unlimited plans

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Disclosure: We earn a commission if you make a purchase through referral links in this review. This helps to cover the expenses for running ongoing performance tests.

Hostinger User Reviews


Vitor picture

2019 October 10th

Hostinger was a life saver for me.. they have good prices and speed alright. But i am a total noob with wordpress and I honestly hate it. Tried their website builder, the best decision ever… If you want to create a website fast or just dont have time to learn everything. They got you completely.. I’m not sure about all the stuff webhosters are supposed to give you, but hostinger has so many perks that i havent really thought about that too much. Never had any big problems anyway. Almost a year with them and still going..

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Roger picture

2019 October 10th

It was a disappointment. Not just your product but your support services also. Poor service.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    2019 October 10th

    Hello Roger,

    Thank you for your feedback, it helps us to improve and grow every day! We are sorry for your experience with our support and product services. Our clients are our top priority, so we are here to help!

    We strive to provide the best service and support for each and every one of our customers and would like to investigate this case further. As we were unable to locate your account with us, could you spare a minute and tell us more about your issue by writing to us at [email protected]?

    Hoping to hear from you soon! Your feedback is very important to us as it helps us grow and improve!

    Best regards,
    Team Hostinger

Ian picture

2019 October 7th

outstanding support, I recently transferred my website to Hostinger, after changing the email settings I would not receive any emails to my mailbox ( I was using G Suite). When I noticed the issue I instantly contacted their support, in a few mintues they responded that my settings wasn’t correct, and helped my to properly change tham. After that email works like a charm

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Cris picture

2019 September 25th

Long term UNLIMITED contracts not respected by Hostinger.
Hostinger sold, for more than six years, the unlimited paid plans, which now they cut sharply and force all customers to accept the cuts without complaint, pushing them into abusive and dictatorial terms of service, manipulated and cutted at hostinger’s will.
A scam from a gang of people who acts like criminals, that sells cat for hare, and disappoints paying customers.
Misleading advertising that has increased its customer base by 20,000,000 in recent 2 years.
Now, instead of increasing capacity of their servers, cuts the furnished conditions from unlimited to what Hostinger wants.
A dictatorship. No respect.
Unreliable company.
I think it is real scam! Don’t you?


    2019 September 27th

    Hello, Cris.

    Thank you for your feedback, we are sorry to hear about your experience with us. We strive to provide the best service and support for each and every one of our customers.

    We understand that unexpected changes can be frustrating. In order to keep our services running smoothly and meet the growing demands of our customers, we had to adjust some of our plans. We are focused not only on providing the best services possible, but on running a righteous and transparent business as well, therefore all of the plan limitations are available publicly.

    We would love to have a chat with you, yet we were unable to identify your account with us. It would be great if you dropped us a message at [email protected] to we could discuss it further.

    Best regards,
    Team Hostinger

Ferenczy G picture
Ferenczy G

2019 September 24th

I don’t usually find myself leaving a review and I’ll be quick this time but I just wanted to say thank you to Hostinger’s client support as they left me with this warm feeling inside that is hard to describe. That doesn’t happen that offten to me. Thank you.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
jose enrique rangel crispin picture
jose enrique rangel crispin

2019 September 22nd

buenas tardes se trata de dos dominios gratis que tengo con ustedes designookipin y lokipinvideos los tengo con wordpress pero no puedo actualizarlo con google search console y así no me sirven para que por favor los cancelen los dos trate de hacerlo directamente pero no pude gracias por todo

Performance Pricing User friendly Support

    2019 September 24th

    ¡Hola Jose Enrique Rangel Crispin!

    Gracias por tu opinión, lamentamos que hayas tenido inconvenientes.

    Esto podría ayudar: Si aún quieres eliminar tu cuenta puedes hacerlo en el área de miembros, seleccionando la función Mi Perfil (esquina superior derecha) -> “Cerrar esta cuenta”. Si eso no funciona te recomendamos escribir tu problema en nuestros foros en y nuestro increíble equipo moderador estará encantado de ayudarte.

    ¡Estamos felices de poder ayudar y esperamos que tengas un día maravilloso!

    Equipo Hostinger

Brandon picture

2019 September 17th

upgraded from 000webhosting, to their shared hosting plan, feels good, works fine

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
T O Sandlin picture
T O Sandlin

2019 September 17th

Been using their service for a couple of years now. Basically as just a sandbox for hobby sites, I have never been disappointed. The speed of getting new domains up and running has been no problem for me. Being retired from IT using Hostinger has been fun when I have the time to play around. The price is fantastic and the service is comparable to other hosting services I have used that cost much more. I recommend them highly.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
David Conger picture
David Conger

2019 September 12th

This has got to be the most incompetent hosting company out there. I see why they are so cheap, this a “get what you pay for” adventure for sure. I signed up 4 days ago and my website is still not up and running on cell phones after dealing with 7 different reps. They ask for this and that and keep saying it will be done the next day, that was 3 days ago. They promised free set-up and migration and neither has been done, except for what I did myself. Getting a total scripted run-around. I can not believe they are still in business. I cannot really give a score on reliability because my website is still not up yet. But the support reliability is a -1 for sure. The savings on the plan does not even come close to the business I lost from having no website online for 3, going on 4 days now. I strongly advise getting a (real) hosting company with phone support, live chats (at least with this place), are just “scripts” to give you the brushoff. I highly recommend a different hosting company.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    2019 October 13th

    If you don’t know how to migrate your website then go to the library and study it. You are a big complainer for 99 cents. If I am an IT tech, I would charge you at least $30 per hour.


    2019 September 13th

    Hello, David!

    We are genuinely sorry to hear about your experience with us. Customers are our main priority, and that is why we take all the insights very seriously.

    Our team seeks to provide the best services and to solve any technical issue you are facing so that your business would thrive. Regarding your experience, we have identified your account with us and carefully investigated your case. We apologise and take full responsibility for the miscommunication that happened during these days. We have contacted the responsible teams to make sure that this would not occur in the future. Thank you for your feedback, it will help to improve the migration process in order to make it as smooth as possible.

    We are sad to see you go and we hope you will give us a second chance to prove us worthy of your trust.

    All the best,
    Team Hostinger

Menoy Soria picture
Menoy Soria

2019 September 7th

Hostinger is better than others!

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features