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Katherine Garcia


2020 January 7th

HostITSmart steps into the hosting industry with a number of big claims - being the best web hosting company in the US, making quality hosting affordable, and promising top-level services.

Is it actually capable of justifying these claims?

In this HostITSmart review, I tested the provider's pricing, features, and performance to find out.

What is HostITSmart?

HostITSmart is a fast-growing web hosting company based in India. Currently, it offers shared, WordPress, Windows, eCommerce, VPS, dedicated, and reseller hosting packages.

The company also provides domain names for sale as well as email hosting and SSL certificates.

HostITSmart review - HostITSmart Homepage

The offered packages are available both in the US and India locations. VPS packages also feature different premium server virtualization software according to your needs.

Furthermore, HostITSmart offers very competitive pricing. So can cheap services be also good?

HostITSmart Pricing

HostITSmart cheapest Starter plan starts at just $2.5/mo for a yearly subscription. Billing periods from 1 month to 3 years are available. The longer the period you choose, the more the pricing decreases.

HostITSmart Review - HostITSmart Shared Hosting Pricing

Each of the plans includes unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and email IDs. cPanel and malware scanning also come complimentary. So what exactly do you get with each of the plans?

  • The Starter plan for $2.5/mo yearly includes 1 website hosting, 1 subdomain, and 2 MySQL databases.
  • The Performance plan for $3.5/mo yearly includes 5 websites, unlimited subdomains, and 10 MySQL databases.
  • The Business plan for $7/mo yearly offers unlimited websites, subdomains, and databases.

What's really great is that the pricing after the first billing period does not increase. If you paid $2.5/mo yearly, it will renew at the same rate unless you change the billing period itself.

But you can save even more by choosing a subscription for a longer-term.

HostITSmart Pricing for Different Billing Periods

If you feel that shared hosting is not enough for you, HostITSmart VPS plans are very much affordable as well.

The pricing for the cheapest Linux VPS plan starts at $5/mo. Billing periods of 3, 6, or 12 months are available.

All of the plans offer the choice of 2 server locations and CWP control panels.

All in all, it's nice to see the affordable packages oriented towards beginner users. On the other hand, only the performance stats will show if HostITSmart is worth the praises.

HostITSmart offers affordable shared and VPS hosting packages. It does not increase pricing after renewals and does not do aggressive upsells.

HostITSmart Pros

From first glance, HostITSmart looks like a nice company offering affordable pricing and generous data limits. In this part of the HostITSmart review, let's see what are the best sides of this company.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

HostITSmart promises a 99.99% uptime guarantee which can result in barely 1 minute of weekly downtime. If the provider is to keep its promise, your website should be available for the users at all the most crucial times.

Uptime Calculator for HostITSmart Review

Currently, we are still running long-term tests on the provider to see. On the other hand, a 99.99% uptime guarantee is more than even the biggest hosting companies are offering. Stay tuned for further updates in my HostITSmart review.

cPanel Control Panel For Shared Hosting

Since 2018, HostITSmart partners with cPanel to provide its shared hosting users with the intuitive and industry-leading control panel.

It is a great addition making web hosting understandable even to complete beginners with no web development experience.

cPanel's graphic interface makes it easy to configure all the settings and install the needed software. Additionally, it has a huge community capable of helping to solve any issue related to cPanel.

24/7 Customer Support

Talking about help options, HostITSmart has 24/7 live chat and ticket support for its global users while Indian locale gets WhatsApp and phone support as well. These are great options. There's also a knowledge base available. On the other hand, it is not very thorough.

To find out how the support department is doing, I used live chat and asked a question about the packages.

The interface is modern and I was the first one in the queue.

Unfortunately,  that did not mean much - I was waiting quite a while to get a response. After a good 10 minutes, an agent joined in.

HostITSmart Customer Support

There is both good and bad news here. The agent did answer my questions quickly once connected and did not try pushing me to buy a plan. On the other hand, the language was lacking a little bit - for more complex issues it may be more difficult to comprehend the answers.

Overall, HostITSmart has great support options while live chat is a bit slower. On the other hand, you should be able to get all the help you need.

Transparent Pricing Strategy

One of the best things about HostITSmart is not just affordable pricing but no increases as well. The provider shows all the options immediately.

The longer you stay - the cheaper you pay. And I believe that's a great strategy.

Moreover, the pricing renews at the same rate unless you change the billing term. This makes HostITSmart a good long-term option.

There are no aggressive upsells too but the provider offers to add G Suite package for $5/mo, Site Lock for $1.75/mo as well as domain privacy for $3.85/mo.

SSL certificate is a promised default and is included for free.  Overall, you get all the essentials while extra features are paid and not pushed into your cart.

HostITSmart Cons

No web hosting company is perfect. During the testing of HostITSmart, I happened to find quite a few flaws in the company.

Performance is Unreliable

HostITSmart is definitely not one of our top hosts.  Although I've just started monitoring my website, response peaks from 300ms to over 2 seconds. 

HostITSmart Review Performance

That's definitely not a great and stable result.

No CDN or Caching Services

The below-average performance might be a result of no advanced caching and content delivery network services.

The provider is yet developing, as we can see, so premium solutions are not offered. Meanwhile, our best web hosting providers are developing their own solutions to make their users' websites run as fast and smooth as possible.

Speed is crucial so I'll be looking forward to seeing some more development on the HostITSmart side.

cPanel Does Not Come With VPS

Currently, I can only see that cPanel is included with shared and dedicated server hosting packages. VPS includes the CWP control panel which is far less intuitive.

This means beginner users might find it difficult to manage their VPS accounts - the solution that tends to be more difficult in the first place is not equipped with a streamlined user environment.

HostITSmart Review - the Verdict

HostITSmart is an affordable web hosting company offering everything you might need to start a website. At the same time, there's still quite a lot of improvement to make.

As I found out in this HostITSmart review, it has very competitive pricing, generous data allowances, as well as friendly support. Not to mention the exceptionally great uptime guarantee.

Unfortunately, the performance is lagging behind and I'll keep an eye on the company waiting for improvement.

For now, there are a couple of better cheap web hosting providers to choose from if you're looking for better performance. However, there's no reason to avoid HostITSmart as well.


  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • cPanel for shared hosting
  • Affordable pricing


  • Unreliable server performance
  • No CDN and caching

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Pankaj Kaushik picture
Pankaj Kaushik

2020 June 17th

They are bloody cheaters. I bought a VPS on 29th May 2020. the server was not working properly since then. I could not even host a single website on this.... Read more

They are bloody cheaters. I bought a VPS on 29th May 2020. the server was not working properly since then. I could not even host a single website on this. They are not answering tickets. While I request my money back under a one-month money back guaranty they are asking several questions but not admitting their fault. I have paid them 6 months advance and now stuck with no hope. Their call center assistant Neerav is playing extra smart and has full intention to digest my hard-earned money. I tried some other call and connected Deepak but he is also trying to avoid. I also tried to call their director Mr. Nikhil Mehta but could not reach on all 3 numbers available on the internet. Never consider this company for your hosting needs. I will keep fighting and planning to file a complaint in national consumer forum.