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Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 2nd

With prices starting at just $2.29, HostMantis sure tries hard to prove that it loves 'Making Reliable Hosting Affordable'.

However, that's only half of the equation. It's definitely cheap - but is it any good?

My First Glimpse of HostMantis

With a name like HostMantis (formerly known as Plexihost; changed in 2010), I wasn't quite sure what to expect. It offers Linux & Windows shared hosting as its main service, but other options are available for those with greater needs.

HostMantis It's by no means an appealing website, or at least not my taste (maybe due to my insectophobia), but it does the job: it's simple and easy to navigate.

hostmantis review

Site note: I'm pretty sure that's the first time I've seen a fully-clothed mantis.

If you have any issues, reaching customer support will always be very simple. An icon ready to start the chat is always present at the bottom.

And in addition to the live chat, HostMantis also offers ticket or email support. And the help seems to arrive quickly. When I tested the live chat service, I was very pleased with the speed of the response, which took less than 30 seconds. So that's pretty great.

HostMantis Reviews from Other Customers

Yes, the support offered to customers is 24/7.

However, most customer feedback tends to highlight that HostMantis support agents seem to lack common manners...

hostmantis review

There were plenty more complaints like this that across several sites, as well as some that slated the company for downtime issues.

But there were also many good ones that praised HostMantis for offering a solid, cheaper alternative to other more popular hosting providers.

Overall, reviews are highly mixed. I personally didn't experience any downtime during the week I tested it. What I was able to fully test and compare, however, were the prices. Here's what I found...

HostMantis Pricing

In terms of pricing, HostMantis is highly affordable. Its plans range from $2.29 to $9.95/month.

Note that there are separate pricing plans for Windows and Linux hosting. I'll be assessing Linux hosting, as it's more popular and comes with less of a price tag.

hostmantis review

The main differentiating factor is disk space, with the Advanced Plan offering the best value for money at just $5.49/month for 30GB.

While I agree that these are affordable plans, I wouldn't recommend any of them. There are plenty of great cheap hosting providers who can get you something even cheaper, or much better than that!

But speaking of better, let's have a look at the exact features of the packages you can buy.

Plans in More Detail

Here are these 4 plans and their features in full detail.

Entry Starter Advanced Expert
Disk Space 2GB 15GB 30GB 50GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
No. of Domains 5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Addresses 5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Included? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Website Builder No No No No
Customer Support 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7
Money-Back Guarantee 30-Day Period 30-Day Period 30-Day Period 30-Day Period

While 2GB is very low disk space, the free SSL certificate and use of SSD servers is a good selling point for the Entry package. With the affordable $2.29 price, I'd recommend the Entry package to anyone running a one-page or content-light website.

For anything else though, I'd shop elsewhere.

HostMantis Performance

hostmantis review

As for speed, HostMantis performs pretty averagely.

Western response times were impressive, but response times in Asia let it down. It's more or less a pattern for a lot of western hosting providers. So while it's not great, it's not a shock either.

HostMantis Review: My Conclusion

After conducting my HostMantis review, it's clear that there are better choices available for users who want anything more than completely basic resources.

For those whose storage demands are minimal, HostMantis provides a fairly good option. While it's not the cheapest choice on the market, it's still perfectly adaquate if you're running a small site and want to experiment with an alternative provider.

Do you think I'm wrong? Do you have an opinion of your own? Please leave any of your own HostMantis reviews below.

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Eric picture

2019 June 1st

The prices are good but performance is rather poor. The node server is many-a-times down and my clients loose sales. Support closes tickets automatically and their support is not-personalized. Features... Read more

The prices are good but performance is rather poor. The node server is many-a-times down and my clients loose sales. Support closes tickets automatically and their support is not-personalized. Features of hosting/reseller hosting plans are good. They offer litespeed server.