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Who is HostMetro?

With over 40 years collective industry experience by the founders, HostMetro has not stopped maintaining sites and hosting accounts for clients’ personal and business purposes.

HostMetro claims to be the foremost hosting provider with quality tools, knowledgeable support team, inexpensive hosting plans and thorough understanding of responsibilities. Since the hosting provider is not new to the industry, I expect that its claims should be valid and reliable.

Anyways, this HostMetro review is ready to cross-check all of HostMetro’s claims. I want to ascertain whether they are empty claims or they are accurate reflections of the hosting provider’s profile. Also, I am going to find out the type of services provided by HostMetro, their affordability, as well as their stability.

Has HostMetro’s understanding of responsibilities resulted in great uptime for clients’ sites?

Does it provide advanced hosting services?

Are the web hosting packages in support of high trafficked sites and businesses?

These and other pertinent questions are what I desire to find answers to in this HostMetro review.

hostmetro review price

Services offered by HostMetro

HostMetro provides moderate services to clients. The two main packages are:

  • Domain name
  • Shared web hosting

As against my expectations, HostMetro does not offer advanced hosting services such as cloud hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting. With this, I expect that the Domain name and web hosting services provided by HostMetro are top-notch and highly dependable.

However, this HostMetro review is about the Shared web hosting services provided by HostMetro. My goal is to find about hosting plans, their reliability, and affordability. It also interests me to know if the HostMetro server is slow or fast. Read on as I move into the heart of the review.

HostMetro Pricing & Plans

Let’s quickly glance over the two packages:

host metro review plans

Mega Max Plan: the price of this package starts at $2.95/month and it includes maximum Bandwidth, maximum hosting space, unlimited Email accounts, and free domain registration.

Super Max Plan: The price of this package starts at 6.95$ / month and includes maximum Bandwidth, maximum hosting space, unlimited Email accounts, free domain registration, and free SSL certificate.

With the significant difference in the prices of the two hosting plans, the Super Max Plan seems to offer some premium benefits that are not available on the Mega Max Plan.

However, before you settle for any of the two hosting plans or change your mind about HostMetro, let’s go through the price breakdown to confirm if they are as affordable as presented.

hostmetro review pricing

HostMetro is just like some other hosting providers who lure clients with a supposedly low starting price. The lowly priced $2.95 per month for the Mega Max Plan is only valid for a 36-month subscription.

Could you believe you would be charged $4.95 per month for the same Mega Max Plan if you are subscribing for only 12 months?

The table below compares and contrasts the exact prices for the two hosting plans over a given subscription period.

Payment Period/Plan

Mega Max Plan

Super Max Plan

12 Months



24 Months



36 Months



The hosting plan comes with a FREE site transfer for all the plans. Maybe you are now thinking of choosing one of the plans; Super Max Plan is recommended because its high price certainly comes with premium features for high-end support for heavy-trafficked sites.

Plans in more details

In furtherance of the HostMetro review, we will go into the details of each plan.

Let’s contrast and compare the features of the two hosting plans in the table below. And by so doing, we would get more lights into HostMetro’s shared web hosting packages and the types of clients who can successfully use them.

Starter Hosting

Professional Plus







How many domains allowed?



HDD or SDD used in servers?




No, costs $2.50/month

Included for FREE

Anti-DDoS protection



Anti-malware protection



Email accounts



FTP accounts



Website builder



Website Templates



Assisted website transfer









Money back guarantee

30 days

30 days

Customer support

Live chat, Phone, Knowledgebase & E-mail

Live chat, Phone, Knowledgebase & E-mail

Choice of server location

No - US only

No - US only

Free Automated back-ups

Yes, but only for 1GB data

Yes, but only for 1GB data


Taking a step further in our HostMetro review, I wanted to find out HostMetro's server speed rate. With the appropriate tool being employed, the test revealed that the server's speed is only slightly above average. The speed rate ranges between 300-500 ms.

hostmetro review speed

This implies that HostMetro has much to do in improving the server for optimum supports of clients’ sites. You can consider other hosting providers such as SiteGroundInmotion or A2 Hosting for fast server's speed.

HostMetro Pros and Cons

At this point, in my HostMetro review, I will be highlighting the Pros and Cons of HostMetro’s Shared web hosting plans. After this, you can decide if you will go for HostMetro’s packages or other hosting providers that offer more quality features.


This HostMetro review reveals that the hosting provider comes with some features that outstand it among its peer. These includes:

  • Good Support System - HostMetro has a good support system in place. The avenues available to reach them include; Email, Live Chat, Phone and Knowledgebase for FAQ guide. HostMetro’s technical team is available 24/7.
  • Consistent pricing scheme: the hosting provider is fair with its pricing scheme. The pricing scheme is consistent all through the subscription period, and this also applies to renewal.
  • Money-back Guarantee: the hosting provider returns the money to clients within 30-days of subscription. This makes HostMetro better than some hosting providers who offer shorter days for their money-back guarantee strategy.


I also want to highlight the flaws of HostMetro’s Shared web hosting. These include:

  • Sub-standard Uptime: This is a considerable drawback for clients who wish to choose HostMetro. Though the hosting provider promises 99% uptime, it offers far less than that. Whereas, some other hosting providers, go all the way to provide 99.99% uptime.
  • Relatively slow server’s speed: HostMetro’s server is slow compared with other hosting providers. The hosting plans have been significantly setback by this flaw. Clients' business might not experience the expected growth with this speed.
  • The absence of Advanced Hosting Packages - HostMetro does not offer advanced hosting packages such as cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS, or reseller hosting. And the absence of these makes its web hosting power very limited and discouraging for high-performance sites.

HostMetro Review - Is it good for your businesses?

The HostMetro review has revealed facts about HostMetro and its Shared web hosting services.

With 24/7 technical support, affordable hosting packages, consistent pricing scheme, and money-back guarantee, HostMetro isn't a bad hosting provider. However, its poor uptime, the absence of advanced hosting packages and slow server's speed has significantly flawed its profile.   

Wherefore, you can check out some other hosting providers in the market whether you will find any that offers better services than HostMetro for you to host your sites and businesses.


  • Low-Cost Shared Hosting
  • Great Support System


  • Sub-Standard Uptime
  • Shared Hosting Only

Main Features

  • Plenty Unlimited Features
  • Consistent Pricing

Hosting Prices

hostmetro review main

Server Locations

  • United States

Server OS

  • Linux logo Linux

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