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Earl Whitmore


2019 September 3rd

Established in 2017 in Canada, HostNoc hosting provider grew in user numbers and features over the years. By now, it has more than 2000 clients worldwide and offers more dedicated options.

Having tons of services and features isn't a quality assurance. In this HostNoc review, I will test their offers out and give you all the good and the bad.

What is HostNoc?

HostNoc is a web hosting provider, that offers a wide variety of hosting services. From shared hosting and cloud servers to VPN and dedicated VPS. You can get both Windows and Linux based web hosting here, and you can always find a discount for both of them.

HostNoc review - Main Page

One of the key features of HostNoc is that it aims to offer exactly what you need. If you want to buy a managed server or VPN you have 3 categories to choose from: budget, best value, and performance. Every offer is priced and packed to be the best option for the best price.

HostNoc review - Store page

Sadly, there is no free plan or some sort of a trial where you could test their services out. But they do offer 15 days money-back guarantee for shared and reseller hosting.

HostNoc Prices

When it comes to price, both Windows and Linux based hosting will cost you from $3.36 to $12.95 a month. While that seems like a great deal, you only get a 100 MB disk space with the bottom tier plan. This amount of disk space will be enough for a simple personal website or a blog.

And if you need more resources you can contact their sales team and get a custom offer.

HostNoc review - Price Page

While the disk space, that each plan offers, is a bit restricted, ranging from 100 MB to 2 GB, you get unlimited bandwidth even with the cheapest plan.

You also get multiple email accounts, anti-spam tool SpamAssassin, email forwarding, and antivirus. These features would easily be a payable extra with most other providers, but HostNoc bundles all of these with every plan.

In the table below you can see the most important features of every plan.

Disk Space 100 MB 500 MB 2 GB As required
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Email Accounts 25 50 150 Unlimited
Control Panel Plesk / Cpanel
Customer Support 24/7/365 Chat, email, and phone
Automated Back-ups No No No Yes
Antivirus Yes Yes Yes Yes
SpamAssassin Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Forwarding Yes Yes Yes Yes

One thing to notice about the price is that HostNoc only allows monthly payments for hosting. Meaning that you can't pay annually and get discounts when buying hosting for multiple years.

While there are disk space restrictions, the plan selection is tailored to fit the needs of different users.

HostNoc Performance

If you take a look at the shared hosting plans, they only guarantee you a 99% uptime. This is not an ideal number, because most of their competitors promise at least a 99.9% uptime rate. But based on my test, the uptime was 100% and the downtime was not a problem at HostNoc.

HostNoc review - Uptime Robot

If you want to see just how much uptime rate can influence your website, you can use the calculator below.

Your hosting can go down for:





Additionally, it offers compensation in tokens for any downtime that your site might experience. If your site is down, you can use those tokens the next time you pay for your services.

It even protects your website from any DDoS attack for free. You don't have to worry about protection and hackers when hosting with HostNoc.

HostNoc review wouldn't be complete without taking a look at GTmetrix and the overall performance of the server.

HostNoc review - Uptime rate

As we can see, my website hosted on the HostNoc server loads in 1.5 seconds. The overall PageSpeed score of 90% is a good indicator that the hosting is optimized for the best performance.

HostNoc hosting performance and stability is really impressive, and in the event of downtime, the user will be compensated.

HostNoc Support

HostNoc offers 3 main ways of getting help when you need it: email or ticket system, live chat, and phone calls. And it's not just any support, but all-inclusive 24/7/365 phone and chat support.

HostNoc review - Support page

Just having the options to get support is not enough, most of the time you need support quickly. Fast and reliable customer support is where HostNoc shines.

Throughout my testing period, I always got a response to my problems in a couple of minutes, and they did actually try to resolve them and answer my questions.

HostNoc review - Live Chat Support

One thing I like to notice here is that there's just one client testimonial on their website. That might look suspicious, after a few years of work, you expect a company this big to have more happy customers.

HostNoc review - Client testimonials

But I tried all of its support options and there's one thing I can say, HostNoc support team is fast and dedicated to solving all your problems.

You will still have to wait a bit for someone to pick up the phone but you can spend that time browsing their extensive knowledge base. In there you can find the answers to the most common questions.

HostNoc has 24/7/365 an agile phone and chat support that responds quickly and efficiently.

HostNoc Pros

  • Phone and chat support: you get fast and reliable help whenever you need it with HostNoc's 24/7/365 support.
  • Affordable prices: every plan is created to give you the most tools and features for the price.
  • Email and extra services: free antivirus, email forwarding, and SpamAssassin with every plan.
  • Compensation for downtime: if your site experiences downtime you will be compensated for it in tokens.
  • Money-back guarantee: you can get your money back within 15 days if you didn't like their shared or reseller hosting.

HostNoc Cons

  • Restrictive disk space: you only get a 100 MB to 2 GB of disk space with shared hosting plans.
  • No yearly payment option: since you can only be billed monthly, there are no discounts if you want to buy a service for multiple years.
  • No free plan or trial: there's no free option to test out HostNoc hosting plans.

HostNoc Review - The Verdict

After my HostNoc review, I can confidently say this: if you want to host your own site, HostNoc can offer great deals for shared hosting or VPS. It also adds tons of extra features, email services, and security solutions to every plan it has.

And if you decide to opt for this provider, you will get fast and reliable support no matter what time of the day it is.

I would recommend HostNoc to people who want to host small to medium websites or businesses. It can offer you hosting for as low as $3.36 and you can always count on their support for help.


  • Phone and chat support
  • Affordable prices
  • Email and extra services
  • Compensation for downtime
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Restrictive disk space
  • No yearly payment option
  • No free plan or trial

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Света picture

2019 August 24th

Не думала что смогу найти, спасибо!

Не думала что смогу найти, спасибо!

Xavier Jinan picture
Xavier Jinan

2019 August 22nd

I have been with hostnoc for a number of years now after trying out a number of other providers. I can honestly say that none have come even close to... Read more

I have been with hostnoc for a number of years now after trying out a number of other providers. I can honestly say that none have come even close to the service and performance that hostnoc offer. In my experience, the service I have received, including support, has been nothing short of excellent.

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