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Fiona O’Connell


2019 November 7th

ICDSoft provides hosting services for over 100,000 websites in 140 countries. This provider boasts excellent hardware and a dedicated team that constantly improves its services.

Having multiple server locations around the world ICDSoft is a strong competitor performance-wise.

But this ICDSoft review is to analyze the pricing and features as well as performance.

So let's take a closer look!

What is ICDSoft?

ICDSoft is a hosting company that started its journey as a software company. But after gaining popularity, it expanded the services to include hosting solutions in 2001. Now, this provider is thriving in the market with a lot of hosting solutions for all types of users.

ICDSoft's original goal was to offer its services to any type of consumer. It offers shared, VPS, Node.js, managed WordPress, and reseller hosting, as well as SSL and Domain names. Small businesses to enterprises - ICDSoft can support them all.

In this ICDSoft review, we’ll be focusing on shared hosting mainly as it’s the primary choice for the majority of users.

ICDSoft Pricing

ICDSoft initially has 4 plans where the cheapest option is the Economy plan for $3/mo and the price can go as high as $50/mo for Business Plus plan. The Economy plan gives you 1GB of SSD storage, 500GB monthly transfers, 5 parked domains, and a free SSL certificate.

The thing is, pricing and some of the features change according to the server location - USA, Europe or Hong Kong. So, when counting all plans with all possible locations there would be 11 plans. Let's see what they are.

  • Economy (USA):

    It will cost you $3/mo. However, the features are rather primitive and mostly limited. You will only get 1 GB disk space, 500 GB of bandwidth, and 1Gb mailbox.

  • Business (USA):

    The plan starts with $5/mo. It will offer you 100 GB disk space, 5000 GB bandwidth, and 10GB mailbox.

  • WebApps (USA):

    The plan starts with $10/mo. It will offer you 30 GB disk space, 1000 GB bandwidth, and 10GB mailbox.

  • Business Plus (USA):

    This plan costs $25/mo and it adds the Geotrust RapidSSL certificate as well as a higher bandwidth of 10 000GB. Plus there is a 30GB mailbox.

Do you want your server to be located in Europe or close to it? You will have the same 4 plans to select, but the Economy plan is the only one with a slight difference.

  • Economy (Europe):

    This package starts at $4/mo. It cost more but also include more feature, you will get 10 GB disk space and 500 GB bandwidth.

Hong Kong servers are twice as expensive as Europe's, and there is no Economy plan to select. You also get more strict data transfer limits than in other continents.

  • Business (Hong Kong):

    This plan starts at 10$/mo and gives you 100 GB disk space and 1000 GB bandwidth.

  • WebApps (Hong Kong):

    The plan starts with $20/mo. It has you 30 GB disk space and just 100 GB bandwidth.

  • Business Plus (Hong Kong):

    The plan starts at 50$/mo, you get 2000 GB/mo bandwidth and 100GB of storage space.

The different pricing for different servers is rather confusing but traffic costs vary among the regions. And those prices can rise up pretty fast.

Surely, you'll also get the discount when choosing a longer subscription period. However, ICDSoft subscription terms are starting from 1 year and go up to 10 years!

The renewal prices for ICDSoft are actually 20% cheaper than standard prices. This means you can save money if you stick with them. Obviously, ICDSoft values long term clients.

What's common to all plans is that the SSL certificate is included, as well as the website builder. Also, you get anti-malware and anti-DDoS protection, and its own custom control panel for administration.

Moreover, ICDSoft offers automated backups every 7 days, so you won't need to do those manually!

Overall, the plans are quite inclusive and offering a lot of flexibility.

ICDSoft Features

One of the key features that ICDSoft offers you is the full 100-day money-back guarantee. You can safely test it's hosting services with this feature. It gives you enough time to actually set up and run your website for somewhile before deciding.

But that's not all, this money-back guarantee doesn't just cover hosting expenses. You will get back everything you've spent with ICDSoft, including renewal costs.

It shows commitment to customers' satisfaction and great trust in its services.

ICDSoft believes that education is the key to a better and happier world. That's why it offers completely free hosting for educational institutions and entities.

This free plan includes 100GB of SSD storage space, 5000GB of monthly transfers, 100 Mysql databases, and up to 150 subdomains. However, it doesn't include a free domain, so you'll have to take care of it yourself.

But you can park 50 domains to your educational hosting account, so you will likely not run out of them.

ICDSoft core is user success and satisfaction, giving you a 100-day money-back and great support.

ICDSoft Support 

ICDSoft has a 24/7 technical support available by chat, ticket system, or emails. However, it doesn't offer any support by phone, as the provider claims it's easier to solve technical issues by the ticket system.

What's even more impressive, is that ICDSoft promises a 15-minute response guarantee for all support tickets and 1 hour response time for emails. That's an amazing commitment to customer satisfaction.

We tested its claims and wrote a few emails and asked some questions through live chat. And well, every email got answered in about 20-25 minute period. The live chat agent got back at us after 2 minutes and he was very helpful.

If you want to do things yourself or learn about something new, you have a large knowledge base and documentation available. Here you can find useful articles grouped into categories like general, spam protection, e-mails, and security.

You also get frequently asked questions. Overall, there is a lot of information to go through, so you will most likely find the answer to your troubles.

While it lacks phone support, ICDSoft makes up for it by fast response time and super helpful agents.

ICDSoft Performance

The ICDSoft review has to include the performance test. It does offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee to all of its customers. So, we looked at the uptime of our website during all of October and our website had no downtime whatsoever. Giving that beautiful 100% uptime at the end of our test.

The average response time we got was 299ms, the maximum response time trough out the month was 512ms.

It got an overall mark of A+ with Bitcatcha. ICDhositng showed great results in the USA and Canada, where response time was as low as 8ms.

However, you can see a slight drop in Singapore, Bangalore, and Sydney regions. Along with the fact that you can choose the most suitable server location, ICDSoft also improves the server performance by using SSD hardware.

GTmetrix gave our site A's in both PageSpeed (91%) and YSlow (92%) scores. For most parts, our servers were optimized by most current standards.

Our website fully loaded in 2.9 seconds. While this speed is not perfect, it's still way above the average loading speeds for this size website.

ICDSoft showed great performance results in both website loading speeds and server stability.

ICDSoft Pros

  • Solid uptime: ICDSoft can provide you with 99.997% uptime, and you can monitor it from the provider's website.
  • Excellent response time: averaging around 299ms, server speeds will not disappoint your website visitors.
  • Several server locations: you will get three different server locations to choose from. It’s a plus point if you want to target a specific region based consumers.
  • 100-day money-back guarantees: unlike others in the market, ICDSoft will offer you a solid 100-day money-back guarantee. Thus, you will be able to check it out for 100-days before fully committing.

ICDSoft Cons

  • Costly plans: all of ICDSoft shared plans are costly, compared to other great providers with lucrative features.
  • Limited hardware: all of the ICDSoft shared hosting plans have limited resources. You won't get any "unlimited" feature here. Every single attribute comes with a "limited” tag.

ICDSoft Review – What’s the Best Call?

ICDSoft looks like a very reliable company. This provider has well-performing servers and a good set of features. And it takes customer satisfaction seriously with its money-back guarantee and customer support.

However, the price point can be a bit costly to some people, and all plans have limited storage space and daily transfers.

ICDSoft is great:

If you need hosting with multiple server locations, great performance and customer satisfaction in mind.

Do you have any experience with this provider? Leave your ICDSoft review below.


  • 99.9% uptime
  • Excellent response time
  • Choice of server location
  • 100 day money-back guarantee


  • Expensive pricing
  • Limited hardware

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Ray Kronor picture
Ray Kronor

2019 July 8th

I’ve used ICDSoft and GoDaddy and there is no comparison. ICDSoft is professional, performance hosting.

I’ve used ICDSoft and GoDaddy and there is no comparison. ICDSoft is professional, performance hosting.

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