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Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 2nd

iFastNet offers a range of web services but particularly focuses on hosting. And it seems to be pretty good at what it does, as the company was honored at the 2017 Telecom Awards, winning the Best Premium Hosting Award.

Are those awards well deserved?

Or is it all a bunch of empty praise?

iFastNet Review - First Impression

iFastNet has gone with a cartoony feel to its landing page, and for me, it works pretty well. It makes a nice change from the more serious and corporate front ends that most companies adopt.

Features included in the iFastNet packages are listed in some depth, and overall the company does its best to keep potential users informed.

Signing up for services is pleasantly easy, and the site immediately defaults to a domain name searcher - a neat touch. Overall,  there is a lot of interesting stuff going on at iFastNet on the whole.

iFastNet Pricing

ifastnet review

Among web hosting providers, iFastNet has more available packages than most. Some of these are aimed at the business community, while others are more readily suited to home users or freelancers.

With prices starting from $17.99/year,  the pricing for the affordable options from iFastNet is very reasonable, and competitive with virtually anything else in the industry.

The STARTER plan rounds out to around $1.50 a month, which is an incredible value.

While the business plans (starting at $19.99/month) cost a fair amount more than the starter package, it's clear that iFastNet is aiming these at high-end corporate clients. They contain some really powerful features sets.

Let's take a closer look at the plans feature.

Plans in More Detail

You can see more details on three of the packages offered by iFastNet in the table below:

Starter Ultimate Premium Business Ultimate
Price Per Month $1.49 $6.99 $39.99
Disk Space Limit 5 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Limit 250 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Domains 1 Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Included Included Included
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Website Builder Included Included Included
Money Back Guarantee 7-day 7-day 7-day
Customer Support 24/7 via ticketing 24/7 via ticketing 24/7 via ticketing

While the Business Ultimate package is really expensive, it's also fully suited for multiple huge projects. If you don't need any of that, Ultimate Premium will deliver a similar package for a much lower price.

And if it's the price you care about the most - there's always Starter.

Now when we know what you get, it's time to see how good iFastNet's servers really are.

iFastNet Performance

During my iFastNet review, I tested their server on Bitcatcha. You can see the results below:

ifastnet review

As you can see, the iFastNet website does not perform particularly well. This won’t necessarily put clients off using the company, but it's not good if you look for good performance in Asian or South American markets. Both performed below average.

Final Thoughts from My iFastNet Review

iFastNet offers users a wide range of package choices and some impressive specs. Furthermore, iFastNet reviews are amazingly positive for a company in this niche.

iFastNet is simple to use, while the customer support was prompt and genuinely helpful. And while the servers are not amazing, the Starter plan offers brilliant value for money.

What did you think about iFastNet? Do you have iFastNet reviews of your own? Please leave them down below.


  • Excellent unlimited features
  • Superb customer service
  • SSL included


  • Slow Asia & South America response times
  • Mediocre speed

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Elias Matus picture
Elias Matus

2019 July 10th

Horrible. My site is suspended daily for "exceeding allowed resources". My stats are way below the allowed limits - they are just pressuring us to upgrade our plan, since we... Read more

Horrible. My site is suspended daily for "exceeding allowed resources". My stats are way below the allowed limits - they are just pressuring us to upgrade our plan, since we come from Byethost's acquisition by iFastNet. They are trying to get rid of the ex-byet clients in a very dirty and unprofessional way. I'm moving to another host, anything except these extortion-obsessed, unprofessional crooks. Stay away from them, NOT trustworthy at all.

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