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Bart Keating


2019 October 2nd

IM Creator has built over 17 million websites worldwide. How did come to this huge number? Well - there are two reasons.

One of the reasons for this popularity is that this state-of-the-art website builder offers advanced features and eye-catching templates.

And another reason is that IM Creator is absolutely FREE. Completely free of charge you can build intuitive and professional looking websites. All of which are fully-responsive, SEO-friendly, and require very little technical knowledge to create.

In my IM Creator review, I will take an in-depth look at its popular website building software. I will also compare its performance with other website builders to see what this trusted platform has to offer.

First Look At The IM Creator

The first thing I noticed was IM Creator's professional design. Its website is informative, and the key features of each price plan are very clear.

imcreator-review-2For testing purposes, I chose the Bianca Interior Design template. IM Creator comes loaded with over 70 templates, and for the more experienced user - there is also the option to start from a blank canvas.

When trying to build my website, I found the process of editing the template to be slow at times. Not such great work, IM...

When it came to adding elements and moving content around, it just wasn't as smooth as other website builders. However, I then tried starting from a blank canvas which proved to be a lot easier.

It is certainly worth noting that the search engine optimization (SEO) options IM Creator includes aren't as powerful as those offered by some competing website building services.

For example, with IM creator, you'll only be able to use one keyword set, a single meta-data description and one title for the entirety of your site. That's a real shame and will hurt your search word ranking performance for standalone posts. Other website builders allow you to add all of those SEO attributes for individual pages and are normally compatible with multiple keywords.


On a positive note, IM Creator also offers blog building, eCommerce, and form-building features.

While the eCommerce and form builder perform effectively, the blog feature is nowhere near as impressive. Without a way to communicate, comment on, or schedule your posts, IM Creator's blog system is merely an alternative way to arrange text and images.

IM Creator Pricing

Well, IM Creator is free - but only in a way. You don't need to pay for templates, but you'll still need your own hosting and there will be IMCreator ads on the website. If you wish to have a premium experience, the premium plan starts at $9.95 per month.

Further afield, the Pro & Whitelabel package ($350/year) is aimed at resellers. The key feature included in this package is the ability to remove the XPRS branding and show it off as your own branded website builder.


IM Creator free plan has a lot to offer to people looking to get the foot in the door with an alternative web builder. However, I must stress the incredibly restricted disk space that comes with it. The 50MB limit means it isn't suitable for most websites.

Plans in More Detail

Free Premium ($9.95/month)
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Templates 70+ 70+
Disk Space 50mb Unlimited
Free Domain No No
Connect Existing Domain No Yes
Support Basic support Premium 24/7 support
Builder's Ads Displayed Yes N/A
eCommerce No Yes

The two plans have a lot to offer. I am pleasantly surprised to see that the free plan has unlimited bandwidth and 70+ templates to choose from. The only major downside is the lack of support in the free plan, however, the user-friendly interface from IM Creator shouldn't cause too many problems.

With 24/7 support and unlimited disk space, an upgrade to Premium really is worth paying for if you find you're a fan of IM Creator after using the Free plan.

IM Creator Performance

When it comes to speed, IM Creator sits comfortably in a rather average position.


While the connection speeds are impressive in the US and reasonable in most other tested locations, the response times in Japan weren't anything too special. But overall, the performance is pretty good.

Final Thoughts from My IM Creator Review

In all my experience using website builders, IM Creator is actually quite good. While it certainly isn't perfect, it is extremely clear that IM Creator takes great pride in its product.

The templates are very well designed, and the price plans are good value for money. If SEO optimization, and overall website editing experience were a bit better, I'd be really satisfied.

I would recommend IM Creator to anyone who is looking to try an alternative to the big boys. However, ensure you take the free version for a spin before you fork out any of your hard-earned cash.

And if you do give it a try, please feel free to leave your own IM Creator reviews and experiences below.


  • Free plan good for starting out
  • User-friendly
  • 70+ pretty templates
  • Responsive design


  • Editor is slow
  • Not good for SEO
  • Lack of customer support

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2019 May 27th

It's a dishonest company. Mal-functional websites, lack of transparency, it's a waste of time using their website builder.

It's a dishonest company. Mal-functional websites, lack of transparency, it's a waste of time using their website builder.

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