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Are you looking for a low-cost hosting provider? How about one that comes with a free hosting offer? If that's the case, this InfinityFree review may be made just for you!

Just like its name, InfinityFree is a hosting provider, which offers you hosting services without any kind of fee. Over 200,000 people are using it to host their website. But is InfinityFree able to tackle with all your hosting needs?

In this InfinityFree review, we will take a more in-depth look into its hosting plans and let you know whether it will be a good catch or not. So, let’s get on with it!

What is InfinityFree hosting?

InfinityFree is a hosting initiative sponsored by iFastNet. Offering unlimited disk space and bandwidth it aims to provide hosting for anyone - even those, with no budget. And naturally, there is only a handful of services offered by InfinityFree:

  • Shared Hosting
  • SSL Certificates
  • Domain Names

InfinityFree claims itself as an independent provider and it offers an entirely free plan for as long as you want. But if you go for the premium plans, you are redirected to iFastNet. Meaning, InfinityFree isn't actually so independent.

Talking about the domain names, it's also not an InfinityFree product - a company named "NameSilo" is the sponsor for those.

namesilo domains 

So InfinityFree turns out to be a company that is put together from other companies. But the initial idea here is to provide reliable hosting for anyone who wants to build their online presence.

And this InifityFree review is test out these services. Is it really good for everyone?

InfinityFree Pricing

InfinityFree has three plans to offer and as the provider's name implies, one of them is completely free. But for better features, you can get the Super Premium for $2.99/mo and Ultimate Premium for $5.90/mo.

infinityfree review hosting

This provider is sponsored by iFastNet, so paid plans are coming from there. But as far as the homepage tells, here are the three InfinityFree plans:

  • InfinityFree: This plan is free of cost. It comes with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. However, the plan only offers 10 Email accounts and 1 FTP account.
  • Super Premium: The plan starts at $2.99/mo. It comes with 250 GB bandwidth and unlimited disk space. Also, you get 100 Email accounts and 100 FTP accounts. iFastNet sponsors Super Premium, and it's actually one of their packages. InfinityFree is offering this package at a slightly lower cost.
  • Ultimate Premium: This plan is also sponsored by iFastNet and available at a slightly lower cost as one of the premium plans of InfinityFree. Here it starts at $5.90/mo. The plan comes with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. It also offers unlimited FTP and Email accounts.

As you can see, all plans have unlimited disk space and the bandwidth is limited only with Super Premium plan.

But the 'unlimited' has some restrictions. InfinityFree keeps the right to suspend your account if there are "excessive amounts of server resource" used. Same thing goes with the disk space as there can only be a web-based data - that excludes things like backups or downloads.

But let's take a look at all the other features:

InfinityFree Super Premium Ultimate Premium
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited 250 GB Unlimited
Domains allowed Unlimited 20 Unlimited
Anti-DDoS protection Yes Yes (SiteLock) Yes (SiteLock)
Anti-malware protection Yes Yes Yes
Email accounts 10 100 Unlimited
FTP accounts 1 100 Unlimited
cPanel No (Only vPanel) Included Included
Auto-installer Included (Softaculous) Included (Softaculous) Included (Softaculous)
Auto-installer scripts 400+ 400+ 400+
Customer support No (only Forum) Ticket, email Ticket, email
Free automated back-ups No Yes Yes

The security of your website is included with all the plans - you get the anti-malware and anti-DDoS protection. Along with that, a free SSL certificate comes with all plans.

Also, good news for those who plan to migrate an already existing website - InfinityFree offers assisted website transfer for free.

But the money back guarantee works for only 7 days. That's a very short period of time to decide if the provider is good for you. However, in this case, it's understandable - you can actually sign up for a free plan to test out the services.

InfinityFree Pros

Looking over this InfinityFree review, we can see there are some really strong points with this provider:

Good response time

InfinityFree has an average speed of 230.5ms, which is excellent response time. Even being a free service, it uses SSD in their servers and has two server locations in the US and UK. So it manages to give the best output it claimed.

No ads

Your website will be free of ads, even when hosted with the free plan. And often providers offering free services push their adds on your website. With InfinityFree you'll find advertisements in the forum, client area, and control panel, but your website won't include any pushed ad.

Free website transfer  

InfinityFree offers website transfer assistance for free. So, if you want to migrate your existing site, you won't have to bother doing it yourself or paying to the new host. 

Great uptime

InfinityFree promises 99.9% uptime. And the test shows that it's actually capable to provide this rate without any problem.

InfinityFree Cons

Even though there are some great features here, InfityFree has some downsides that should be addressed:

No cPanel in the free plan

The free hosting plan doesn’t include cPanel. Here you get the vPanel which is an average level content management system. It has a somewhat complicated interface so it's not the best option.

No customer support

Surprisingly, InfinityFree doesn't offer any kind of customer support. You can only use forum support where the staff and other members can assist you if you run into any trouble. 

Limited resources and server power

It offers only a handful of services and resources. But although it advertises unlimited plans, in reality, it provides limited server power. So, if you want a higher traffic count on your websites, then InfinityFree shouldn't be on your list. 

InfinityFree Hosting Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

InfinityFree is a below average hosting provider. The resources and support turn out to be very limited

But having an option of free hosting, certain limitations can be forgiven. And keeping in mind, that it doesn't force ads on your website, it's not the worst deal. 

That being said, if you are looking for more juice then consider other hosting providers. This InfinityFree review showed that this provider can be a good host to test the water before committing to a prominent online presence.


  • 99.9% uptime
  • Free hosting
  • No ads


  • No customer support
  • Limited resources
  • No cPanel





User friendly






Disclosure: We earn a commission if you make a purchase through referral links in this review. This helps to cover the expenses for running ongoing performance tests.

InfinityFree User Reviews


Albert picture

2019 October 2nd

Few minutes after making a free account – got suspended over “files violation”. I was uploading wordpress to check reliability. Support got me an answer – “go and look for hosting somewhere else”.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Alejandro picture

2019 April 2nd

bastante bueno, velocidad aceptable y rendimiento fluido

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
ele picture

2018 December 28th

Connection problems, sometimes my site is unreachable

varun picture

2018 September 18th

Please explain about server power??I didnt understand that.I visited infinity free website.For free plan,they say,there will be a limited server power.Since i am a novice in this field,is this important for me?
I have a custom domain.So which will be a better choice ,blogger or infinity free?


    2019 January 27th

    I plan a free for a url shortner for higher traffic, I was immediately notified by email and forced to upgrade to premium hosting, my visits per day reached 200 visits per day, I was very disappointed but I couldn’t help it,
    Sorry I can’t fluent English 🙂