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InMotion aims to be a one-stop-shop for all things hosting. With solutions for both complete beginners and seasoned professionals, InMotion has numerous ways for everyone to make a website.

But it's time to put this provider to the test and see how it compares to the rest of the competition. In this InMotion hosting review, we'll evaluate its pricing, features, customer support, and of course, overall performance. Here's how it did:

What is InMotion Hosting?


In business since 2001, InMotion has a wide range of services. Shared hosting with the added website builder is suited for industry newcomers. You can also choose a plan dedicated only for a website builder. And, there are plenty of powerful VPS and dedicated server plans, that will work even for enterprise users.

Among all of these services, one thing is constant - the 99.999% (three nines!) uptime guarantee and 24/7 customer support.

InMotion Hosting Pricing

InMotion Shared Hosting prices start at $3.99/month - such a plan is suitable for 2 websites. The Power plan costs $5.99/month, and includes up to 6 websites, as well as a 2x performance boost.

You can also upgrade to unlimited websites, 4x better performance, and pro level support with Pro plan for $13.99/month.

All of the plans include an SSL certificate, protection against DDoS attacks, free automated backups, and marketing tools package.


The Launch plan is more than enough for businesses that are just starting out online. Yet, if you want to create more websites and handle higher levels of traffic, Power and Pro plans will do the job.

But like with most of the hosts, there's a catch.

Let's take the cheapest shared hosting plan as an example.


It's advertised to cost $3.99/month, but such a price is valid only when buying the plan for 2 years in advance.

For a shorter, 1-year period, the price increase to $4.99/month for a year. So keep that in mind.

Also, be wary of the renewal prices. It's a common practice between many hosting providers. After the initial 1- or 2-year period prices go up to the standard rates. In the case of the Launch plan, it's $7.99/month.

Fortunately, the plans seem to have good value. All of the main features are included, not to mention unlimited storage space and bandwidth. Also, you get a website builder and a domain name. So overall, InMotion Hosting pricing is pretty fair.

You can compare all of the options right here:

Launch Power Pro
Disk space  Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Domains allowed 2 6 Unlimited
SSL Included Included Included
Email accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Customer Support 24/7 live chat, email, ticket, Skype
Free Automated Backups Yes Yes Yes

InMotion Hosting Features

InMotion doesn't skimp on features - even the cheapest plan includes multiple pages, SSD disks, free domain, and website protection. You can also use BoldGrid website builder or ask for InMotion website design team to build a site for you. Let's have a look at all of those features in-depth

BoldGrid website builder and web design services

For the people who are not experienced in website building but still want to go online, InMotion Hosting has a solution. Two of them, to be specific.

You can create a website using powerful BoldGrid website builder

It's included in all the plans, or you can buy a package designed specifically for it. BoldGrid is built on WordPress and brings intuitive drag-and-drop functionality to this powerful and popular CMS. This function is designed so you can easily create a website and update its content without any coding knowledge.

And it does not prevent you from using WordPress to the fullest extent. You can still reach thousands of its plugins.

Even more than that - InMotion Hosting supports over 310 other applications and 200+ professionally made and responsive templates.


But if designing a website is not really your thing, there's another option.

InMotion Hosting can build a website for you in 2 business days

And it won't cost a fortune.

The process includes 4 steps: interview, sending your content, revision, and publishing.

Consultations and assessments are done via phone or live chat, with no obligation to buy before the website is made. If the page is published, a client is charged for it and is given a hosting plan.

Overall, I found this a very interesting service. By making easily adjustable websites, InMotion saves its clients a lot of time and ties them up to a contract. This could be a great option for the people who want a website but don't trust themselves to build it.

The service costs an additional $99 to your chosen hosting plan and it's a one-time fee. You can also order the service alone and you'll be assigned a fitting web hosting plan after the design is made for a year.

SmartWall Threat Defense Solution

InMotion Hosting partners with Corero in order to protect all of the customers from DDoS attacks.

SmartWall Threat Defense Solution (TDS) is a protection tool that identifies, mitigates, and eliminates any DDoS threat in real time. This way, users are protected against losses and outages.

Corero is known to deliver only top-notch security products to its customers. It means, by choosing InMotion Hosting you can expect the protection even from the most aggressive DDoS attacks.

InMotion Hosting Performance

InMotion Hosting is pretty fast. Website response times of slightly under 200 ms aren't the absolute best in the business - but it's very close. Need something to compare to?

200 ms is how long it takes for you to do one blink.  This is how fast InMotion websites can be.

However, there were some concerns about downtimes. In the week of testing, the server was reported down for 11 minutes. That is a lot! For many weeks in the row, our website kept being plagued by something that could only be described as "micro-downtimes". Here, have a look at how the second half of May looked like.

While the downtimes are fairly common, it's important to remember that they only take up a minute or two. But you can easily fix those issues, if you want to - thanks to a content delivery network (CDN). In that case, the best option is Cloudflare.

InMotion Hosting Support

InMotion Hosting claims to be the best in the industry when it comes to customer support. And they're pretty good - especially when you see how many options do you get.

The choices include an elaborate knowledge base, ticket support, live chat, and phone support available 24/7. There's also an option for premium support for those having more expensive plans. How do they all do?

The knowledgebase is pretty useful. Especially the Community Support message board. It has InMotion employees going through it and publicly answering the questions, so someone with a similar problem could find the answers without even asking.

But if that's not enough or you have other questions, contacting the support directly is always an option.

Let's see how my chat went.

Support is speedy - in only two cases (out of 10 attempts) it took me more than 1 minute to get a chat. In those 2 attempts, the wait times were about 5 minutes. This is a great result and in that regard, InMotion gets a check.

My support agent was quite impeccable with his responses. It is also worth noticing that the responses were really quick. Therefore, I have every reason to think that he didn't need to contact anyone else - agent knew everything himself.

The live chat platform itself is pretty outdated. But if it works - it works.

InMotion Hosting Review - the Verdict

InMotion Hosting is a pretty solid provider. It does have quite a few features other hosts do not include: there's free DDoS protection, and the BoldGrid website builder is a brilliant bonus. Server performance was solid as well.

There are only some drawbacks in terms of downtimes and pricing - but both things are up there with the industry standard and there's nothing to worry about.

All in all, I can recommend InMotion Hosting - if you think it's an interesting option for you, it's definitely worth a shot.

Have you used InMotion Hosting services? Share your experiences with us down below!


  • Great worldwide response times. Servers hold their own in pretty much every continent.
  • BoldGrid website builder is a very smart option for inexperienced users.
  • Knowledge of customer support representatives is top-notch - and you may get discounts while talking to them.
  • A very strong community - complete with message boards, and in-depth tutorials.


  • Downtimes may feel like a bit of an issue.
  • Customer support software feels outdated.





User friendly






Disclosure: We earn a commission if you make a purchase through referral links in this review. This helps to cover the expenses for running ongoing performance tests.

InMotion User Reviews


Genaro Bubak picture
Genaro Bubak

2018 November 8th

The top hosts take care of the added security requirements associated with protecting customer and payment information while also providing beautifully designed templates, access to shopping cart software, and integrations with services such as PayPal and email marketing tools.

Mike picture

2018 October 10th

They suck balls! Absolutely the worst out of all of them.

Tommy picture

2018 August 30th

My website went from super slow to super fast the day I moved to Inmotion From GoDaddy. It went from a page load of 20 seconds to just 3. Pretty obvious, don’t you think?

Builder picture

2018 August 30th

Boldgrid is a great website builder! must try if you use WordPress. Saved me tons of time

Timmy picture

2018 August 30th

Oh, I agree with the review mostly! I’ve been using them for quite a while, but the customer support is way too funny 😀 It reminds me of old games, where you have to say GO UP, OPEN THE DOOR. But can’t complain, it works, but looks a little bit bizarre :DDD

C. Hemsworth picture
C. Hemsworth

2018 August 17th

If only inmotion weren’t as scroogy and out n about with their pricing, things would be much more easier. the cheapest price i found was through your button but everything so unclear!

Christina picture

2018 August 13th

Learned programming to not starve in 2k18, used InMotion to have an interface to host everything, do not starve anymore, want to renew my account to not starve in 2k19, seen the prices, might starve, the search continues. Surely I could just cancel my account, make a new one and get a promo price? that could work? 🤔🤔🤔

JTarkowski picture

2018 July 26th

I owe InMotion A LOT. Had massive issues with my previous provider, Ultra Web Hosting (you pay money and nothing happens, kinda sucks you know). Contacted InMotion literally asking for help and less than a day after, I was in. Super happy!

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Greatape picture

2018 March 15th

I wish that inmotion would go outofmotion

Scott Hanson picture
Scott Hanson

2018 March 3rd

Seems to be a good host but I don’t think it’s worth the price and the fact there are lots of downtimes, I think A2 is better