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What is iPower?

Interested in buying iPower hosting for your website? We bought and tested this hosting provider, so in this iPower review, you can get an informed opinion on what it's like to use it!

iPower hosting was launched back in 2001. Within more than 17 years of experience, the company has become a home for over 1 million websites! And there's no stopping in sight - the numbers seem to be growing tremendously ever since. But how is iPower handling all of this responsibility? Is there the necessary amount of support and is the performance worth the money? This is what I wanted to find out in this iPower review.

First things first, one thing made me very interested, very quickly.

iPower, fittingly, is very concerned about its power. To be more exact, wind power - which is what they use to run the servers and reduce the environmental pollution to a minimum. By doing so, iPower's energy efficiency can be compared to planting over 800 acres of trees every year. Cool start!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. iPower is, first and foremost - a hosting provider. So we have to take a look at its services and see what it offers to the users.

Services Offered By iPower

iPower offers a large number of services, including:

  • Shared Hosting.
  • Dedicated Hosting.
  • Reseller hosting
  • VPS Hosting.
  • SSL Certificates.
  • Domain Names.

iPower offers pretty much anything a user could want - and then some more. Pretty much every type of hosting, SSL certificate and domain names makes iPower a one-stop shop for both beginners and professionals. For those looking for even more help, iPower also offers website building, advertising, e-mail marketing and many other types of services.

Overall, a good lineup. only glaring omission is the lack of any kind of cloud hosting services. So in this iPower review we will test simple shared Linux hosting -- and see how it stacks up against the competition.

Let's start with something probably everyone wants to know - the prices. 

iPower Pricing & Plans

Linux shared hosting is the plan I'll be focusing on here - it's usually the cheapest option, perfect for personal websites and small to medium sized projects. iPower offers 3 such plans for users to choose from:

  • Starter Plan: It starts at $3.99/mo. With 5GB storage space and 250GB bandwidth. It also supports only one Email and unlimited FTP accounts.
  • Pro Plan: Starts at $3.95/mo. It has unlimited storage space, scalable bandwidth and adds a basic eCommerce solution (15 products). Pro plan supports unlimited FTP and 2,500 email accounts. 
  • Pro Plus Plan: This plan will cost you $11.99/mo. This one offers the same features as the other two but also includes a more advanced eCommerce solution (up to 50 products). It also supports unlimited email and FTP accounts.

Overall, these 3 plans have very clear directions in which they are going. Starter plan is perfectly suited for a personal website: with only 1 email address available, you won't even be able to make separate emails for people working in the same project.

The Pro plan offers unmetered bandwidth and disk space, so it's better for bigger projects and 2,500 email accounts are going to be enough for pretty much everyone. The Pro Plus plan adds unlimited email accounts and a better eCommerce solution - therefore, it's more suitable for businesses who want to sell online.

iPower review

Overall, all 3 plans will get the users which will find the features and limitations perfectly suitable for what they're trying to do.

Note: All of these plans come with free domain registration for a year.

iPower Pricing Breakdown

The Pro plan looks really good - especially with the promo $3.95 price you can see in the picture above. But there is a hidden catch you should be wary of! To get the special offer price you have to buy the plan for at least 24 months - and pay in advance.

So, if you go for the 2-year Pro plan, you’ll have to pay up $94.80 - straight in the basket. A fair number away from the $3.95, isn't it?

The table below, showing how much would you have to pay for each plan and duration, could be useful:

Payment Period / PlanStarter PlanPro PlanPro Plus Plan
1 MonthN/A$7.95N/A
3 MonthsN/AN/A$74.97
6 MonthsN/AN/A$113.94
12 Months$47.88$59.40$155.88
24 Months$95.76$94.80$287.76
36 MonthsN/A$142.20N/A

It's also important to know that once the period your paid for is over, you will be charged the same price and given the same, recurring hosting package once more. Prices do not automatically increase, as they do in some other hosts - that's a good thing.

Explaining the Plans in More Detail

Now, with pricing all cleared up and out of the way, it's time to investigate what exactly do you get for your money. In this part of the iPower review, we look into the Linux web hosting plans and the various features it has.

Starter PlanPro PlanPro Plus Plan
Disk Space5 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Bandwidth250 GBScalableScalable
How many domains allowed?1UnlimitedUnlimited
HDD or SSD used in servers?SSDSSDSSD
SSLYes (Paid)Yes (Paid)Yes (Paid)
Anti-DDoS protectionYesYesYes
Anti-malware protectionYes (Paid)Yes (Paid)Yes (Paid)
Email accounts1 2500Unlimited
FTP accountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Website builderYes (Limited)Yes (Limited)Included
Website templatesYesYesYes
Assisted website transferYes (Paid)Yes (Paid)Yes (Paid)
cPanelNo (Only Vdeck) No (Only Vdeck)No (Only Vdeck)
Auto-installerSimple Scripts Simple Scripts Simple Scripts
Auto-installer scripts797979
Money-back guarantee30 days30 days30 days
Customer support24/7 live chat, ticket, phone24/7 live chat, ticket, phone24/7 live chat, ticket, phone
Choice of server locationNo-USA onlyNo-USA onlyNo-USA only
Free automated back-upsDaily, 14 days back Daily, 14 days back Daily, 14 days back

iPower Pros

So now, that we used this iPower review to talk about what features there are and how much they cost - it's time to see what we liked the most about this provider!

Here are the things I thought were pretty neat:

Plenty of additional features

iPower really attempts to go an extra mile to please its clients. Only hosting does not suffice - there are plenty of cool things you can do together with iPower - such as get website design tips, or help with online marketing. iPower attempts to be more than a simple hosting provider - if you need help, you may as well let them.

ipower review

Free domain name

A great domain is a very important part of your website - you need to have one, and iPower helps you get it free of charge for the first year! This offer is valid for each of the 3 Linux web hosting plans - and it's great that it's there.

iPower Cons

But of course, iPower isn't perfect. There are some issues that you need to know before buying - it's better to be informed early than sorry later!

Terrible response time

The response averages from 1100-1700ms, but it's also jumping up and down from 500ms to 2000ms. Our best hosting companies clock speeds around and above 100 ms. Top 10 is around 500 ms - constantly. Therefore, there's only one conclusion we can do in this iPower review - the response time is no good.

No cPanel

Unfortunately, they don’t provide cPanel for shared hosting services. They only offer it for the VPS hosting. For shared hosting, you’ll get Vdeck, which is great, but not so user-friendly like cPanel.  

Problems in customer support

Simply put - customer support is genuinely bad. The 'Live Chat' option is actually pretty dead - once you send your question, it can take a serious amount of time to get a response. At one point, it even felt as if the chat support was simply not trained well enough, as they were incapable of dealing with slightly more technical terms.

However, I have to say - once the support finally reaches you and understands what you mean, the experience gets so much better. Good intentions are there, they're just not backed up with genuine work. This iPower review would be way less harsh if that was fixed.

iPower Review – How Powerful Is it?

Overall, iPower is not much more than a basic, average hosting provider. It has some good intentions - like very understanding live support agents and a lot of interesting features. But to be genuinely fair, nothing iPower does makes this company even remotely exciting.

In addition to that, it's worth mentioning that the price of iPower is also somewhat steep - nothing awful, but a bit above average. The value isn't great and we'd be interested to see this provider do a lot more. Who knows - maybe one day it will.


  • Good Uptime
  • Free domain
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Poor response time
  • Website transfer fee
  • Poor customer support
  • No cPanel

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  1. Andy Post picture Andy Post
    2018 December 5th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I challenge anybody to get an English speaker on the line for tech support.
    The ” website builder” has been down for days.
    Complete joke

  2. Bro Bob picture Bro Bob
    2018 September 26th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I have been with ipower web hosting for almost 20 years. They are hosting two of my websites. I always thought that their tech support was excellent.. . because it was! But then they out-sourced tech support to the Philippines. Oh me, Oh my! These folks are well meaning, but they are not technically trained to handle even simple requests. The rep I spoke with yesterday about a back-up restoral, said she would escalate it to senior tech support. That was a good move, but she never asked which domain needed to be restored. Then, I found out today that she entered the requested back-up to be from a month earlier, rather than a day earlier, as I had clearly asked. While well-meaning and courteous, the women I spoke with were difficult to understand through their thick accents. I-Power is frustrating their loyal customers by trying to save money on their customer support!

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