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Paul Mahony


2019 October 2nd

iPower is an all-around hosting provider aiming both at personal and business users. With a huge variety of hosting, domain name, and other services, iPower has a large base of clients.

And to no surprise.

iPower claims to offer powerful hosting that is fueled by renewable wind energy. So with the environment in mind, iPower's energy efficiency can be compared to planting over 800 acres of trees every year. Cool start!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. iPower is, first and foremost - a hosting provider. And in this iPower review, we'll test if this wind-blown provider can be trusted. 

What is iPower?

iPower is a green hosting provider offering a variety of services that are powered by renewable wind energy. You can choose shared, dedicated, reseller, and VPS hosting. Other iPower services include SSL certificates, domain names, and marketing.

ipower review

But that's not even all.

For those looking for even more help, iPower also offers website building, advertising, e-mail marketing and many other types of services.

This lineup of services makes iPower a one-stop-shop for web beginners. However, a wide range of hosting plans provides with scalability needed for large projects.

And it seems iPower is pretty successful. The host has over 1 million websites running on its servers.

So without any further ado, we'll see how good iPower shared hosting plans really are!

iPower Pricing

You can choose from 3 shared iPower hosting plans which prices start at $3.95/month for Pro plan. The Starter plan is $3.99/month, but you can also scale up to the unlimited Pro Plus plan for $11.99/month.

iPower review

As you can see, the Pro plan on sale is cheaper than the Starter plan, providing fewer resources. Seems like a good deal, but what can each of the plan offer?

  • Starter plan for $3.99/mo will get you 5GB storage space and 250GB bandwidth. It also supports only email and unlimited FTP accounts. ShopSite is unavailable with the plan.
  • Pro plan for $3.95/mo has unlimited storage space, scalable bandwidth and adds a basic eCommerce solution (15 products). Pro plan supports unlimited FTP, 2,500 email accounts, and gets you 1 free domain. 
  • Pro Plus Plan will cost you $11.99/mo. This one offers the same features as the other two but also includes a more advanced eCommerce solution (up to 50 products). It also supports unlimited email and FTP accounts, as well as provides you with even 3 free domain names. 

The Pro plan looks really good - especially with the promo $3.95 price you can see in the picture above. But there is a hidden catch you should be wary of! To get the special offer price you have to buy the plan for at least 24 months - and pay in advance.

So, if you go for the 2-year Pro plan, you’ll have to pay up $94.80 - straight in the basket. Pretty affordable for 2 years, isn't it? Just be aware of the renewals - after the first term, the price will go back to its regular monthly rate of $12.95/month. Steep increase, huh? 

The table below, showing how much would you have to pay for each plan and duration, could be useful:

Payment Period / Plan Starter Plan Pro Plan Pro Plus Plan
1 Month N/A $7.95 N/A
3 Months N/A N/A $44.97 + $30 setup fee
6 Months N/A N/A $83.94 + $30 setup fee
12 Months $47.88 $59.40 $155.88
24 Months $95.76 $94.80 $287.76
36 Months N/A $142.20 N/A
Renewal price/month $8.99 $12.95 Does not change

From what we see, renewals are pretty expensive. So in this case, the Pro Plus plan looks like the best option. Not only does it provide many premium features, but also does not have the increased renewal pricing.

However, you can compare all of the plans in the table, so you know which one matches your needs:

Starter Plan Pro Plan Pro Plus Plan
Disk Space 5 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth 250 GB Scalable Scalable
Domains allowed 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Free domain name - 1 3
SSL Included Included Included
Email accounts 1 2500 Unlimited
eCommerce platform - 15 products 25 products
Customer support 24/7 live chat, ticket, phone 24/7 live chat, ticket, phone 24/7 live chat, ticket, phone
Choice of server location 2 2 2
Free automated back-ups Daily, 14 days back Daily, 14 days back Daily, 14 days back

Overall, Pro Plus plan still looks the best out of the 3. You can have unlimited websites, for which you get 3 free domain names. It will even fit to sell some merchandise if you're running a blog. And there's no increase in price.

But is it worth it? Let's look at the good, bad, and evil sides of the iPower.

iPower Pros

iPower promises to be a powerful hosting provider that can power any project, whether you are working from home or hosting a business website.

For that, offers a number of added features, as well as free domain names for your websites.

See the details below!

Plenty of additional features

iPower really attempts to go an extra mile to please its clients. Only hosting does not suffice - there are plenty of cool things you can do together with iPower.

You can find website design tips from professionals, or get help with online marketing. iPower attempts to be more than a simple hosting provider - if you need help, you may as well let them.

ipower review

The tips and advice are not all that you get.

Beginners can find a drag&drop website builder so they can launch a website even without knowing how to code.

The iPower website builder includes 100+ responsive templates, PayPal integration, and SEO tools. However, the free version is limited to just 6 pages.

Looks good! And while you are limited to just 6 pages, it may still be enough for a small business website, a nice blog, and even a very simple online store.

Free domain names

iPower includes free domains with Pro and Pro Plus plans. After all, a domain name can jump the price of your website quite a lot.

Unfortunately, a free domain is not provided with the Starter plan. But iPower can sell you one for $10.99/year. Still, a decent price tag.

But there was one thing that really impressed us.

You get even 3 free domains with the Pro Plus plan. That means you'll only need to pay for hosting to own 3 different websites.

Sounds like a really great deal!

iPower Cons

While iPower can offer great features, it's still a bit behind of your average host.

With iPower, your website might be slower than your competitors, there's no cPanel everyone likes, and reaching support might take some time.

To see what we are talking about, check the details.

Below average response time

iPower response time is nothing they should be proud of. It averages at around 1 second, which is almost 2 times worse than the industry average. So for the price you pay, this result is barely acceptable.


Our best hosting companies clock speeds around and above 100ms. Top 10 is below 500ms - constantly. Therefore, there's only one conclusion we can do in this iPower review - your website is going to be slow.

No cPanel

Unfortunately, iPower does not provide cPanel. You'll be able to use the vDeck control panel which is okay, but still not the classic cPanel.


According to user reviews, vDeck is not as user-friendly, there are fewer tutorials on how to use it, and occasional bugs appear.

During our testing, we ran into the same problems.

So if you want to use cPanel, iPower provides it only with VPS hosting solutions.

Problems with customer support

Simply put - customer support is genuinely bad. The 'Live Chat' option is actually pretty dead - once you send your question, it can take not minutes, but up to an hour to get a response. At one point, it even felt as if the chat support was simply not trained well enough, as they were incapable of dealing with slightly more technical terms.

However, I have to say - once the support finally reaches you and understands what you mean, the experience gets so much better. Good intentions are there, they're just not backed up with genuine work. 

iPower Review – How Powerful Is it?

What we can see from this iPower review, is that the host is not much more than a basic, average hosting provider. It has some good intentions - like an understanding live chat support agents who will help you once you reach them. Also, a deal for 3 free domains looks great. And you will also be provided with all features needed to host a website without any hassle. 

But to be genuinely fair, nothing iPower does makes this company even remotely exciting.

In addition to that, it's worth mentioning that the price of iPower is also somewhat steep - nothing awful, but a bit above of what you like to pay for an average service. The value isn't great and we'd be interested to see this provider do a lot more. 

Have you tried iPower? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section down below!


  • Free website builder
  • Free domain names
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Poor response time
  • Poor customer support
  • No cPanel

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User comments

james lonsdale picture
james lonsdale

2019 August 13th

Was ok 4 years ago. Now their support is in Philippines and they are worse than useless. Criminally incompetent comes to mind. The simplest requests are put on hold for... Read more

Was ok 4 years ago. Now their support is in Philippines and they are worse than useless. Criminally incompetent comes to mind. The simplest requests are put on hold for 30 minutes, complex ones 48 hours, and oh my gosh, the auto ticket closing trick. If you want a life, stay away from this pack of incompetent morons

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Andy Post picture
Andy Post

2018 December 5th

I challenge anybody to get an English speaker on the line for tech support. The " website builder" has been down for days. Complete joke

I challenge anybody to get an English speaker on the line for tech support. The " website builder" has been down for days. Complete joke

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Bro Bob picture
Bro Bob

2018 September 26th

I have been with ipower web hosting for almost 20 years. They are hosting two of my websites. I always thought that their tech support was excellent.. . because it... Read more

I have been with ipower web hosting for almost 20 years. They are hosting two of my websites. I always thought that their tech support was excellent.. . because it was! But then they out-sourced tech support to the Philippines. Oh me, Oh my! These folks are well meaning, but they are not technically trained to handle even simple requests. The rep I spoke with yesterday about a back-up restoral, said she would escalate it to senior tech support. That was a good move, but she never asked which domain needed to be restored. Then, I found out today that she entered the requested back-up to be from a month earlier, rather than a day earlier, as I had clearly asked. While well-meaning and courteous, the women I spoke with were difficult to understand through their thick accents. I-Power is frustrating their loyal customers by trying to save money on their customer support!

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features