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Bart Keating


2019 October 2nd

When creating your new website you want this process to be easy and simple. And Jigsy is one of those website builders that aim to provide the best user experience with a drag-and-drop interface and all necessary features included in the package.

For a website builder that brands itself as ‘The Easy Website Builder’, we should expect a smooth, intuitive platform that practically anyone could use without difficulty.

For this Jigsy review, let's test out if the promises are true!

What is Jigsy?

Jigsy is a drag-and-drop website builder. It's designed to allow you to easily create and customize a website and also manage it. Along with the website builder, you get hosting, built-in SEO and statistics, eCommerce and other features or possible integrations.

jigsy review free website builder

As for first impressions, upon landing on the Jigsy homepage you are introduced to rather dull design. Although it functions well, there are elements that look amateur and bland. And for a website-building platform, you’d hope they’d have built themselves a good site, wouldn’t you?

But we're here for the website builder. And for a thorough Jigsy review, let's test it out and see if it can be a considerable option for you!

Jigsy Pricing

Jigsy offers four plans: Free, Starter, Basic and Premium. The paid plans start at $3.99/mo and you can get Premium for $9.99/mo. Also, if you choose a longer subscription period, you get a discount.

Jigsy Review

A free plan is always a welcome option and the prices are reasonable, but what is the value? Let's take a quick look over the plans:

  • Free
    The Jigsy Free plan is well suited to people who want to experiment with building their own website, but it has very limited storage (25MB), a five-page maximum and no custom domain option.
  • Starter
    In all honesty, I wouldn’t waste my money on the Starter plan. At $3.99 a month, you’re pretty much paying for a bit more storage, an extra 5 pages, and the ability to use a custom domain.
  • Basic
    If I was to become a paying customer, I’d take the Basic plan. With the cost of $7.99/mo, you get 2GB storage and you can create up to 99 pages, which can be spread across 3 individual websites.
  • Premium
    Although this is the most expensive option, it’s also the best for value. Its regular price is $15.99, but at the time of writing, it is on offer for $9.99/mo. It gives you 5 GB of storage, the ability to create unlimited pages, and up to 10 websites.

And Jigsy pricing system offers discounts for long term contracts. You can save 10%, 20% or 30% of the price if you pay in bulk for 1, 2, or 3 years respectively.

These seem like fair deals until we compare with other website-building platforms — WordPress offers a free plan that provides 3GB of storage, while its $9.50 plan comes with 13GB. Next to that, the Jigsy deal doesn't look too great.

And by the way, Jigsy offers an only 7-day money back guarantee. But I guess that's enough time for you to decide if the premium features are worth it.

Working With Jigsy Website Builder

Jigsy claims its website builder to be so easy to use that you'll set up in minutes. But let's see how it really works.

First of all, the templates. There are hundreds of customizable templates to choose from. However, when you start scrolling those hundreds, you find that those aren't much of an attraction.

jigsy review templates

There are many to choose from but is really difficult to find something with the design of this decade. The color schemes, compositions, and patterns are outdated and repetitive.

But let's move on to the editing part. Jigsy claims that the templates are fully customizable, so hopefully, you can fix those bad designs to your taste.

In the customization screen, you can see the actual visual of your website. There are bars with options menus at the top of the screen. Also, you can toggle between the types of devices to check how it would look.

jigsy review template editor

To add elements you can choose from the components menu where they are sorted to groups like content, blogging, or eCommerce. Pick the box and simply drag it onto your website.

jigsy review customization

You can work with the content boxes by clicking it for the editing options to show up. Changing colors, images, fonts is easy, however, the template composition is strict.

jigsy review - drag and drop editor

It allows you to add or remove elements, but the sizes and overall order is fixed. You can only place specified elements in specified locations. This significantly reduces your flexibility when you’re creating your own website.

The limits of this builder also are visible when working with images. There is no editor, you can only upload an image (or hope for it to upload at some time). And when it comes for the placement, the platform does all automatically, so you have no control where the center is or how aligned it should be.

However, there is an extensive stock photo library. Although, the free version users are not allowed to use high-quality images.

jigsy review - image library

Another irritating thing was how slow the platform works. It takes time for the smallest changes to load on! Jigsy advertises that here you can create a website in minutes, but with such lagging that's far from reality.

Generally, Jigsy website builder is simple to use but terribly restricted. Honestly, this drag-and-drop editor is not as convenient or as easy-to-use as it should be.

Jigsy Performance

Jigsy shows quality with performance. Even if working with the website builder is a really slow process, the website itself should work with no problems.

Jigsy Review

As you can see, the website response times fell into the excellent category (300 ms or less) for every location tested except for Bangalore. These are really great speed results!

Jigsy Pros and Cons

Overall, Jigsy isn't the best website builder, but it does fulfill some of its promises. Let's summarize our Jigsy review with some pros and cons.


  • You get hundreds of themes to choose from
  • Plans get cheaper with the longer term contracts
  • Thanks to the Free plan, you can test most features before you buy
  • Great response times in the U.S.


  • The ‘drag-and-drop’ website builder is not nearly as flexible as promised
  • The website builder and the website itself can be fairly jerky
  • Mediocre designs and lack of variety
  • Customer service isn’t great as there is no live chat feature

Jigsy Review - Final Thoughts

Jigsy website builder seems a very easy option for a quick set-up: free plan with a simple drag-and-drop plus a good performance.

However, this builder is actually far from flexible. The template designs are outdated and working with this unresponsive platform can be a frustrating experience. I agree that you can ‘Create a Website in Minutes’, but not one that is truly your own.

I wouldn’t recommend it for its value and there are other website builders offering much more bang for your buck. Although, there’s no harm in taking the free version for a quick test drive.


  • Free Plan
  • Mobile friendly
  • SEO tools


  • Mediocre features
  • Outdated template designs
  • Drag-and-drop not very responsive
  • No live chat support

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