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Based in Missouri, the first thing you should know about this provider is that it doesn't just call itself Joe's Datacenter for no reason; it really does have its own datacenter.

In fact, Joe's Datacenter is so focused on reassuring its users of the safety of its datacenter that it broadcasts live webcam feeds from the building directly on its website.

joesdatacenter review

But regardless, you should never buy into the fact something seems good. You need to test it first.

With that in mind, I became a paying customer and decided to conduct this Joe's Datacenter review.

First Look

Joe's Data Center delivers affordable solutions that fully meet both budgetary and technical needs. There are a wide variety of customization and pricing options available, and all users’ needs are fully catered for.

I found purchasing from the site to be extremely user-friendly, as was setting up the dedicated server. This is a refreshing experience and one that unfortunately doesn't apply across the industry as a whole.

joes data center review

After having a peaceful time setting up my server, uptime was also excellent. I found that the speed and reliability of the dedicated service to be superb too.

Once again, I was taught to never judge a book (you know the rest). But let's see how its pricing stacks up.

Joe's Datacenter Pricing

Pricing for Joe's Datacenter is extremely reasonable, and what's more, the provider delivers a vast array of dedicated server options.

Although there is a small number of AMD servers available, they offer a multitude of different Intel products. And it seemed quite clear that Joes Datacenter had something to offer for the majority of businesses.

You can see full details for a few of the packages offered by Joe's Datacenter in the table below:

Intel 2x L5420AMD FX-6300AMD 2x 4284Intel 2x E5-2660
Price per month$30$38$60$136
CPU GHz2.53.532.2
CPU Cores861616 (32)
Operating SystemLinuxLinuxLinuxLinux
Hard Drive250 GB HDD1000 GB HDD2 x 2,000 GB HDD2 x 1,000 GB HDD
1 x 1,000 GB SDD

Note: the prices mentioned are monthly rates. If you wish to pay in bulk, prices will be cheaper.

Joes Data Center offers more than 25 different server options, ranging from $30 to $136 per month. There are some impressive specs available, with all of them coming in at competitive prices.

Something you should know, though, is that you can customize each plan to contain more disk space, use different network transfer options, and run on different operating systems (including Windows options).

This particular aspect of their service certainly impressed me, with the provider clearly committed to meeting the needs of all customers.


To get a glimpse of expected response times, I tested Joe's Datacenter on Bitcatcha.

 joes data center bitcatcha

As you can see, it performs perfectly adequately, meaning that your server with Joe's Datacenter shouldn't experience any poor latency issues. But you can check other web hosting options if you're looking for better speed.

Joe's Datacenter Review - Final Thoughts

With a unique care for the security of its users and reliability of its servers, Joe's Datacenter has a lot to shout about in its branding and marketing.

Behind the curtain, the case is no different: Joe's Datacenter provides reliable dedicated servers at competitive prices. Throw in the live phone support and wide range of customization options available with each server plan and you've got a solid deal.

Furthermore, the lengths it goes to in displaying security camera feeds, virtual tours etc. of its datacenter are hugely reassuring for those interested in taking up a plan.

If you decided to pull the trigger and try Joe's Datacenter yourself, feel free to leave your own Joe's Datacenter reviews below!


  • Customer-focused practices
  • Excellent range of packages
  • Stable performance


  • No free trial

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