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Bart Keating


2019 October 2nd

Looking for affordable hosting? Just Host probably popped up a few times in your search.

This provider looks not only affordable but it is boasting to have plenty of features and free extras for its shared hosting.

And it’s no surprise that companies try to attract new customers with extra discounts and loads of features out-of-the-box. The competition is fierce. But does Just Host delivers its promises? 

Let’s find out in this quick Just Host review.

What Is Just Host?

Just Host is a hosting provider for shared, dedicated, VPS and reseller hosting. Ihas a single data center in Utah, USA, and is owned by the Endurance International Group known for wearing trustworthy hosts down. 

However, with over 1 million users Just Host is still one of the bigger players around. It focuses on providing hosting for small business owners, beginners, and freelancers.

Just Host review

Therefore, you'll find hosting plans under very competitive pricing, and appealing qualities like unlimited domains, free website builder and other tools.

Just Host Pricing

Just Host offers 4 pricing tiers starting at $3.95 per month for the BASIC plan. PLUS and PRIME plans both cost $6.95/month, yet the renewal pricing will be different after the initial period. You can upgrade all the way up to the PRO plan for $14.95/month.

justhost review plans

The BASIC plan will get you hosting for 1 website, 50GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and 5 email accounts.

With PLUS plan you get hosting for up to 10 websites, 150GB disk space, and 100 email accounts.

PRIME provides unlimited websites, unmetered disk space, bandwidth, and email accounts.

The PRO plan advertised at the bottom of their sign-up page is completely similar to PRIME in terms of limitations. However, it comes with a few extras such as dedicated IP, domain privacy and site backups. Also, you get your sites hosted on a high-performance server for better speeds.

justhost review pro plan

But is it the real price? Let’s give it a closer look.

Unfortunately, the company follows the worst industry practice of all – super-expensive renewals.

What are they?

It’s simple. The advertised price is a discounted one (and usually available only in a long-term contract). This means that the first year is super affordable but the renewal of the chosen hosting package is much more expensive.

In the case of Just Host, all advertised prices are only for the 36-month-long contracts. On top of that, they are reduced in the first year. This means that if you want to get hosting for $3.95 (as advertised), you would have to pay $142.20 upfront and $292.45 after the first year.

Advertised 1-month price To be paid in advance Renewal for 36 months 
BASIC $3.95 $7.99 $142.20 $341.64
PLUS $6.95 $14.99 $214.18 $395.64
PRIME $6.95 not available $214.18 $539.64
PRO  $14.95 $24.99 $538.20 $899.64

If that wasn’t enough, the company offers lots of upsells, the prices of which quickly add up. I’m pretty sure that there were many newbies who fell for their pricing scheme and ended up paying hundreds of dollars for a simple shared hosting.

justhost review upsell

Another interesting thing is that the SiteLock security package is supposedly free with all of the plans. Surprisingly, they ask you to pay $1.99 per month for the SiteLock during checkout. That's quite a sneaky upsell.

In addition to that, it doesn’t offer a free trial.

You can ask for a refund according to the 30-day money-back guarantee, but if you sign up for hosting and pick an extra domain, you will be charged a $15.99 non-refundable fee.

If Just Host still interests you, compare the plans in the table below:

Disk Space 50GB 150GB Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Domains allowed 1 10 Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email accounts 5 100 Unlimited Unlimited
Customer support 24/7 Chat, email, and phone
Free automated back-ups No No Yes Yes

All in all, Just Host pricing is shady: upsells, advertising of long-term pricing as monthly and expensive renewals.

Just Host Features

The Just Host hosting comes with cPanel already included in the starting package, which makes setting up your first website very easy. In just a few clicks, you can get the site up and running and focus on expanding your internet project.

Also, you'll find a website builder with hundreds of templates to choose from. It's surely a great addition for beginners without extensive coding skills.

Just Host provides quite a few options for CMSs like WordPress, Concrete5,  Joomla, and Drupal, or eCommerce platforms such as TomatoCart, Concrete5, and Magento as well.

But there are more features.

One of those is SiteLock Protection package and it could be a great advantage. Unfortunately, as mentioned before it is very unclear which part of the SiteLock offer is included free of charge and what you get in their €1.70 upsell.

I believe this confusion shouldn’t take place – especially that they advertise SiteLock right on their homepage.

just host review supportAnother feature Just Host offers is customer support that is available 24/7 via chat, email, and phone.

Although I had to wait around five minutes for someone to appear in their live chat, all questions were answered thoroughly and the staff was very polite.

On top of that, their live chat support is available both for existing as well as new customers.

Just Host Performance

Just host does not provide any uptime guaranty which already became a standard in the industry.

Instead of providing its users with a percentage, they just promise to restore any issues within 15 minutes of the occurrence. Naturally, assuming that these are not extreme issues. And that definitely is not the most professional approach.

just host review uptime

Just Host claims its uptime as "outstanding". Well, outstanding is not the same as saying 99% or 99.9%. Unfortunately, this doesn’t tell me anything. Is 5, 10 or 15 minutes of downtime every month still considered outstanding? Without a serious uptime guarantee, it’s hard to truly judge the performance of a server.

On top of that, the network itself is quite slow. The server speed was graded as below-average by a testing tool that we used.

Just Host review response times

Graded C, it ranks well below many of its competitors.

However, if you are based in the US or Europe, response times should not slow you down as they are even lower than the industry average of around 400ms.

Just Host Review - Not What Was Promised

Just Host does not live up to its promises to provide excellent hosting for small business, individuals, and beginners. What it does is actually the opposite.

As we figured in this Just Host review, it attracts new and inexperienced users with a reasonable price which later jumps way higher.

And Just Host is definitely not reliable in terms of performance.

So, what to choose instead? When it comes to shared hosting, you can find tons of better web hosting providers with ease! 


  • cPanel
  • Good Support
  • Website Builder


  • Shady Upsells
  • No Uptime Guarantee
  • Poor Performance
  • Confusing Pricing

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