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Dani Nolan


2019 November 7th

Most hosting providers and solutions usually are too small or limited to really be used by developers. This is were we meet Linode.

In our Linode review you'll see that, as the name hints, its focus is on providing powerful hosting solutions that cater to the needs of developers.

So, let's start this review.

What is Linode?

Linode is a Philadelphian web hosting provider that was founded in 2003. Its name is a combination of "Linux" and "node". Both close things to millions of developers all around the world.

Its plans run on Linux-only servers and developers are the main focus here. And it has 10 data centers all over the world for even better performance.

Linode Review - Homepage

Linode hosting uses a cloud server architecture. That means you get scalable resources and can instantly add extra power to handle spikes in visitor traffic.

Linode Pricing

Linode has a lot of plans and different options available, but its entry-level Nanode plan starts at $5/mo. This plan has 1GB of RAM, 25GB SSD, 1TB of transfer and 1 core CPU. It's the perfect option for beginners or entry-level developers.

Linode Review -Nanode Plan Pricing

If this plan is a little too weak for you, you can choose from Standard plans. You have 9 options here, the cheapest plan starts at $10/mo and includes 2GB of RAM, 50GB of SSD, 1 core CPU and 2TB of transfers.

Linode Review -Standard Plan Pricing

The most expensive plan will give you 192GB of RAM, 32 cores CPU, 3840GB of SSD, and 20TB of bandwidth for $960 a month. While expensive, this plan is also extremely powerful.

It's important to note that you can pay by the hour for every plan available here. While a lot of providers have separate billing for each element (storage, network transfer), Linode has everything combined into one, easily understandable price point. 

Linode Review - Hourly Pricing

It is ideal if you need a server for computing purposes rather than hosting a website.

But Linode offers even more specifically design plans for different scenarios. These include high memory, GPU, or dedicated CPU plans. So, no matter what you need the most for your application or project, you will definitely find something for you.

Linode Review - Dedicated CPU Pricing

There are a few extra add-ons you can buy, including Nodebalancer, block storage, and backups for each available plan. The backup add-on is highly customizable and you can choose exactly how much storage space you will need.

Linode Review - Backups

The Nanode plan backups have just one option that costs $2/mo or $0.003 per hour.

If you want to try Linode for yourself but don't want to risk losing your money, this provider offers a 7-day money-back period.

Linode Review - Trial Period

Unfortunately, this short term can't compare to the industry-standard of  30-days.

Linode Features

Two of the most important features that are important to every user are the Linode Manager interface and Linode CLI. A good user interface is crucial to any good provider, and here it's the best of both worlds.

Linode Review - CLI

Developers can rest assured that virtually any task that can be done through the Linode manager can be done through the CLI. So, if you're used to doing things through the command line, this is the perfect option.

Linode Review - CLI features

And if you prefer to do things without all the hassle of code, Linode's manager interface is easy to understand and to use. You have everything in one place, from buying extra services to managing your domains and server locations.

Linode Review - Dashboard

You can even get help from the Linode support bot, which will give you useful answers and will help to find information faster.

If you don't trust your own abilities to manage and maintain a server you can choose managed service with Linode. You will get 24/7 incident response services which will make sure that you experience little or no downtime.

Linode Review - Managed Hosting Services

But keep in mind that this is quite expensive, the only price point for management is $100 a month, which is a hefty sum added to your plan.

Linode Review - 24/7 Support

So, no matter what technical skills you have, Linode has an offer for everybody.

Linode Performance

Linode has a 99.9% uptime SLA that it offers to its users. We tested the Nanode plan for about a month and got a 100% uptime rate throughout it. The average response time was also impressive, just 261ms.

Linode Review - Uptime Robot

We didn't get any major spikes in response time, the maximum it got was about 306ms. So, a difference between the max and min times will be barely felt by the user.

We used GTmetrix to look at our website's loading speeds. It took 2.3 seconds for our website to fully load, which while not perfect is still great speed for a website like this.

Linode Review - GTmetrix

Linode got both A's in PageSpeed (90%) and YSlow (90%) scores. So, for most parts, our server was optimized the way it should, but there is room for improvement.

The last thing we checked was the response time for users around the world. We used Linode's server that is located in the capital city of Atlanta USA for this test. And as expected our website performed great in the USA region, going as low as 24ms.

Linode Review - Bitcatcha Speeds

While response time did go up by a bit in the Asia region, especially Singapore, it was still fairly adequate. Of course, the region response time will depend on which server you choose when creating your node.

Linode offers 10 server locations, including 2 servers in Europe, 3 servers in Asia, 1 in Canada, and 4 in the United States.

Linode Support

Linode offers regular support 24/7 by phone, email, or ticket system. It doesn't have any form of live chat option, but both email and phone options won't keep you hanging for hours.

Linode Review - Phone Support

This provider has 2 phone numbers you can use, one for the USA customers and others for international customers.

Being developer-focused Linode has another form of support - system admin assistance. After you answered a few questions about what you need and want, the administration team will contact you, or you can just call them directly.

Linode Review - Email Support

As is with most providers, here you also get a knowledge base filled with guides, documentation and useful answers to most popular questions. You can also check the status dashboard for known service disruptions, or subscribe to get notifications when something happens.

Linode Review - Popular Topics

Even better is that you get a community forum, where developers of all levels can talk and discuss their experiences and problems.

Linode Review - Final Thoughts

Overall, we were impressed with this provider's no-nonsense developer focus. Its cloud hosting management interface should suit advanced and beginner users. And the prices should mean that both enterprise and smaller scale consumers can afford the resources they need.

After our Linde review, we can say that with all the features it offers its one of the best choices for developers.

Linode is great:

If you need a developer-orientated hosting provider with flexibility, great support, and fast performance.

Do you have Linode reviews to share? If so, post them below!

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Theresa Wise picture
Theresa Wise

2019 November 28th

Thanks for writing this awesome review with us. The result 8.3/10 tells the story itself. It has emerged to be one of the top hosting provider in a very short... Read more

Thanks for writing this awesome review with us. The result 8.3/10 tells the story itself. It has emerged to be one of the top hosting provider in a very short span of time. I am also using linode server for couple of my websites and I am very comfortable with it. As, I hardly remember any down time. I am using the managed varient of Linode server. Linode doesn't provide the managed hosting server by it self but there ways to attain the managed experience of Linode hosting. For instance: The one I am running is managed by Cloudways.