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Upgrading your current hosting can be a tough nut to crack. The variety of offers for webmasters and entrepreneurs who want something faster than a shared hosting can be overwhelming. But resources are often just one side of the coin.

As your business grows, reliability and technical support become far more important than extra few GB of disk space. One of the companies that focuses on those two aspects of web hosting is Liquid Web. Is their offer worth recommending? Let’s find it out in this Liquid Web review.

What Is Liquid Web and Who Is It for?

Liquid Web is a hosting provider with a clear mission – they want to empower web professionals, developers, designers, and agencies worldwide and provide them with the environment in which they can create great products. In fact, the word help is critical here, as Liquid Web boasts one of the most helpful support in the industry.

Services Offered by Liquid Web

As a company aiming at professionals and businesses at different stages of growth, they offer a variety of advanced hosting solutions. These range from managed applications for busy entrepreneurs such as WordPress or WooCommerce hosting to cloud VPS and dedicated servers for users who want a bit more freedom.

liquid web review offers

In this Liquid Web review, I’ll focus on their unmanaged cloud VPS – I believe it’s a very interesting offer that looks like a great mix of performance, affordability, and freedom.

Liquid Web Cloud VPS Plans & Pricing

The company offers four different VPS pricing plans. Their prices range from $59 for the most basic plan with 2 GB RAM and 2 vCPUs (virtual CPUs) to $189 for the most advanced plan with 16 GB RAM and eight vCPUs. All plans include 5 TB of bandwidth, and, except for the first plan, come in either Windows or Linux variations. Because the latter is much better for hosting sites, I’ll ignore Windows in this review (sorry Microsoft, not this time).

liquid web review linux plans

Now that we know the pricing ranges, let’s see if there are any pricing details the average user should know before jumping at Liquid Web offer. Luckily, there are no expensive renewals or requirements to sign long-term contracts. The only difference between the advertised price and the actual cost comes down to the choice of location:

Zone C – US Central (Default)

(Lansing, MI)

Zone B – US Central

(Lansing, MI)

Zone A – US West

(Phoenix, AZ)

Zone A – EU West (Amsterdam)$69$119$159$209

Luckily, if you want to stay within the US, the price differences are not that significant – even the difference between the top tiers in US Central and European locations are within a sane limit.

VPS Offer in More Detail

The funny thing is, with the exception of the first pricing plan, all the plans have slightly less RAM than their names would suggest – 3.9 GB, 7.8 GB, and 15.6 GB respectively. The good news is that if you decide to migrate from another hosting Liquid Web offers a free website transfer.

Disk Space40GB100GB150GB200GB
Free Bandwidth5TB5TB5TB5TB
CPU2 Cores4 Cores8 Cores8 Cores
How many domains allowed?UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
HDD or SSD used in servers?SSDSSDSSDSSD
Anti-DDoS protectionFree against small targeted attacks
Anti-malware protectionNoNoNoNo
Free assisted website transferYesYesYesYes
cPanelOnly in Fully-managed packages for $10 - $30 extra
Available OSMultiple versions of CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu,
Money-back guaranteeNo NoNoNo
Customer supportPhone/ChatPhone/ChatPhone/ChatPhone/Chat
Choice of server locationYes – in Lansing, MI, in Phoenix, AZ and in Amsterdam, NL
Free automated back-upsNoNoNoNo

Another great benefit of their VPS offer is its very generous bandwidth. They give you 5 TB of free monthly transfer, but they don’t even count incoming traffic. And should you need more than that, the pricing for bandwidth upgrade looks quite decent:

liquid web bandwidth

Unfortunately, the bandwidth upgrade, as well as the following upgrades, are all part of their sales funnel upsells. While these are all useful features, the offer would be much better if they included at least one free backup slot in it.

If you want daily backups, you have to pay $0.12 per gigabyte, unless you buy a backup quota (the bigger the quota the bigger the savings). Naturally, if your website doesn’t take much disk space, a 100 GB quota can last you for months.

liquid web review daily backups

The last tricky upsell is the OS & template choice. Luckily, out of 14 available choices, only four are paid ones – and all of them include an extra level of support. 

liquid web review operating system template

Liquid Web Performance

The performance section of this Liquid Web review is where things start to get even more interesting. This is because of their unbeatable 100% Uptime Guarantee.

Yes – you read it right. Liquid Web guarantees that your website stays online all the time without any breaks. And what if there is a downtime? In this case, they’ll credit you 10 times the duration of the downtime. In fact, they will do the same for either the network, power, or hardware downtimes:

liquid web review uptime

Can their server performance beat their excellent uptime guarantee? The answer is yes – graded A+, it’s hands down one of the best VPS servers out there:

liquid web review response times

Liquid Web Pros

So far throughout my Liquid Web review, I’ve been quite excited about their offer. And there are solid reasons for that.

Excellent Support

The company treats support as one of their core services and a significant competitive advantage. And it’s no surprise – serious customers can’t wait hours or days for their problems to be solved as every minute can cost them lots of money and lost customers. Fortunately, should you come across any problems with your hosting or have any pre-sale questions you can reach their highly-trained technicians and knowledgeable sales staff using the phone or chat 24/7/365.

Excellent Performance

Not many web hosts score A+ in our tests. The people at Liquid Web definitely know what their customers value the most. Their fast and secure hosting offer will make your site and apps accessible for customers all around the world, making it an excellent choice to host your business assets for years to come.

liquid web review support

100% Uptime Guarantee and 1000% Compensation

In business, every few seconds of downtime can lead to lost revenue. The salespeople at Liquid Web know that very well. That’s why not only do they guarantee 100% Uptime but will also compensate you 10x the time lost if they ever fail to deliver on the promise.

Free Basic DDoS Protection

Although a more professional DDoS protection needs to be ordered separately, every cloud VPS package comes with a built-in basic DDoS protection against targeted attacks. This protects you from small-scale attacks and provides you with extra time for preparation should someone start slowly increasing the power of their DDoS attack.

liquid web review protection

Plenty of Bandwidth

5 TB is already a lot in itself. But Liquid Web goes one step further and gives you free incoming bandwidth, what can effectively increase its monthly allowance well beyond the initial 5 TB.

Liquid Web Cons

Even though I consider the company to be highly professional, there are a few things that I didn’t like and I think are worth mentioning in this Liquid Web review.

Slightly too Many Upsells

I know that all services can’t be included in one pricing package. But sometimes the upsells are way too “in your face”. Luckily, when it comes to Liquid Web, that’s not the case – but I still think they could reduce their number – especially when it comes to backup.

Price Differences Between Locations

While I’m okay with pricing differences between data centers on two different continents, I think It’d be best if all US-based packages were priced the same – especially that they’re all identical feature-wise.

Backup Quotas

Although the quotas themselves are priced reasonably, it’s a shame that there is no free backup quota at all. In the end, it doesn’t cost that much and would definitely make a great addition to their already great offer that’s focused on support and performance.

Liquid Web Review Summary

Unlike many of its competitors, the company really offers what it advertises. Excellent performance, unbeatable uptime guarantee, and 24/7 real-time support make their offer a no-brainer for every web professional, developer, agency or business owner who values reliability and professionalism.


  • A+ Performance
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee and Compensation
  • Top-notch Support
  • 5 TB of Bandwitdh


  • Upsells
  • Paid Backup Quota
  • Location Price Difference

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