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Liquid Web aims to provide fast and reliable hosting services for growing websites. It has a number of professional hosting solutions both for freelancers and enterprise giants.

That includes a wide range of services: from Cloud VPS to dedicated hosting, and even server clusters.

So is their Liquid Web offer worth recommending?

Let’s find it out in this Liquid Web review!

What Is Liquid Web?

Liquid Web offers a variety of advanced hosting solutions. These range from managed applications for busy entrepreneurs such as managed WordPress or WooCommerce hosting to cloud VPS and dedicated servers for users who want a bit more freedom.

So it's apparent, Liquid Web has a clear mission - empowering web professionals, developers, designers, and agencies worldwide and provide them with the environment in which they can create great products.

liquid web review offers

One thing is clear - the provider must be doing something right. Hundreds of user Liquid Web reviews are praising the host for its quality. All reviews have a few things in common - provider is fast, reliable, and provides excellent support.

So now it's our turn to review LiquidWeb and see, whether it's that good for real.

Liquid Web Pros

We found, that Liquid Web reviews found on sites like Trustpilot don't lie. Liquid Web has great performance, reliability, and customer support.

But that is not all the provider is good at.

Liquid Web also has great uptime politics, as well as enough resources to host any internet giant. Let's take a look at the details!

1. Excellent Performance of Liquid Web Cloud sites

Not many web hosts score A+ in our tests. The people at Liquid Web definitely know what their customers value the most. Its fast and secure hosting will make your site and apps accessible for customers all around the world at any time. 

The US server response times are brilliant, the average of both coasts is 17.5ms. London is 11ms. And even other continents don't lag far behind. The slowest is Japan, still scoring the excellent 315ms.

liquid web review response times

These kinds of scores guarantee you won't have any problems. Your site should be able to load in a blink.

So if you are looking for fast hosting, Liquid Web Cloud sites is definitely a way to go.

2. 100% Uptime Policy

In business, every few seconds of downtime can lead to lost revenue. The salespeople at Liquid Web know that very well. That’s why not only do they guarantee 100% Uptime but will also compensate you 10x the time lost if they ever fail to deliver on the promise.

liquid web review uptime

You read it right. Liquid Web guarantees that your website stays online all the time without any breaks. And what if there is downtime? In this case, they’ll credit you 10 times the duration of the downtime. In fact, they will do the same for either the network, power, or hardware downtimes.

And it seems Liquid Web is keeping its promises.

The only problems we could find dated back to 2017. Since then, there were no major downtimes.


3. Liquid Web support

Liquid Web support includes 27/7 phone and live chat options. The provider guarantees 59-second support response times. So, to get a response, you should expect to be waiting no more than a minute.

Can Liquid Web make it true?

Once I sent in a request, the reply came flying in less than 20 seconds. It took me longer to write a question and fill in the contact form.

So it is obvious that the company treats support as one of its core services and a significant competitive advantage. 

4. Free Basic DDoS Protection

Although a more professional DDoS protection needs to be ordered separately, every Liquid Web cloud site comes with a built-in basic DDoS protection against targeted attacks.

liquid web review protection

This protects you from small-scale attacks and provides you with extra time for preparation should someone start slowly increasing the power of their DDoS attack.

Liquid Web Cons

Even though we consider the company to be highly professional, there are a couple of things that drag this company out of the top 3 positions. That is the pricing and lack of shared hosting plans. 

1. Liquid Web Pricing

Liquid Web has 4 Cloud VPS plans ranging in prices from $29 to $129/month if you pay yearly. If you choose to pay, monthly, the prices will increase significantly, the range jumps to $59 - $189/month. 2-year plans are also available, you'll just need to contact the sales team.


The first drawback is obvious here - prices increase significantly. Especially if you look at the cheapest plan. So Liquid Web won't, in any case, be a short-term solution.

But what can you expect from these plans?

  • 2GB RAM plan runs on 2vCPU core server with 40GB disk space and is only available on Linux.
  • 4GB RAM plan is powered by 4vCPU processor and includes 100GB storage. The plan is available both on Linux and Windows.
  • 8GB RAM plan equips 8vCPU, 150GB storage and can be applied both on Linux and Windows.
  • 16GB RAM plan is also based on 8vCPU with 200GB storage space. It's also available both on Linux and Windows.

All plans also include 10TB transfers, cPanel or Plesk control panels, Cloudflare CDN and daily backups.

While it all sounds good, the upselling is not avoided.

If you really want daily backups, you have to pay $0.12 per gigabyte, unless you buy a backup quota (the bigger the quota the bigger the savings). Naturally, if your website doesn’t take much disk space, a 100 GB quota can last you for months. So that much of the built-in backups

liquid web review daily backups

The other tricky upsell is the OS & template choice. Luckily, out of 14 available choices, only four are paid ones – and all of them include an extra level of support. 

liquid web review operating system template

All in all, the performance of Liquid Web cloud sites definitely compensates its upselling attempts. So to choose the best plan for you, compare the differences in a table:

Disk Space 40GB 100GB 150GB 200GB
Free Bandwidth 5TB 5TB 5TB 5TB
CPU 2 Cores 4 Cores 8 Cores 8 Cores
Domains allowed Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SSL No No No No
cPanel Only in Fully-managed packages for $10 - $30 extra
Available OS Multiple versions of CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu,
Customer support Phone/Chat Phone/Chat Phone/Chat Phone/Chat
Choice of server location Yes – in Lansing, MI, in Phoenix, AZ and in Amsterdam, NL
Free automated back-ups No No No No

2. Non-existing Liquid Web shared hosting plans

Unfortunately for many users, Liquid Web shared hosting plans simply do not exsist.

The company is focused on providing services to the projects bringing high levels of traffic to the websites. For this reason, only a very small part of users can actually afford the Liquid Web hosting.

There's another drawback that comes with the lack of shared hosting plans.

Liquid Web cannot offer competitive pricing because they do not have millions of users that would be using relatively affordable services.

So not only beginner users suffer, but also the Liquid Web itself - with a performance like that, it could definitely be among the top shared hosting choices. 

Liquid Web Review - the Verdict 

Unlike many of its competitors, the Liquid Web really offers what it advertises. Excellent performance, unbeatable uptime guarantee, and 24/7 real-time support make their offer a no-brainer for every web professional, developer, agency or business owner who values reliability and professionalism.

But like all others, a couple of drawbacks are not avoided.

Liquid Web pricing is not the most affordable and it has a few upselling tactics. The provider could also benefit from introducing shared hosting to its packages.

Overall, Liquid Web is a great provider. If you can afford it for your growing business - we highly recommend it.


  • A+ Performance
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Top-notch Support


  • Expensive pricing and upsells
  • No shared hosting plans





User friendly






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