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Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 2nd

Lunarpages is one of the hosting veterans, launched in the 1990s and still claiming to offer competitive services. Currently, Lunarpages provides shared, dedicated, and Cloud hosting to over 46,500 clients.

And according to the company, during all this time, it provided reliable high-quality hosting.

So in this Lunarpages review, we'll see whether the provider is actually good. Let's see how it went!

First Mission With Lunarpages

With a special emphasis on space exploration in its branding, my first trip to the Lunarpages website was a pleasant one. It offers something different and really contrasts nicely against the dull corporate styles we are used to seeing.

The best thing about the site is how user-friendly it is.

I could immediately see the focus that has been placed on enhancing the customer journey. A great amount of effort has gone into making things as simple as possible for the user.

lunarpages review

When it comes to services though, Lunarpages is actually really extensive, too. In the website, you'll find:

  • Shared hosting with 4 different purposes including personal, Windows, business, and reseller.
  • Dedicated hosting both for Windows and Linux.
  • 2 Cloud hosting options - scalable VPS Cloud and Private Cloud.

Lunarpages claim to offer a total solution for every customer, rather than only providing hosting service. Other than these they also include a Weebly website builder, which will help you out when building your website from scratch.

But the one thing that actually stands out is the Lunarpages expertise - Managed Web Hosting.

If you don’t want to worry about the IT section of your newly hosted website then you can go straight to this service.

Managed web hosting will provide you with expert opinion and professionals, who will monitor and manage your website 24/7.

We are also very glad to see Lunarpages improving.

Several months ago we reviewed Lunarpages only to find out, that is was well behind its competition. Even with famous clients like Nissan, Verizon, and Sony, the provider couldn't manage to keep up with pricing and customer support.

From what we see now, things have changed. So let's get right into the details!

Lunarpages Pricing

Lunarpages has 2 shared hosting plans for personal use with the price starting at $3.95/month. If you need more premium features and data, it's possible to upgrade to the Basic Linux Hosting plan for $4.95/month. 

lunarpages review: Lunarpages pricing

With both of personal shared hosting plans, you get LPCP control panel and Softaculous web scripts. But according to your hosting needs, plans have other different features:

  • Starter plan which comes for $3.95/mo includes 5 GB storage space and 50 GB bandwidth. It supports 5 Email accounts and 1 FTP account, as well as 1 MySQL database.
  • The basic package costs $4.95/mo. It provides unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth. You also get unlimited FTP, and email accounts, MySQL databases, and even Weebly website builder included.

As you can see, with only $1 in increase you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited resources with the Basic account. However, it only supports Linux/Unix.

So, if you want a Windows-based server you have to go with the Windows shared hosting plan, which is a more expensive option. Windows hosting plan will cost you $9.95/month.

lunarpages review

With the Windows shared hosting, you'll be provided unlimited storage, 500MB mailbox storage per domain, a free domain name, and Plesk control panel. Sounds like a good deal.

However, there's a catch.

The advertised pricing is only valid if you purchase a plan for a longer period than 1 month. With some plans, the period has to be even longer than a year.

Here's a table so you can compare the price differences:

Payment Period / Plan Starter Basic Windows
1 Month - $12.95 -
3 Months - $32.85 $38.85
6 Months - $59.70 $71.70
1 Year $47.40 $107.40 $131.40
2 Year $94.80 $166.80 $238.80
3 Year $142.20 $214.20 $358.20
5 Year $237.00 $297.00 $597.00
10 Year $474.00 $594.00 $1,194.00

As you can see the prices aren't cheap anymore. However, it might be worth if Lunarpages offers good value for the price and if the performance of the host is excellent.

So we did in-depth research on different plans for this Lunarpages review. In the table, you can compare the plans and see, if they offer enough for your project:

Starter Basic Windows
Disk Space 5GB Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth 50GB Unlimited Unlimited
Domains Allowed? Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Included Included Included
Anti-Malware Protection $9.95 p/month $9.95 p/month No
Email Accounts 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Website Builder No Weebly No
cPanel No $2 /month No
Auto-Installer Softaculous Softaculous No
Auto-Installer Scripts 300+ 300+ No
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Customer Support Mon-Fri: Live chat, ticket, phone Mon-Fri: Live chat, ticket, phone Mon-Fri: Live chat, ticket, phone
Choice Of Server Location USA Only USA Only USA Only
Free Automated Backups $1.50/month $1.50/month $1.50/month

It seems, Lunarpages has quite a lot to offer. But one thing that impresses me the most, is that the host improved since our previous Lunarpages review.

We see the changes in pricing policy - the Starter plan remains cheap even if purchased for a year. Free SSL certificates have been added to all packages as well. You'll also get Softaculous with both of the Linux shared hosting packages.

It seems Lunarpages is going in the right direction!

Lunarpages Pros

Lunarpages promises all-inclusive, independent, and improving hosting. From what we see, it offers better customer support than before, affordable pricing with some of the plans, premium features, and great time.

Check details below!

Improving Customer Support

Lunarpages now offers a number of ways of reaching support. That includes live chat, ticket, and phone support. A knowledge base is also available.

Previously, you could only reach Lunarpages through email and phone. So introducing the live chat is a major improvement.

There's just one thing though.

The support is only available Money - Friday from 7 am to 5 pm Pacific time if you are a regular user. Dedicated server and VPS users are provided with 24/7 support.

The user feedback about the support is great, but email response times should be improved. It takes Lunarpages around 12 hours to respond to a ticket. And that's a lot of time if you have a serious issue!

No Pricing Tricks On Starter Pack

Most of the web hosting providers play this weird game where they offer a lower price, but later some additional terms add up. The price then quickly jumps sky-high.

But nothing like that happened with the starter pack. The pack offers 2 billing cycles, with the same monthly rate!

If you notice their plan prices in our Lunarpages review, you’ll see how other plans have a different rate for different billing cycles, excluding the Starter pack.

Free Website Transfer and Domain Name

Lunarpages offers a free domain with all but the cheapest shared hosting plan. You can choose any domain name you want. That also includes a variety of TLDs like .com, .org, or .biz.

Just keep in mind that the registration is only free for 1 to 3 years, depending on your plan.

lunarpages review

A website transfer is also available; free with all of the plans this time.

So if you're hosting your site elsewhere, Lunarpages will take care of the migration process. 

Great Uptime

Every hosting provider claims to have an uptime close to 100% but how many of them can really provide that? Well, not many.

That being said, we were glad to add up this point as a pro in our Lunarpages review. Lunarpages have an average uptime of 99.99%!


From the result, we can see that Lunarpages uses healthy servers and manages them well. So the website going out won't be your problem if you choose this hosting provider.

Lunarpages Cons

Improvement is not all. There are a few fields where Lunarpages could do better. The response time is still below average and there are extra fees for services you wouldn't otherwise pay for.

Here are the details!

Below Average Response Time

Compared to the average response time of 553ms, Lunarpages fall behind with its 716ms. And while the result is not completely awful, you might feel the consequences of slower page loading times - the increase in bounce rates, for example.

lunarpages review

Lunarpages is going in the right direction with a lot of services; now is the time to do the same with the server speed. And we believe it can do better!

Unreasonable Set-Up Fee

Most of the hosting providers won't charge you for setting up your website. But unfortunately, Lunarpages is not among them.

If you choose billing cycle shorter than 1 year, you'll have to pay $30 dollar one-time setup fee. 


Considering that the price of a plan is not all that cheap, $30 is a significant increase as well.

So if you still decide to choose Lunarpages, opt out for a longer period so you can avoid the unnecessary fees.

cPanel Charge

Most of the host provide cPanel as their default control panel for free. But it is not the case with Lunarpages.

lunarpages-review-lunarpages-lpcp-control-panelAll Linux hosting plans include a custom Lunarpages control panel. Which is not bad.

Lunarpages LPCP hosting management panel is pretty straightforward and intuitive. It has a similar layout to the older versions of cPanel. Still, the usage is a bit different.

So just keep in mind, that if you are used to cPanel, the switch might be a difficult one. So you can have a cPanel, but for an extra fee. It costs $2/month.

Lunarpages Review – the Verdict

From what we saw in this Lunarpages review, it offers decent shared hosting for a competitive price. It is improving, keeps a stable uptime, and includes several great features in the packages.

But there are some faults too.

The server speed of Lunarpages is below average, which is not really acceptable when there are so many hosts managing to reach eyeblink speeds. The setup and cPanel charges also look unreasonable.

But you know what? Lunarpages is worth a try. There's a free trial, so you can do that risk-free. Who knows, maybe this interesting provider can work well for you.


  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Improving support options


  • Below average server speed
  • Set-up and cPanel fees

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2018 May 26th

could be better. pricing is too much for students like me

could be better. pricing is too much for students like me