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Bart Keating


2019 October 2nd

Media Temple provides premium web and cloud hosting - suited for websites, web platforms, and applications. With a big variety of plans, it aims to offer a solution for all sorts of online professionals.

But is Media Temple any good? In this review, we're going to have a look at its services and see if you should be using them.

Let's get into the details.

What is Media Temple?

Founded way back in 1998, Media Temple now hosts over 1.5 million websites, and is trusted by big corporations, such as Samsung, Adobe, CBS, and many more.

The company has found success by offering a range of hosting plans, platforms, and add-ons.

media temple review

Currently, with Media Temple you can get these services:

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Managed hosting
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • AWS cloud hosting
  • Website builder
  • Domains

Along with several types of hosting, Media Temple provides managing services for hosting or WordPress. As it claims, this would allow you to focus more on your business without bothering about your website. Generally, Media Temple is targeting small and large enterprises. However, it has cheaper packages for users like freelancers or bloggers. Overall, the selection is huge. If you need hosting, Media Temple will probably have a solution for you.

For this Media Temple review, let's check out its most popular service - shared hosting. To evaluate this provider, we will take a closer look at the pricing, plans, and performance.

Media Temple Pricing

The cheapest, Personal Media Temple shared hosting plan starts at $15/mo. Moving higher up, there's a Pro for $22.50/mo and Elite for $45/mo.

However, the plans are more expensive if you choose to pay monthly:

media temple review pricing

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Media Temple's shared hosting plans:

Personal Pro Elite
Monthly $20/mo $30/mo $60/mo
1 Year term $16.17/mo $25/mo $50/mo
2 Years term $15.83/mo $23.75/mo $47.50/mo
3 Years term $15/mo $22.50/mo $45/mo

And here's what each of the plans with get you:

  • Personal -  This plan has 20GB storage and 1TB bandwidth. Along with that, you get 100 sites and databases.
  • Pro -  This one offers 100 GB storage and 2TB bandwidth. Also includes malware detection and 500 databases.
  • Elite -  This one offers 250 GB storage and 5TB bandwidth. Supports 500 sites, malware detection, and 500 databases with a dedicated container.

Fair note, even the cheapest plans with Media Temple are pricey when compared to other providers. Especially when you have to purchase additional services to have a fully functioning hosting. But we will talk about those later.

Just don't forget, that you will be charged for the entire term in advance. For example, when buying the Personal plan on a three-year term, the payable amount is $540.00.

media temple review mt

But now let's study the renewals. Media Temple offers a lower price for the first term. When that ends, your plan is renewed for the same period, but with higher prices.

Say for the 1-year plans the price of renewal rises 20%, while others increase more. For example, paying yearly for a 3-year Pro plan first term costs $810 and renews at $1080.

Although Media Temple does not offer "unlimited everything", the numbers given for storage and bandwidth are more than enough for most users.

But the price is still rather high, so let's see if plans have appropriate features to justify that.

What Is Included In Media Temple Plans?

Now that we’ve got the ever-important pricing part out of the way, it’s time to focus on the details what each plan offers. Let’s review the three options and see how they compare with each other.

Personal Pro Elite
Disk Space 20GB 100GB 250GB
Bandwidth 1TB scalable 2TB scalable 5TB scalable
Domains allowed 100 500 500
SSL Not included Not included Not included
Email accounts 1000 1000 1000
Customer support Live chat Live chat Live chat
Free automated back-ups Not included Not included Not included

The disk space and bandwidth should satisfy most users. A medium-sized WordPress website takes up around 1-2GB, and a single page is 1-2MB. Meaning, that even the Personal plan should host up to 10 websites, withstand up to one million page hits per month. 

Another good this is that all plans have SSD servers, which are supposed to greatly increase the server performance. Also, you get Anti-DDoS protection, which is very important in order to ensure the security of your website.

You'll also get up to 500 email accounts, and there are no limits of how FTP accounts you're allowed to make.

And if you're looking for a website builder - Media Temple includes one. It's called Virb an offers a drag-and-drop platform with over 20 fresh looking templates for your choice.

media temple review virb website builder

But unfortunately, there's no anti-malware protection with Personal plan. The Pro has it for 1 site, Elite  - 5 sites. Of course, Media Temple offers to buy it as an add-on. And this security pack would cost you from $49/mo. This package includes malware scan and removal as well as a web application firewall.

And then things start looking even less pretty.

First, you're not getting a premium SSL. - while many other providers offer it in the plans of a similar price point. On Media Temple, an SSL will cost you $75/yr.

Then, you also don't get automated backups. For that, purchase $20/mo addon which will do snapshot backups.

Thinking of transferring a website from another provider? Media Temple will help you out - for a one-time fee of $150.

And as for a control panel, Media Temple provides you with a Plesk panel. Plesk panel is mostly used for Windows hosting but works for this Linux based hosting as well. And although it has a similar interface to cPanel, many users still prefer cPanel for its reliability. Generally, that shouldn't be a big problem, but if you want cPanel - well, it's available with the Pro plan.

And just like that, your premium hosting becomes even more expensive.

Lastly, there's customer support. While it's 24/7 and has many channels, the wait times of around 30 minutes are simply not good enough. On the other hand, the representative was really helpful and friendly. They were able to solve problems with no delay and had informative answers.

media temple support review

Considering all available features, Media Temple is a strong provider. However, if you really wish it to have all the premium features, it becomes seriously, seriously expensive.

Media Temple Performance

Media Temple comes with the Grid - this is a cluster of servers that offer users better speed and scalability. Such setup is supposed to withstand big spikes in traffic by hosting the site across multiple servers. This way you have a reliable service, as you don't have to worry about your site crashing.

In theory, this could help increase worldwide response times as well. So we had a look - and the test results for Media Temple's performance are pretty good. This host offers excellent speeds, averaging load times below 300 ms.

media temple review speed

But of course, there are varying response times from different locations. In the U.S. it's the fastest and gets slower in Japan and Sao Paulo. This is a usual difference for a provider having servers in the U.S. However, those slower results are still hitting an impressive time of 400 ms.

All in all the performance is way above average. But for such a pricey provider, I would expect even better response times. There's room for improvement.

Media Temple Review - The Verdict

Media Temple is a premium provider, and it has a lot of great features that make it a decent option. High performance, consistent uptime, and all-around reliability make it a great option for businesses.

However, I can't recommend it for small projects and users on a budget, as plans turn out to be too expensive due to high starting prices and many add-ons required. Ultimately, this makes Media Temple a bad choice for new users.

So before you make a decision, go ahead and check out some great offers from other providers. You will definitely find something reliable and with lower prices!


  • Reliable Host
  • Great Customer Support
  • Good Speed and Uptime


  • Expensive Plans
  • Many Add-Ons Required
  • Few 1-Click Apps

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