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To begin with, MotoCMS was founded in 2008 and at first, they were known as FlashMoto - a company using Flash-powered CMS. But the time has passed, new technologies replaced old ones and as a result, the name was also changed to Moto CMS. SPOILER ALERT - further in this MotoCMS review you may find out that MotoCMS is not your traditional website builder, and lacks one important feature!

MotoCMS is their second generation website builder based on HTML. MotoCMS offers 2500+ themes collected in 60+ categories, specializing in blog and eCommerce functionality. But it's not easy out there for MotoCMS. This website builder has some very able competitors like Weebly or Wix that are not going to go down without a fight... But maybe MotoCMS can throw a punch or two? I'll try to find this out in my MotoCMS review. So, without further ado, let's dig deeper, and maybe we'll find some hidden treasures. Or skeletons. Who knows.

MotoCMS Hosting Services

Let's visit their hosting options:

motocms review- recommended hosting providers

Looks like we visited their friend's house instead, right? Firstly, I want to get one thing out of the way. MotoCMS doesn't provide hosting services. This company is able to recommend you a couple of hosting providers but I really don't suggest you making any hurried decisions without checking other options in our web hosting analysis. In the time of this MotoCMS review, their first choice - InMotion hosting is offering a 1-year deal, $6/month but the renewal price is $100/month. It is possible to find better deals...

motocms review- 1 year hosting

I am not saying that it's a bad option but consider spending some more time browsing other providers.

MotoCMS Pricing & Plans

Now, let's get back to MotoCMS review.  So, you will not be getting hosting services from them directly, but you'll get an easy drag-and-drop template editor, SEO friendly tools and a quite impressive variety of unique designs.

Let's see the pricing:

html moto3 pricing motocms review

HTML Version of the template is $139 without any additional fees. On the other hand, if you also want hosting, installation, customization, social media pack and custom hourly development the price is a little bit bigger - $358. The good news is that MotoCMS offers 14 days free trial and a variety of deals, and discounts:

motocms html indepth pricing

Moto 3 Version is more expensive - $199. Both HTML and Moto 3 are fresh, really responsive and will look perfect on your desktop, tablet or smartphone. So what's the difference? Well, Moto 3 templates will grant full access to the website builder, while MotoCMS HTML  templates get you full access to the content management system (CMS). These differences are the reason why themes vary in price.

Worth mentioning is eStore Version, which for the same price as Moto 3 offers template designed for your e-commerce.

These are the prices for each version with quick deals:

VersionTemplateTemplate+ InstallationTemplate+
Inmotion Hosting
MOTO 3$199$240$246

Speaking about the variety of deals you can save some more with MotoCMS bulk offers:

motocms review bulk offers

IIf you need a bigger quantity of templates you can get a deal for every 10 additional templates and save proportionally.

Save $200 ordering 10x MOTO 3, $800 for 20 MOTO 3 and so on. Also, you will get ProSupport and SEO Audit for HTML version and ProSupport and White Label licenses for MOTO 3 version, increasing with every 10 templates ordered.

Here's how it looks:

HTML TemplatesPriceBulk priceDiscountFree ProSupportSEO Audit
10$1390$1250$1401 month1
20$2780$2220$5602 months2
30$4170$2910$12603 months3
40$5560$3320$22404 months4
50$6950$3450$35005 months5
PriceBulk priceDiscountFree ProSupportWhite label licenses
10$1990$1790$2001 month5
20$3980$3180$8002 months10
30$5970$4170$18003 months15
40$7960$4760$32004 months20
50$9950$4950$50005 months25

First Impressions


From the first sight, MotoCMS page is quite impressive. It is easy-to-navigate and to place your order. Keeping in mind that you can choose from 2500+ templates in 60+ different categories it's nice to not get lost and go straight to what you are looking for. As the manly-man I am, I decided to imagine that I am going to start selling flowers online. For that reason, I need to find a suitable template for my beautiful online flower shop. Let's call this shop Flower Devour. Just for fun.

Further, in this MotoCMS review, I'll try to find a beautiful template for my Flower Devour business and examine how easy I will manage to do that.

On the homepage, we already see a couple of options for our further search. You can either enter a keyword (I guess in my case it should be the flower, not devour) or just select business niche if you want broader search results:

motocms review search

Imagine, that I get confused, start panicking and just click on "more". No problem, because now I see a nice column of specials, categories, and topics. You can instantly select the preferred version (Moto 3, eStore or HTML) and topic suitable for your webpage:

motocsm review themes

I scrolled down a little and here it is! My beautiful flower themes!  For my Flower Devour shop, I select eStore version and get 3 lovely results:

motocsm review templates flower

Let's quickly review the main features offered by MotoCMS templates - you will get full e-commerce functionality, widgets (social buttons, Google maps, embed, etc.), gallery scripts, design presets, media integration, language support. Everything you may need and a little bit more.

In my opinion, an especially important feature is that these designs are mobile-friendly and responsive. In the future more and more purchases will be made via mobile phones, so you can just skip site templates that don't look appropriate on your mobile. Finally, when you find website template that looks suitable for your needs, you can view the live demo of your possible page and if it looks good even try it free for 14 days. No credit card is needed, all you need to do is enter your email address, click the link...

motocms review 14 days trial email

...and voila! You are in a digital playground where you can get creative!

motocsm review panel

MotoCMS Review - Conclusion

MotoCMS is a great website builder if you already have a hosting provider for your website. If not, you will definitely need one. Of course, you can follow their offer and choose InMotion or go within in my opinion one of the best options - Hostinger. However, not offering own hosting is the biggest MotoCMS flaw. On the bright side, MotoCMS has an outstanding customer service and Live Chat (they answered in like 10 seconds and can offer 24/7 support), a beautiful website and a really simple builder.

It is perfect for small businesses, looking to build their web presences and also targets web developers by offering bulk packages for those who are looking to purchase multiple templates. Over 2500 templates are more than enough to find the perfect one for your needs and 14 days of totally free trial is a really nice touch. Everyone likes free samples, right. Unless it's anchovies - there's a possibility, that not EVERYONE likes anchovies.

I also noticed that the themes are highly flexible - packed with plugins and widgets, and just pleasant for your tired eyes. MotoCMS is highly recommended if you want a beautiful, easy-to-control website paying only a one-time fee and not thinking to change it dramatically in the near future. However, they don't have own hosting solution and that's why I have to cut this review short. See you at Flower Devour!


  • 2500+ Templates In Clear Categories
  • 14 Days Free Trial
  • E-commerce Functionality
  • White Label For The Developers


  • Doesn't Provide Own Hosting
  • Additional Fees - Can Appear Pricey

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    2018 August 15th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Great company with perfect customer support. They helped me with the installation and are always online at any time of day and night. The only thing that could be better is the price. Though, such king of quality services is worth the money!

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