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Bart Keating


2019 October 2nd

MyDomain is fully-featured hosting and domain name provider. But besides that, it also offers eCommerce, web design, and security solutions.

As for the hosting with MyDomain, you'll find both Linux and Windows shared hosting, VPS hosting, and WordPress blog hosting. It claims to provide user-friendly yet powerful hosting solutions suitable even for beginners. For that, MyDomain designed hosting infrastructure that, as the provider states, exceeds all industry standards.

In this MyDomain review, we'll test whether the provider is all that it claims to be.

Let’s find out!

MyDomain pricing

MyDomain has 3 Linux shared hosting plans with the pricing starting at $3.75/month for the Basic plan. The 2 tier Delux plan will cost $6.95/month, and you'll be able to upgrade up to the Ultra plan for $13.75/month. 

MyDomain review Linux Hosting plans

With each of the plans, you get a free domain, unlimited storage space, scalable bandwidth, and drag-and-drop website builder. However, other features differ:

  • With the Basic plan for $3.75/mo, you'll be able to host 1 website, log-in 5 FTP accounts, and create 10 MySQL databases. You'll also get 100 email accounts.
  • The Deluxe plan for $6.75/mo gets you unlimited websites, 25 FTP accounts and MySQL databases, and 250 email accounts.
  • With the Ultra plan costing $13.75/mo, you get unlimited websites, emails, FTP accounts, and MySQL databases.

However, you'll only be able to get the advertised pricing of the most popular Deluxe plan for the first term of either 1-, 2-, or 3-year plans. After that, the hosting plan renews at its regular rate. In the table, you can check what is the actual MyDomain pricing for its Linux shared hosting Deluxe:

First-term pricing (12, 24, or 36 months) $6.75/mo
Renewal for 1 year $12.95/mo
Renewal for 2 years $11.95/mo
Renewal for 3 years $10.95/mo

Keep in mind, that you'll have to pay the whole price in advance for all of the plans.

So, what's actually included in the plans? In the table below, you can compare the features and see which one is right for you:

Basic Deluxe Ultra
Disk space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Scalable Scalable Scalable
Domains supported 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Email accounts 100 250 Unlimited
Customer Support 24/7 live chat, email, phone 24/7 live chat, email, phone 24/7 live chat, email, phone
Free Automated Backups Paid Paid Paid

Once in the shopping cart, check everything carefully. MyDomain pre-selects a few expensive add-ons.

Domain privacy protection will cost $8.99/month. Website security for $1.66/month is also preselected. And you'll need to decide whether you need automated backups for $1.25/month.

All in all, all of the plans offer a decent value for the price. You'll just have to be careful with the pricing of the Deluxe plan and avoid the add-ons you don't need.

MyDomain Pros

MyDomain offers several great features. That includes affordable pricing, decent performance, and green energy powered servers.

Let's take a look at the details.

Affordable Basic plan

One of the best things MyDomain offers is its Basic plan. For $3.75/month, you get quite a lot - a free domain, unlimited storage, and no cap on bandwidth (at least till you reach the server capabilities).

But there's something even better about the Basic plan.

After the renewal, affordable pricing remains affordable - you'll pay the same as advertised. And this is rare in the hosting industry.

So if you don't need to host a bunch of websites, the Basic plan is a great option for a personal blog, portfolio, or even a small business website.

Decent response time

MyDomain response time is graded B+ which is above average. And it does have a great response time in the US, Europe, and South America regions. Asia and Australia are a bit behind, with the exception of Japan, scoring not so impressive 618ms.

MyDomain response time

Overall, if your audience is not based in Japan, you shouldn't feel any delays in website loading times.

Wind-powered hosting

MyDomain purchases renewable energy credits to cover their server power usage by 150%.

That makes MyDomain one of a few hosting providers to actually use sustainable energy to cover the damage they make. You'll also be provided with Wind-Powered hosting badges, so others can know you are contributing to sustainability too.

MyDomain Cons

MyDomain has several great features, but it does not avoid hitches. In this part of MyDomain review, we'll take a look at what the host lacks - uptime guarantee, better customer support, and clearer pricing structure.

No uptime guarantee

MyDomain does not have an uptime guarantee, meaning, you won't be able to predict how much time your website could be down. Other hosts suggest 99.9% uptime in their SLA, meaning, they won't be down more than a minute per day. Which leaves enough time to upgrade servers.

Unfortunately, you won't know this with MyDomain.

However, during our testing MyDomain managed to average at 99.92% - which is great. But still - we want some guarantees.

Slow customer service

We checked out MyDomain customer service to better judge its support quality. It offers email, phone and even live chat options 24/7.  So we tried accessing live chat and testing the speed and quality of the service.

But it was truly disappointing. We've got an automated message right after opening the live chat window. And nobody replied.

After waiting almost an hour, the support agent seemed super annoyed. Also, he didn’t have enough knowledge to assist us - everything we asked, he needed his manager to clarify.

So we are not sure if you'll be able to get enough help in case you experience bigger issues. Well, at least the knowledge base is decent.

Too many paid add-ons

Most of the basic features with MyDomain are included. However, if you want to secure your website - it comes at a price.

And some of the features are even pre-selected, so you might end up paying for something you don't really need. That includes domain privacy, backups, and website security add-ons.

Also, you can purchase WordPress optimization (a lot of hosts do that for free), an expensive website builder ($10.99/mo), and G Suite for $6.00/mo.

So when you look at the final price, you might be surprised. Affordable hosting is not at all affordable after all.

MyDomain Review – the Verdict

MyDomain is an okay host if you're looking for a hassle-free way to put your blog on. However, if you need more functionality and flexibility, the add-ons will make the cost skyrocket.

So we can conclude this MyDomain review, that the host is an average one. It has enough for free-time bloggers, but professionals might be left disappointed.

Thumbs up for choosing green energy to power the servers, but beware of pricing tricks!


  • Decent response time
  • Renewable energy credits
  • Live Chat Option


  • Lousy Customer Support
  • No cPanel
  • Upselling attempts

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