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What Is Myhosting?

Myhost is one of the most renowned names in the field of web hosting services. With a customer base of over 50,000 worldwide, you could be easily forgiven if you’ve got some modest expectations regarding their quality of service. Myhosting is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and they seem to have built a reputation for themselves over the years.

However, anyone who seeks trusted web hosting services is mostly hopeful that they don't get ripped off in the process. So what are the chances that you would not be getting any disservice when you decide to sign up with myhosting?

That, and much more is what we’ll be finding out as we dig through this myhosting review.

Services Offered by Myhosting

Myhosting isn't only a shared hosting brand, though. In fact, here are the types of services this company offers to its users:

  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Domain names
  • SSL certificates

Looking at their services, you can assume that Myhosting offer various options for many different types of users. They have various services that will fit both small personal projects, big entrepreneurs and everyone in between.

Myhosting Pricing Plans

Myhosting has got a whole lot of packages outlined for your personal use and business pleasure. However, for the sake of this myhosting review, we’ll be focusing on web hosting services. Below is a snapshot of their web hosting plans & prices.

myhosting review plans

A quick summary of these different plans:

  • Personal Website – $9.94 / month, free domain name, unlimited hosting space
  • Business Hosting - $18.69 / month, unlimited hosting space, dedicated IP for SEO
  • E-Commerce Hosting - $37.44 / month, unlimited hosting space, premium e-commerce carts, tools for small businesses, SSL key for e-commerce.

It’s a good thing you are reading this myhosting review right now.

Now you know that with just $9.94 per month, you can have your personal website hosted for good; with as much $37.44 per month, and you can comfortably host websites that are built for e-commerce purposes.

Wait a minute!

$9.94 a month for a personal website is really steep and much more than what most other providers charge. Unless, of course, in that plan, they offer something huge.

These prices look a bit modest at first glance, but let’s take a look at the various plans and their features, and you can have enough reasons to choose one over the other.

Plans In More Details

Disk spaceUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Bandwidth UnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
Domains allowed?UnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
PlatformLinuxWindows + LinuxWindows + Linux
Dedicated IP AddressOption AvailableAvailable
Email Accounts102050
FTP Accounts115
Website builderIncludedIncludedIncluded
Website templatesIncluded IncludedIncluded
Data transferUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Money back guarantee30 days30 days30 days
Customer supportLive ChatLive ChatLive Chat
Daily backup?YesYes Yes


For the sake of this myhosting review, a routine test was carried out on myhosting to ascertain its response time, which is an essential factor for measuring website performance.

After testing the website against several servers in various locations, an average response time of 310.14 milliseconds was recorded. With this figure, I can say myhosting has a relatively convenient response time which will be most satisfying for most end users.

Myhosting Pros

Myhosting may not be as profound as the other big names in this industry, but you’ve got to admit that they have a couple of things going for them. Here are a couple of advantages to get you excited.

  • Fast servers – user experience is one factor that determines how successful your site can be. According to the myhosting servers’ average response time that was cited earlier, you can expect a comfortable surfing power on the users’ end.
  • Website templates – myhosting understands the rigors that accompany trying to flesh out a site from scratch, so they have included a couple of fantastic looking templates to get you started on your websites.
myhosting templates
  • Website builder – myhosting services equip their users with various website builders.
  • Convenient packages – myhosting has packages for your short-term benefits. So if you are looking to get your sites hosted for just a few months, you can stick with them.
  • Great variety of free, quick-install CMS.
myhosting review builder

Myhosting Cons

You want to believe that it's a win-win for this hosting services company, but not so fast! There are a few hiccoughs about these guys, that you should know..

  • A limited number of emails – as much as I want to believe these guys can be relied upon in this regard, this development is a bit of a drawback. For personal, business and e-commerce sites, Myhosting offers a maximum of 10, 20 and 50 email accounts respectively. That is not good enough. A lot of other hosting companies prefer the unlimited option in this regards.
  • Pricing’s on the high side - $9.94 a month for a personal website? These guys need to review their pricing if they are expecting as much patronage.
  • The myhosting website is messy and some pages are broken:
  • myhosting site is broken

Overall Thoughts + Verdict

Would I recommend myhosting to anyone who is seeking quality hosting services? On the overall, my answer would be yes. Although they appear to be a bit tight-fisted with the number of email accounts available to users, myhosting seem like a pretty healthy option considering the average response time of their servers.

Plus, they’ve got an unlimited hosting space option for you which means you will not be bothering about storage space for a long time to come.

Unless you have other special concerns regarding hosting services, myhosting is one name that is likely going to give you the kind of services that you desire. 


  • Website Builder with Templates
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • 24/7 Support


  • Limited Number of Emails
  • Expensive Packages
  • Messy Website

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