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Net4 claims to be India’s largest web hosting service provider. The company has worked with over 100,000 websites and delivers a wide range of different features.

But can over 100,000 websites be wrong? Is Net4 really a good website hosting option?

A Soothing First Look

When you first log on to Net4, the front end of the site is actually quite pleasing. The features included with the site are easy to find and use. Everything is very clear, and hey, you even get a soothing picture of nature right there on the top!

Net4 Review Landing Page

Overall, things look alright. Aside from web hosting, the website also offers a wide variety of other services. There are domain and email products on offer, with some simple menus on the landing page revealing everything that Net4 delivers.

And all of this simplicity and a wide variety of products seems to have attracted quite a few big names, including the World Health Organization, NDTV, and much more,

Overall, Net4 generally struck me as a more than decent provider as I analyzed its website.

Purchasing services through the site is pretty straightforward, too. And in addition to that, there's one thing about buying Net4 hosting, that impressed me probably the most.

Net4 Pricing

Ranging from $0.75/month to $2.08/month, Net4 pricing is quite simply, very cheap.

But that doesn't necessarily mean its good value. To find out whether it is, I'll take a closer look at the features on offer.

Plans in More Detail

The table below includes the three basic of the Net4 plans available, with an affordable, mid-range and enterprise option featured.

Starter HostingAdvanced HostingBusiness Hosting
Disk Space Limit250MB500MB750MB
Bandwidth LimitUnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
SSLStarting from $2.50 per monthStarting from $2.50 per monthStarting from $2.50 per month
Website BuilderNoNoNo
Money Back Guarantee30-day30-day30-day
Customer Support24/7 Email & Phone24/7 Email & Phone24/7 Email & Phone

What I can say is that all of these packages are extremely affordable. However, I don't recommend them to anyone running a content-heavy website, as you only get up to 5GB disk space with the most expensive package, and much less in the others.

If you wish to go bigger with Net4, however, there are some bigger, more advanced shared hosting packages, which may cost up to 10 or 15 dollars a month.

And if you wish to really go big, you can actually build your very own hosting package: but that's going to be very, very expensive, compared to most of the competition.

On another (negative) note, I originally wanted to share more details on the difference in plans, and so I tried to contact Net4, but I'm yet to get a response. It has been 3 days at the time of writing.

So instead of waiting, I decided to go on and check the performance.


During this part of the review, I tested the site hosted on Net4 server on Bitcatcha.

net4 review

As presumed given Net4's servers being in India, the response times in Asia were better than elsewhere. If your audience is solely in Asia, you're in luck with Net4. For Europe and South America, it's a whole different story.

Final Thoughts from My Net4 Review

Overall, I'm just way too thrown from Net4 by the unresponsiveness of its support team.

Based on my experience, I can recommend Net4 to those who want to experiement with a cheap web hosting provider. However, I definitely do not advise any beginners or newbies to web hosting to try Net4. My reasons for this come down to the unresponsive customer support.

If you have any Net4 reviews of your own, feel free to leave them below.


  • Outstanding pricing
  • Many packages to choose from


  • Weak American and European performance
  • Higher-tier plans prices inadequately

Net4 User Reviews

  1. Gerardine Dsa picture Gerardine Dsa
    2019 February 27th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Terrible customerservice, do not accept credit cards want payments wired in cash. Try to double bill and threaten to cancel if you do not pay. Your domain is held hostage – once you sign up with Net4 you cannot leave or transfer to another provider because they will not give the auth code to transfer and at every renewal they force a higher plan, and even if you do not agree they put it on and bill for more services.

    2019 January 13th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    NET4 is super bad company, Do not do any business from net4 company. you will feel very sad and bad for the same, i have seen many of reviews and foun everywhere only 1 star max 1.5 star and thats shows the business model, Actuallu NET4 company shall shut down.

    my issue
    I am your company partner account — URN no. 890266 and i am facing issue regarding the SITE BUILDER.
    I have bought a Easy site package for one of my client and when i go to –SERVICES — EASY SITE — — LAUNCH Then it suppose to open a template so that i can make the site but the is coming like FORBIDDEN and i am not able to my client webiste from long 10 days and he is shouting like anthing.

    I have raised 3 times complaint and all the times my compalaint without solving and all the resolution given like – its resolved.

    This is the main issue why other company grow like anything and the OLD company (net4) could not do anything.

    Actually you suppose to close you entire business when you do not provide any service.

    YOU PLEASE CLOSE YOUR BUSINESS. I have taken your member because yoiu provide in less price and nothing else. NET 4 is use less company.

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