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Do you need super-fast servers for your website? Or do you need a dedicated server for something entirely different? Whatever's your mission, there will be plenty of dedicated hosting providers offering you their services. One of them is NOCIX.

Previously known as DataShack, NOCIX knows the business well enough - it's been around for some time now and has plenty of dedicated users. Have they found the best option around? Or should they - and you - choose something entirely different? Let's try finding that out in this NOCIX review.

NOCIX - Plans and options

NOCIX only focuses on dedicated hosting server as of now. You will see an option to buy VPS hosting solutions on their homepage. However, that buying option leads to nowhere, and there is no other way to access it. Have a look:

Therefore, we had to conclude that they don't offer VPS hosting anymore and forgot to make the necessary changes in their main homepage. On the other hand, their dedicated server plans have a broad collection to choose from. So that's what this NOCIX review is going to be about.

Dedicated hosting prices

NOCIX has more servers than you will ever need. The focus is mostly on AMD processors, but there are also Intel options.

There are separate plans for gaming servers, enterprise level servers, storage based servers, and so much more. Putting everything together, you get 73 server types.

Believe it or not - the table below barely scratches the surface of what you can get.

Plan Name Disk Space (HDD) BandwidthRAMMonthly Rate
AMD 1120 GB (SSD) + 2 TB 100 TB16GB DDR3$25
AMD 22 TB100 TB16GB DDR3$25
AMD 32x1 TB100 TB16GB DDR3$30
AMD 4120 GB (SSD) + 2x1 TB100 TB16GB DDR3$30
AMD 54 TB100 TB32GB DDR3$50
AMD Opteron 12x 250GB100 TB16GB DDR2$25
AMD Opteron 22 TB100 TB32GB DDR2 ECC$35
AMD Opteron 32 TB100 TB32GB DDR3$39
AMD Opteron 42 x 1 TB100 TB32GB DDR3$39
AMD Opteron 5120GB (SSD) + 4TB100 TB64GB DDR3$89
Intel Xeon 160GB (SSD) + 2x 500GB100 TB16GB DDR2$25
Intel Xeon 22 TB100 TB16GB DDR2$30
Intel Xeon 3240 GB (SSD)100 TB16GB DDR2$30
Intel Xeon 42 x 1 TB100 TB16GB DDR2$30
Intel Xeon 54x 250GB100 TB16GB DDR3$30 ($0.13/hr.)
Intel Xeon 63 TB100 TB24GB DDR3$40 ($0.17/hr.)
Intel Xeon 7240 GB (SSD)100 TB24GB DDR3$40
Intel Xeon 8120 GB (SSD) + 3TB100 TB24GB DDR3$45
Intel Xeon 9500 GB SSD100 TB32GB DDR3$49
Intel Xeon 10240GB (SSD) + 3TB100 TB24GB DDR3$50 ($0.21/hr.)
Intel Core Series 12 TB100 TB16 GB DDR3$25
Intel Core Series 21 TB100 TB16 GB DDR3$30
Intel Core Series 32 TB100 TB16 GB DDR3$35
Intel Core Series 42 TB100 TB16 GB DDR3$45
Intel Core Series 5120GB (SSD) + 2TB100 TB16 GB DDR3$49
Intel Core Series 62x 480 GB SSD100 TB32 GB DDR4$79
Intel Core Series 7960 GB SSD100 TB32 GB DDR4$79
Intel Core Series 8480GB SSD100 TB32 GB DDR4$79
Intel Core Series 92x 480 GB SSD100 TB32 GB DDR4$105
Intel Core Series 102x 480 GB SSD100 TB32 GB DDR4$129

Their Intel Xeon series actually has 34 different server types, but we only included ten servers in this list. You can find the rest easily on their website (link on the sidebar!)

Other than these, you may also order a custom server, that will be specifically optimized for your tasks.

Best NOCIX features

High-Class Security Level

Dedicated servers need special kinds of security measures. If the sdatacenters go down, so does the data inside them. On that note, you might be glad to know that NOCIX thrives in providing the necessary amount of support it needs.

Their server facilities are monitored by CCTV cameras and can be accessed only through biometric measures. Other than that, they also have security personals.

Here's some fun trivia - according to NOCIX, at all times, the servers are secured by a trained staff member, wielding a firearm.

So should someone try to meddle with your website, one of NOCIX's employees is going to turn them into a pasta strainer.

Power availability

NOCIX run their own servers, and in addition to guns, they also have multiple UPS systems working at all times - so chance of a server going completely down are incredibly slim. We've already heard stories of big dedicated server centers going down. NOCIX is doing what it can to not join the club.

Pros of NOCIX

Extraordinary response time

Performance has been and will always be our number one priority for all our hosting reviews, and this NOCIX review won't be an exception to that. That being said, NOCIX was able to hit the right mark in response time. They average just around 200 ms! Interested in performance? This is a great option, that's for sure.

Many server options

The vast number fascinated us. Not only they have a super broad collection, but they also have flexible options for you. For example, for users on budget, there are plans starting at only $25 a month. That's way less steep compared to a lot of the competition and it's a great deal.

But you can also go much, much further and get premium or even entirely custom servers. It's entirely up to you.

Cons of NOCIX

No Live Chat

Unfortunately, they don't have any live chat options. You can contact them via email only; you can't even call them on the phone either. We had a few questions in mind regarding the plans, so we had to email them.

Customer support unresponsive

Speaking of email...We were really bothered by the lack of feedback. We tried our best to get the answer. However, we didn't get any reply whatsoever. That is not good.

And as we know, an email response time could take days! On top of everything, NOCIX also doesn't seem to be providing a knowledge base answering the most common technical questions. So if you get stuck, congratulations - you're on your own.

NOCIX review - Conclusion

Generally speaking for a dedicated server provider NOCIX can be a good choice. They have quite the collection with reasonable pricing. Additionally, they also have super speedy servers to back you up.

However, they have a major flaw – their customer support. Lack of communication might drag them down, they should clearly improve that section. And looking at the history of many NOCIX reviews and customer updates, it seems that there are often issues with the services of this provider. So it would be nice to have someone responding to them.

So, should you use NOCIX? In the end, the last call is yours. We'd recommend you to check them out as their performance seemed quite top-notch. Or, you can check out our other reviews for a better judgment.


  • Great response time
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Vast number of servers


  • No live chat
  • Unresponsive customer support
  • No knowledgebase
Nocix User Reviews

  1. Mahesh Jadhav picture Mahesh Jadhav
    2019 June 18th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Worst ever that even you can’t believe they block your entire server. And make you out of business in just 1 second.

  2. Desi Reyes picture Desi Reyes
    2019 May 8th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Using Nocix since March 2017.
    Support has been quick. Got response with couple of minutes.
    Staff is friendly.
    Current server is goes down after few weeks but waiting for the new stock to come in. Will switch to another server. But support has been great fixing the issues.
    Highly recommended.

  3. Ari Alb picture Ari Alb
    2019 February 12th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    stay away of this provider, they are the worst provider I have ever seen

    1. ahmed picture ahmed
      2019 March 13th

      They are wonderful . im stay with them over 6 years

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