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NOCIX is a dedicated hosting provider claiming to offer reliable and low-cost solutions. For all business hosting needs, NOCIX has two dedicated hosting options - instant activation and custom dedicated servers.

And it seems, NOCIX is doing quite well.

Previously known as DataShack, the provider has been in the industry for a while now, gathering a large user base.

So can NOCIX actually deliver fast and reliable hosting for an affordable price? In this NOCIX review, we tested the provider.

Let's see how it went!

NOCIX Hosting Services

NOCIX claims to provide dedicated and Cloud hosting. However, it seems it is only focusing on dedicated hosting.

Once you click 'Order VPS' button, it leads you nowhere. There's also no other menu option where you can find VPS or Cloud solutions.

Therefore, we had to conclude that NOCIX doesn't offer VPS hosting anymore and forgot to make the necessary changes in its main homepage. 

This situation has not changed even after almost a year since we first reviewed NOCIX. Currently, you'll still find the 'Order VPS' button leading nowhere.

Fortunately, NOCIX has many dedicated hosting plans that include instant deployment and custom servers.

NOCIX Pricing

NOCIX has many over 30 instant activation dedicated servers with the pricing starting at $35/month. You can upgrade up to the high-end server for $799/month.

Custom server pricing starts at $34/month, and the most expensive server can cost up to $913/month. 


There are separate plans for gaming servers, enterprise level servers, storage based servers, and so much more. Putting everything together, you get 73 server types.

In the table, we've put all available options for instant activation servers according to the processor type, so you can see what you can get:

Server RAM HDD Bandwidth Pricing
AMD 16 - 32GB 120GB SSD - 4TB SATA 100TB $25 - $99/month
AMD Opteron 16 - 64GB 500GB SATA - 120GB SSD+4TB SATA 100TB $25 - $89/month
Intel Xeon 16 - 256GB up to 10TB SAS 100TB $30 - $499/month
Intel Core Series 16 - 64GB up to 960GB SSD 100TB $25 - $799/month

As for the custom servers, you can choose either AMD or Intel Xeon processors and configure hard drives, RAM, OS, and bandwidth.

Unfortunately, NOCIX only takes care of the hardware. You'll need to install your own security and backup software, as well as SSL certificates if needed.

Best NOCIX features

NOCIX has a huge variety of servers. But at the same time, many servers take up huge resources to manage. Fortunately, the provider is great at ensuring security and availability.

High-Class Hardware Security Level

Dedicated servers need special kinds of security measures. If the datacenters go down, so does the data inside them. On that note, you might be glad to know that NOCIX thrives in providing the necessary amount of security it needs.

Their server facilities are monitored by CCTV cameras and can be accessed only through biometric measures. Other than that, they also have security personnel.

Here's some fun trivia - according to NOCIX, at all times, the servers are secured by a trained staff member, wielding a firearm.

So should someone try to meddle with your sever, NOCIX knows how to take care of it. 

Power availability

NOCIX run its own servers also have multiple UPS backup systems working at all times - so the chance of a server going completely down is incredibly slim.

The servers are protected against power outages and natural disasters.


NOCIX promises great performance, reliability, and affordable pricing. And it actually manages to provide excellent server speed and many choices of affordable servers.

Great response time

After testing the servers for this Nocix review, we can conclude that the performance of the host is definitely not its problem. Testing tool rated the servers with A. And the response time, especially in the US, is great. Overall, NOCIX averages at 206ms across all locales.

Many server options

NOCIX has around 73 server types including instant activation and custom servers. Not to mention customization options for the later.

The NOCIX pricing is also flexible - ranging from around $30 to hundreds of dollars per month.

Overall, you can choose and customize servers to your needs without overpaying.


Though it has great features, NOCIX is not perfect. It does not have many features, besides lacking in support.

Lacks essential features

NOCIX does not sell or include SSL certificates. Nor does it have security software and domains.

Meaning, you'll have to purchase your own services for SSL, domain names, backups, and security. So while hosting itself is cheap, you might spend a fortune on the necessary add-ons.

No live chat

Unfortunately, NOCIX lacks in support options. Live chat does not exist and you cannot even call them on the phone.

The only available support option is email.

Unresponsive customer support

Speaking of email...We were really bothered by the lack of feedback. We tried our best to get the answer. However, we didn't get any reply whatsoever. That is not good.

And as we know, an email response time could take days! On top of everything, NOCIX also doesn't seem to be providing a knowledge base answering the most common technical questions. So if you get stuck, you're on your own.

NOCIX Review - Conclusion

Generally speaking for a dedicated server provider NOCIX can be a good choice. It has quite the collection of servers with reasonable pricing. Additionally, it also has super speedy servers to back you up.

However, in this NOCIX review, we found 2 major flaws it has – customer support and lack of features.

NOCIX customer support is basically non-existent - it takes days to get a response. Also, you'll have to spend a lot on essential add-ons such as security or backups, as NOCIX does not provide such features.

Have you used NOCIX? Share your experiences in the comment section down below!


  • Great response time
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Vast number of servers


  • No live chat
  • Unresponsive customer support
  • Many essential features are missing





User friendly






Disclosure: We earn a commission if you make a purchase through referral links in this review. This helps to cover the expenses for running ongoing performance tests.

Nocix User Reviews


Jai picture

2019 July 13th

Just avoid them. They null route your IP again and again.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Mahesh Jadhav picture
Mahesh Jadhav

2019 June 18th

Worst ever that even you can’t believe they block your entire server. And make you out of business in just 1 second.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Desi Reyes picture
Desi Reyes

2019 May 8th

Using Nocix since March 2017.
Support has been quick. Got response with couple of minutes.
Staff is friendly.
Current server is goes down after few weeks but waiting for the new stock to come in. Will switch to another server. But support has been great fixing the issues.
Highly recommended.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Ari Alb picture
Ari Alb

2019 February 12th

stay away of this provider, they are the worst provider I have ever seen


    2019 March 13th

    They are wonderful . im stay with them over 6 years