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Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 2nd

NTC Hosting is proudly offering 'web hosting, built the right way'. Is its hosting something to be proud of?

This is what I am to find out right here, right now, on this NTC Hosting review. Let's go have a look.

At First Glance

ntc hosting review

Upon landing on the NTC Hosting website, I was a little shaken and put off by its monotone aesthetic. The website itself was incredibly simple, almost text-based. For some, it might look a little depressing and not something that makes you want to stay to look around.

But it's not the outside that really matters. Technical things are much, much more important. And in there, there were a couple which I found really encouraging.

A 99.9% uptime guarantee is a business standard for most big companies, but it's good to see NTC fully committing to that. And NTC Hosting also gives you a broad choice of 5 countries in which you can host your website! That's great!

Sadly, the things then took a turn for the worst.

I tried NTC Hosting's control panel they offer you as part of their packages and found it to be rather confusing. I also found that both my hosting and emails crashed at least once each during the week that I tested it. So I was sure to check out other NTC reviews, and...

ntc hosting review

It turns out I wasn't the only one with this problem.

NTC Hosting Pricing

NTC Hosting is pretty good. Its packages start from just $4.95 per month (when paid annually) and each one includes a free domain and web builder.

ntc hosting review

But now, let's see what you get for that money:

NTC Hosting Plans

Budget ($4.95/month) Value ($7.95/month) Plus ($9.95/month) Executive ($14.95/month)
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Cron Jobs 1 5 20 Unlimited
SSL Included Yes - Shared Yes - Shared Yes - Shared Yes - Shared
Email Accounts 500 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Money-Back Guarantee 30-Day Trial Period 30-Day Trial Period 30-Day Trial Period 30-Day Trial Period
Customer Support 24/7 Phone & Live Chat 24/7 Phone & Live Chat 24/7 Phone & Live Chat 24/7 Phone & Live Chat

As of this table, plans don't seem to be much different. And really, that's true: you get most of the basic things in all of the plans.

The primary differences between the plans come down to databases and automation, such as Cron jobs, databases and mailing lists. So, here's an extra table, highlighting such differences in the plans.

Budget ($4.95/month) Value ($7.95/month) Plus ($9.95/month) Executive ($14.95/month)
MySQL v.5 databases 5 100 500 Unlimited
PostgreSQL v9.2 databases Optional 5 20 Unlimited
Cron jobs 1 5 20 Unlimited
Mailing lists 1 20 Unlimited Unlimited

As you'd assume from its name, the Value plan offers the best value for money. It packs similar features to the Budget plan but it covers unlimited domains, whereas the Budget plan covers just one.

Note: Prices mentioned are for annual payments.

NTC Hosting Performance

I ran a BitCatcha test to check what NTC Hosting delivered in the speed department.

ntc hosting review

The results were satisfactory, although Asian response times were much slower than those in the West.

It's to be expected, though, as there is yet to be an NTC Hosting server based in Asia.

NTC Hosting Review - My Final Thoughts

While my first impressions weren't too great, I'm a big fan of the free domain and the multi-server locations - U.S, U.K., Australia, Finland or Bulgaria.

Overall, I found NTC Hosting to worthy of a 30-day trial. Its prices are reasonable, while it also throws in its own unique extras. The only downside is the reported common crashing, but I'd advise giving it a go yourself. It's free to try, after all.

Do you have a review of your own? Feel free to leave your own NTC Hosting reviews below.


  • Free domain included in all packages
  • Choose from 5 server locations
  • 24/7 customer service


  • Only average response times
  • Site reliability issues

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Justin picture

2019 January 26th

I was not very impressed by there service.

I was not very impressed by there service.

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