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2019 October 2nd claims to offer simple, secure, all-inclusive, and powerful hosting. With its shared, WordPress, and website builder hosting solutions, really tries to match the needs of every web beginner.

But can offer all that it claims to have?

In this review, we'll test if the host is as good as it promises to be!

What is is one of the leading innovative suppliers of web hosting services in Europe. It provides a number of solutions including shared and WordPress hosting, as well as a website builder. also hosts emails, online stores, and sells domains. 

The provider promises powerful and reliable web hosting matching every customer needs. It claims to offer a simple, secure, and all-inclusive hosting solution.

But there's one thing though.

While promises highly scalable hosting, it's the best match only for beginners. High-traffic websites relying on huge server resources will eventually grow out of

But if you're getting started, or a huge eCommerce is not in your plans, looks like a good choice. Let's see if it's true. Pricing has 2 shared hosting plans with the price starting at $2.45/month for the Starter plan. To get the more scalable, Professional Plus plan, you'll need to spend $3.49/month.

Both of the plans include unlimited bandwidth and email accounts, as well as SSL certificates and backups.

However, other features are different:

  • Starter Hosting from $2.45/month will get you 50GB storage, 512MB RAM, 1 CPU, and 1 database.
  • Professional Plus for $3.49/month includes 200GB storage, 2GB RAM, 4 CPUs, unlimited databases, and SSH access. 

From the highlighted Shared web hosting packages above, it is very obvious that with additional $1.04 per month to your budget, you can enjoy multiple websites, unlimited databases, a lot more storage, and even SSH access. 

So in the table, you can compare the features of each plan:

Starter Professional Plus
Disk space 20 GB 200 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Databases 1 Unlimited
Domains allowed 1 Multiple
SSL Included Included
Email accounts Unlimited Unlimited
FTP accounts Yes Yes
Customer support Live chat & E-mail Live chat & E-mail
Choice of server location No No
Free automated back-ups Yes Yes

There's only one period lenght for both plans - 1 year. A domain name is not included as well, but you can add one during the check-out for an additional fee.

And if you want to use a website builder, its monthly cost starts at $2.49.

Also, the prices increase after the renewal.

  • Starter $2.45/month becomes $3.99/month.
  • Professional Plus $3.49/month increases to $6.99/month. 

All in all, even after the renewal prices remain affordable. The only drawback is, that specifically promises all-inclusive plans with domain names, but they have to be purchased separately. Features and Quality hosting has several features that are worth getting praised. So in this part of review, we'll test how good is this host security and performance features.

Backup and Restore includes backup and restore feature with both of its plans.

The backups are taken daily, so you have a copy of a functioning website in case you want to update something and a website breaks. The backups are available for up to a week.

You can also save a backup so you can use it any time - even after a year.

And we must really praise for this feature - many hosts only include automatic backups with their premium plans or for an extra fee. This can save you a couple of dollars per month. server performance

Moving ahead further in our review, we've tested the host's performance using a couple of tools. 

And from what we see, you can expect really great results for your website.

Testing from Ashburn, US with 50 virtual users, we've got a stable response time averaging at 100ms. That's well below the industry average of 553ms.


Results from further locations are a bit worse. Testing from Singapore, we get an average 250ms response times. Still, two times better than the industry average.


The results of page load time are not that brilliant. It shows that servers still need some optimization to show better results in delivering heavier websites.

Onecom-review-page-speed server uptime host promises 99.9% uptime guarantee which generally is the industry standard.

Results we've got during the testing month were pretty good (but not amazing) as well. scored 99.94% uptime with several downtimes recorded.


In one instance, was out for more than 21 minutes. This shows that the host is experiencing some issues with the servers. support has several ways to get help - you can contact 24/7 support via live chat or email or search its knowledge base.

The live chat and ticket support are available in a few different languages - Danish, German, Swedish, and French included. Although only English live chat is available 24/7.

The agents respond quickly - I've waited around 2 minutes each time. They are professional and helpful as well.

Not so friendly, however.

It takes quite a few tries to get the information needed. Especially when talking to sales support - of course, they are trying to sell, but answering basic questions instead of advertising the plans would be nice too.

Tech support, on the other hand, is brilliant - all questions were answered straight to the point. Pros 

In our review, we found that the host offers some great features that are worth praising for. Let's take a look:

  • Backup and restore - offers you a premium feature with both of its shared hosting plans. You will be able to keep your site secure with daily backups and restore function.
  • Good Support - all the two hosting packages come with 24/7 support from the team, and you can access them via Live Chat, Email and help center for FAQ guide. This service is available all round the clock, and you are sure to get solutions to any challenge you might have. Indeed, this is a great plus if you need assistance.
  • Performance -’s server speed ranges between 100-300 ms which is well below average. Cons

This review has also revealed the numerous flaws of the hosting provider. These drawbacks include:

  • An Absence of Sophisticated Hosting Packages - lacks the advanced hosting packages such as dedicated hosting, VPS, or reseller hosting. With the absence of these, the web hosting power is very limited and not encouraging for high-performance sites.
  • Limited traffic - does not tolerate high and excessive traffic. And the hosting provider will not give you prior notice before closing your web space if excessive traffic is detected.
  • Paid additional features - It's not as cheap as it appears. Paid domains, website builder and security features will add-up neatly in your purchase cart. Review - our Verdict

Truthfully, has decent performance, good support system, and other great features.

Nevertheless, its limited tolerance for excessive traffic and absence of sophisticated hosting packages make the hosting provider unfit for use with high-performance sites and businesses.

Furthermore, the market is filled with other high-quality host providers you can try out. And many of these have more hosting packages that have features better than

Therefore, employ the information you already have about host provider to select the best hosting package that suits your sites and businesses.

Hopefully, this review has provided you with the information you need on choosing the best hosting package for you!


  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Great performance
  • Multilingual 24/7 Support


  • Paid Additional Features
  • Only 15-day Money-back Guarantee User Reviews

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2019 January 5th

I have been a client of for many years, a webmaster for almost 15 years, since the last few years there is an exponential increase in domain name fees... Read more

I have been a client of for many years, a webmaster for almost 15 years, since the last few years there is an exponential increase in domain name fees which cannot be explained by When support emails are sent about this increase you receive the automated response from support but no further answers or explanations to your query. A few of my domain fees have been increased by 300% percent in the last three years, these are domains that are only add-ons, no hosting, no upgrades. Be careful with this company as there are cheaper domain hosts out there providing better packages. Control panel is not user-friendly and leaves much to be desired. Cpanel is best suited for the very basic of users below novice. Be careful when you cancel a subscription you may find that magically you are required to pay at the next subscription date.

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