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OptimizePress aims to be the perfect website builder tool, offering its clients an easy way to build landing pages, sales pages, and most interestingly - membership sites.

Does this platform reach its goal?

Can you quickly build appealing websites, and use them to make money?

Well, that's we're about to find out here in this OptimizePress review:

First Look - What is OptimizePress?

OptimizePress is a website building tool that runs on WordPress. That means you have to own a hosting server and have WordPress installed on it.

What you really get here is a very simple tool which takes a lot of difficulty out of WordPress website building and allows you to focus on your content and conversions.

Optimizepress Review Homepage

Optimizepress Review Live ChatMy first impressions of OptimizePress were mixed. Its homepage is professional, and the constantly displayed live chat support button is a nice feature. However, when I actually tried to launch a chat session to find out more about OptimizePress products, I often found there was no available representative to talk to.

Once I had purchased the OptimizePress package, I installed it on my WordPress and used it to create a new landing page for my site. I was impressed with the customizability the editor offered and found it to be very user-friendly.

As for the landing page templates, they're evidently well-designed to maximize conversion rates.

Here's one example page right here: it makes you want to click 'Buy Now', doesn't it?

Optimizepress Review Page Example

OptimizePress Pricing

OptimizePress has three paid price plans: Core ($97/year), Publisher ($197/year), Pro ($197/year - a sale price). The cheapest plan should suit individuals who are looking to build their business. It offers a handful of websites, site-building flexibility, and unlimited leads and traffic.

Optimizepress Review Pricing

However, the cheapest plan doesn't include the A/B test tool, which comes in handy when marketing. For that, you'll need either the Publisher or Pro plan. Those plans also include numerous other marketing and support benefits, as you'll see below.

OptimizePress Plans in More Detail

Number of Templates606060
Websites Included31030
Support1 Year Support and Updates1 Year of Priority Support1 Year Top of the Line Support
Membership PluginYesYesYes
Video BackgroundsNoYesYes
A/B Split testingNoYesYes
Additional Plugin ArchiveNoYesYes
eCommerceNot SupportedNot SupportedNot Supported
Page Engagement ActionsNoYesYes
Early access to new featuresNoNoYes

The table shows that the key difference between the plans is the number of websites each supports. If you run multiple sites, this will almost certainly be the feature that determines which you should go for.

There are other important differences between the plans though. The Core package doesn't have lots of the advanced features such as video backgrounds or page engagement elements that come standard with the Publisher or Pro plans.

Essentially, if you want to create the most engaging landing pages possible, you should consider the mid or top-tier packages.

One major downside of all plans to note is the low number of templates included. Each includes 60 out of the box, but through the OptimizePress Club and Marketplace, you can purchase up to 300 more. Given the price of an OptimizePress subscription, I certainly would have liked more to be included.

OptimizePress Performance

Bitcatcha has revealed the OptimizePress response times.

optimizepress response time

But of course - OptimizePress is not a hosting provider. So what's this performance part all about?

Well, any information added on the website will slow it down. At least by a little bit. Looking at the performance of an empty WordPress page, however, reveals the entire story.

optimizepress responsetime empty page

OptimizePress will not slow down your website by a lot. So if you have fast web hosting - this is a great option for a great website.

OptimizePress Review - Final Thoughts

Overall, it was an average performance. While its support features are good, I was disappointed at the number of included templates. Unfortunately, it's not a true website builder, and you'll need to take care of a lot of stuff to get it working.

You'll need hosting, you'll need to manage everything yourself, and then you'll need at least $100 extra to build a landing page.

There are a number of better website builders in the market or plenty of cheaper WordPress membership website templates to choose from. But of course, OptimizePress may still be a great

For entrepreneurs in particular, OptimizePress offers good features at a fair price. For small businesses or individuals on a low budget on the other hand, OptimizePress has very little to offer compared to its competitors.

If you do try OptimizePress, please feel free to leave your own OptimizePress reviews and experiences below.


  • Membership plugin
  • Good support
  • Fair pricing
  • A/B split testing


  • Lack of templates
  • No free trial
  • No free domain





User friendly






Disclosure: We earn a commission if you make a purchase through referral links in this review. This helps to cover the expenses for running ongoing performance tests.

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