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Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 2nd

Pagely was founded in 2006 and became the first ever managed WordPress platform. That market has exploded since, and Pagely now faces competition from other specialist managed WordPress hosting services like WPEngine, Flywheel, and many more.

How does Pagely stack up against the alternatives it helped create the market for?

Turning the Pagely: First Impressions

Pagely isn't your standard web host. Pagely hosting is designed to seamlessly host WordPress sites, handling all the grubby technical details like installation, optimization, and updates.

Pagely's specialists optimize your site to achieve the fastest possible page load times and take care of update installation. They also create daily site backups, leaving you with very little to worry about.

Pagely Review Homepage

Normally, previous customer lists aren't worth a second glance.

But in Pagely's case, the names indicate the quality of the service provided, they include brands like Visa, Virgin Atlantic, and Disney.

As I expected from a managed WordPress host, migrating my site to Pagely was a painless experience. I simply filled out a no-nonsense form, and my site was transferred in just over 72 hours.

Pagely Review Clients

Qualified Customer Support

Pagely touts a "tierless" support service which translates as "every customer rep is a properly trained engineer". That was certainly my experience. I submitted a ticket to evaluate that claim and received a response in under 30 minutes from a person who obviously knew what they were talking about. Pagely claims such a timely response to be the norm.

Pagely Review Support Time

Phone support is only available on a handful of plans but live chat is available 8:00 - 5:00 PST. Given the rapid ticket response, I can mostly forgive the omission of a phone line.

Pagely Pricing

In recent years, Pagely decided to ditch its consumer plans in favor of focussing on enterprise customers. VPS hosting is the cheapest server type currently on offer. In total, there are six different VPS plans.

The cheapest plan is $199/month, but packages range up to $2249/month, with more expensive plans providing extra memory and computing resources. Enterprise and Publisher hosting is also available from $2500/month and $20,000/month respectively.

pagely review plan pricing

You can save 5% of fees on any package by paying annually.

Plans in More Detail

Let's take a look at the three cheapest VPS plans:

Monthly Price $199 $299 $499
Nodes 1 1 1
Disk Space 30GB 30GB 50GB
Bandwidth 20GB 50GB 200GB
No. of Sites 5 15 35
Email Addresses Not Included Not Included Not Included
SSL Included? Yes Yes Yes
Website Builder WordPress WordPress WordPress
Customer Support 24/7 Ticket Support. 8-5 Live Chat and Slack 24/7 Ticket Support. 8-5 Live Chat and Slack 24/7 Ticket Support. 8-5 Live Chat and Slack
Money-Back Guarantee 30-Day Period 30-Day Period 30-Day Period

Despite its price, due to the limited bandwidth and storage, the entry level VBURST-1 package will only really be suitable for development purposes. For anyone running a website with an active following, the VPS-1 package will be more appropriate.

Pagely Performance

I tested the speed of my Pagely site using Bitcatcha.

Pagely Review Performance

As you'd expect from such a high-end provider, speeds were reassuringly fast worldwide. 

Pagely Review Final Thoughts: Worth a Read?

Pagely's service will help get your enterprise level WordPress site set up and running with minimal fuss. The pricing of its plans limits its suitability to large businesses though, so if you're a consumer or mid-tier business, look elsewhere.

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  • Expert customer support
  • Full supported site migrations
  • Incredibly powerful servers available
  • Based on AWS technology


  • Extremely pricy
  • Not suitable even for medium sized businesses
  • Paying annually doesn't save much

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