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Bart Keating


2019 October 2nd

pair Networks is a hosting services provider that focuses on transparency and reliability. Not only it offers shared hosting plans for smaller websites, but it also has dedicated server plans and VPS plans for enterprise-level websites.

In this pair Networks review, I’ll be covering all you need to know about its shared web services. So, let’s find out whether this provider can live up to its reputation or not?

What is pair Networks?

Pair Networks is a hosting provider that has been operating since 1995 and has built a strong reputation over these past years. Moreover, it has many different options for you to choose from, starting from entry level to enterprise plans.

pair network review

pair Networks has a full list of services:

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Domain Names
  • SSL Certificates

Also, you'll find the malware and security solutions, fully managed WordPress hosting and other additional services. That makes quite the collection, so I am hoping for a quality output.

But the branding and first impressions don't necessarily reflect the actual quality. So let's get this pair Networks review going to find out the truth!

pair Networks Pricing

The shared hosting comes with 4 different packages starting at $5.95/mo  going up to $29.95 for the best features. Pair Networks offers 5% discount when subscribing for the longest term of 12 months. Other than that you can pay for the services every month, quarterly, or semi-annually.

pair network pricing review

The main differences between the plans appear in disk space and bandwidth. Take a quick look:

  • Package-1: This plan starts at $5.95/mo. It will provide you with 15 GB disk space and 75 GB bandwidth.
  • Package-2: The plan will cost you $9.95 every month. This one comes with 30 GB disk space and 150 GB bandwidth.
  • Package-3: With 60 GB disk space and 300 GB bandwidth this plan starts at $17.95/mo.
  • Package-4: This plan will cost you $29.95/mo. It comes with 80 GB storage and 400 GB bandwidth.

As you can see, there are no unlimited plans offered. And the disk space doesn't look too great. With 15 GB you can make about 3 WordPress websites but the 75 GB bandwidth might not be sufficient if those sites get more attention.

Now, let's take a closer look at all the other features. The table below covers the technical information you might need to judge all the four packages in this pair Networks review.

  Package 1 Package 2 Package 3 Package 4
Disk Space 15 GB 30 GB 60 GB 80 GB
Bandwidth 75 GB 150 GB 300 GB 400 GB
Domains allowed Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
HDD or SSD used in servers? HDD HDD SSD SSD
Anti-DDoS protection No No No No
Anti-malware protection No No No No
Email accounts 500 500 500 500
FTP accounts 10 10 10 10
Auto-installer No No No No
Customer support Email, Phone Email, Phone Email, Phone Email, Phone
Automated back-ups No No No No

Additionally, each plan has a Weebly website builder included. This is a very comfortable drag-and-drop platform allowing to create beautiful websites at ease.

Also, you get a free SSL certificate but if you want a better version, pair Networks offers a wide range of these certificates known as pairSSL. Of course, they are paid, and the price varies from $10 to $499 a year, based on your requirements.

Other than that, the feature list is not too overcrowded. Automated backups are not included, as well as anti-DDoS or anti-malware. Surely, pair Networks offers all that to be purchased as separate products, but then you start to see how the final cost bloats up.

For a content delivery network, you can get the pair Networks' custom one -  pairCDN. All you have to do is to request pairCDN from the control panel, and then you can add it up with your website. For this service, you'll have to pay $1 for every 10GB data.

And for the software installing manager, there is pairSIM. It lets you monitor all updates and add-ons. pair Networks doesn’t offer auto-installers like Softaculous, but pairSIM also comes with some popular scripts and offers one-click installation. It will cost you $2.49/mo.

And for those who are about to transfer from a different hosting provider, the assisted website migration to pair Networks comes with a price tag of $125.

So all in all, pair Networks plans have very little features and the cost will get much higher when you add all the needed items for your website to function smoothly.

pair Networks Performance

pair Networks brought mediocre results for the response time test. It averages at ~252 ms, with a score of C+.

The best results come from the US and the UK region. But in Brazil or Japan, the response time goes slower than 500 ms. So those are really uneven results. But that's no surprise as this provider has only one server location which is in the US.

 Pair Networks response time

As you can see, pair Networks done well, but I would expect better than this. If you're thinking about a global audience, such slow response times in more distant regions might not be acceptable.

pair Networks Pros

Having reliable support and good uptime can be all you need from a hosting provider. Here are the advantages of pair Networks:

Good knowledgebase

pair Networks offers a knowledgebase full of useful information. Moreover, it has video tutorials to help you build your site and tackle with any technical issue you might face. Along with these it also offers tutorials for the pairSIM and pairCDN to help you get familiarized with the infrastructure.

Superb technical support

This provider puts a lot of effort to offer polite and knowledgeable customer support. And that is what you get most of the time. Although there might be some misunderstandings with more complicated issues, the agents are always polite and willing to help.

Good uptime

Performance is one of the critical features of this pair Networks review. And pair Networks provides a 99.99% uptime. This means your website can go down for only a minute per week. So this makes a pretty decent uptime guarantee.

100-day money back guarantee

There are pricey plans, but the provider also backs it up with 100-day money back guarantee. It's quite surprising because you don't get to see more than 30-day money back guarantees in the typical hosting market.

pair Networks Cons

Working with pair Networks, you might quickly notice that included features won't be sufficient to successfully run the website. Unfortunately, this provider has some things to work on.

Barebone shared hosting plans

All of the pair Networks shared hosting plans lack in features. Although you’ll be paying a considerable sum for the plans, still none of the plans offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space. All of them provide only 500 Email and 10 FTP accounts.

Compared to popular hosting providers these features are far behind the minimum requirement.

Paid features

Most of the additional features here are paid. Moreover, features like DDoS protection or assisted website transfers cost a lot more than with other providers. So, when the items start to pile up, all the plans become way too pricey.

No live chat

Maybe you checked out the plans and want to know more about them, so you are thinking about asking the sales group through live chat. Well, with pair Networks you can’t do that. Unfortunately, there is no live chat option.

It only provides email and phone services. And sadly, it takes a few days for someone to respond to those letters.

pair Networks Review – The Verdict

Although this provider promises high quality, I have to say that pair Networks is far from great.

Sure it has good uptime, but then there is average response time. And if you want a full pack of features you have to get the pricey add-ons which, in the end, make pair Networks hosting not worth your money.

Overall, I would not recommend them. And I suggest checking our list of best hosting providers to find far better deals!


  • Great technical support
  • 99.99% uptime
  • 100-day money back guarantee


  • No live chat
  • Pricey plans
  • No cPanel

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