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Starting an online business without any technical skills? What just a few years ago sounded like a dream has now become a reality thanks to website builders and, as the market keeps growing, one of the companies that’s willing to take its slice of this lucrative pie is Pixpa. But can their offer provide them with enough competitive advantage to make it big in this very crowded space? Let’s find out in this Pixpa review!

Who Is Pixpa?

Pixpa was founded in 2012 by Gurpreet Singh – a creative director of a multi-disciplinary creative agency IdeazInc. During that time, his work involved collaborating with other creative people such as designers, artists, and photographers from all around the world. And why is this important you may ask?

Because the experience and insight from that time allowed Gurpreet to create his own platform for people he previously worked with. Today, Pixpa markets itself as an all-in-one platform that integrates all products necessary to build an online presence of a creative professional.

Services Offered By Pixpa

The company offers a complete range of online services necessary for every person that wants to build their online presence – from blogging tools to integrated eCommerce solutions.

Of course, this doesn’t tell us much. Let’s see if all of their packages include those services:

Cloud Storage (Portfolio files)1GB3GB10GB25GB
Domains allowed1111
Money-back guarantee30 days 30 days30 daysNo
Customer supportChat/EmailChat/EmailChat/EmailChat/Email
Website builderIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Website templates38383838
Easy SEO ManagerIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Social Media WidgetsIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Portfolio ItemsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Cart AbandonmentNoNoNoIncluded
Inventory ManagerNoNoIncludedIncluded
Number of Products31050500

Surprisingly, even the basic LITE plan comes with integrated eCommerce. In fact, the main difference between the plans comes down to the number of products that you can sell, inventory management, abandoned cart recovery, and integrated cloud storage. How does the pricing compare to those features?

Pixpa Pricing & Plans

The company offers four different packages with different pricing for yearly and monthly contracts:

 pixpa review pricing

Below you can see how the prices differ between plans and the length of contracts. Specially for this Pixpa review,  I’ve also calculated your savings should you decide to go the yearly route:

Plan NameMonthlyYearlySavings
LITE$6/mo ($72/year)$60/year$12
STARTER$10/mo ($120/year)$96/year$24
PRO$18/mo ($216/year)$180/year$36
PLUS$25/mo ($300/year)$240/year$60

On top of the four plans, the company offers client-proofing only platform, which allows you to create private and public client albums with the ability to sell your images as prints or downloads. Just like with the standard plans, there is a small difference between the monthly and yearly plans:

Pixpa review pricing plans

Additionally, the company offers a special discount for students – STUDENT STARTER plan which comes at a price of 50% of the Pixpa standard STARTER plan. 

pixpa student starter plan

Now that it’s clear that the company is targeting creatives (including students) who are focused on creating beautiful art rather than coding and technical stuff, let’s see if the platform is really that easy to use for newbies.

A Short Pixpa Review Test Ride!

To include the actual registration process in my Pixpa review, I’ve signed up for their free trial and created a new site from scratch. It lasts 15 days and no credit card is required:

pixpa review free trial

Once you log in, you will be asked to pick a theme. You can choose one from 38 modern, really good-looking themes:

pixpa review templates

All themes support all services (eCommerce, portfolio) and it’s completely free. Next, you will be taken to the main dashboard which looks very intuitive. All settings are divided into three different categories based on what you want to edit – your site design, your store, and your portfolio. Naturally, you can have all three on your site at the same time:

pixpa review dashboard

Let’s see how to add content – to do that, let’s click Add Content (who would have guessed?). You will then be taken to a menu where you can select what to add to your site:·

pixpa review create

After clicking Blog I was asked to name it:

pixpa review blog name

Then, I was asked to choose a layout:

pixpa review blog layout

After hitting save I was taken to the blog management panel where I could add posts, navigate between different website settings and view my blog:

pixpa review blog view

The blog post editor itself is quite similar to other website builders – which is definitely a big plus, as it can be used by someone who has never coded anything (and it doesn’t need coding at all):

pixpa review blog post editor

Next, I jumped to proofing. The process of adding an album is very similar to that of adding a blog post so I’ll skip it:

pixpa review proofing

Instead, let’s see a quick overview of eCommerce settings:

pixpa review ecommerce

Naturally, these are not as robust as you could expect from a typical eCommerce platform. But I like that they include an easy way of managing your taxation rates and abandoned carts (however the latter is available only in the PLUS plan).

And what about the settings of the site itself? As you can see, it has everything you might need to run a small but successful website:

pixpa review site settings

You can manage newsletters, change SEO settings, add a domain name (before you do that, your site is available on a Pixpa subdomain) and add external integrations. And there are plenty of those (46), including MailChimp, which you can use to send the said newsletters:

pixpa review mutt youtube

All these settings and integrations look great and prove that Pixpa is a platform on which you can easily create a professional online presence for your creative business. But there is one technical aspect which I can’t omit in my Pixpa review – performance.

Pixpa Performance

Let’s see if Pixpa’s performance matches all the available features. In the end, creative people (who are the primary platform users) often host huge image or video files that require fast and stable bandwidth.

A professional testing tool graded my website just D+. Not the best result for someone who wants to work with designers and artists:

pixpa review server speed

And what about the uptime? No one wants to point their customers to the portfolio only to find them bounce back without even viewing it. While they could not provide me with any details regarding their uptime guarantee, the site monitor shows excellent results:

pixpa review uptime

According to our Uptime Calculator, considering their average performance for the last 30 days of 99.997%, the site was down for just about 2 seconds on a daily basis – and 1m 18s during the whole month. Terrific result but, sadly, not guaranteed:

pixpa review hosting down for

Pixpa Pros

Let’s start slowly summarising this Pixpa review. What are the things that I could recommend Pixpa for?

Easy to Get Started

Enter your name, email, password and you are done. The dashboard is quite easy to use and everything is clear so it shouldn’t be overwhelming for people who have never created a website before.

And if you have any questions, you can just contact their customer service or access help center directly from the dashboard:

pixpa review welcome

Features Creative Person Might Need

While I wouldn’t recommend the platform to someone who wants to run a demanding website with tons of features, Pixpa has everything you need to run a successful portfolio site. In the end, that’s exactly what the platform is designed to do.

All Plans Have the Basics Included

On top of that, you can run that site for as little as $6 per month (or $5 if you pay upfront). Because there are very little differences between the plans, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to set up a simple site. Instead, you can focus on growing your creative business.

Student Discount

I like the fact that the company wants to help those who usually aren’t earning that much or are still struggling financially. Setting up their first website could help students learn a lot about the marketing of their services or even skyrocket their carriers.

Pixpa Cons

Sadly, Pixpa is not a perfect site builder. And while there are not many cons that I’d like to list in my Pixpa review, those that I included are quite serious.

Mediocre Performance

We test all hosting providers using the same tool. Sadly, D+ is a very low score that in my opinion disqualifies a site designed for people who create and host large files. No client is going to waste their time waiting to download the artwork that interests him. And there is no uptime guarantee either… 

Not Much Freedom

Having a closed environment is a great thing for beginners. But if you ever decide to expand your website beyond what is offered on the platform, it might cost you a lot more than what you saved by signing up for it in the first place.

Considering that Pixpa is neither a great eCommerce or blogging platform (it’s something in between), as your business grows, you might get stuck and your options of growing the site will be limited.

Pixpa Review Summary – to Sign up or Not to Sign up?

The platform is created with very specific customers and goals in mind. You won’t find your average blogger or eCommerce entrepreneur here. But if you run a small creative business and would like to create a portfolio website, a gallery of client work or would like to experiment with creative eCommerce – you might just give it a shot. In the end, that’s exactly what Pixpa is all about.


  • Good Pricing Plans
  • Student Discount
  • 15 Day Free Trial 30-Day and Money Back Guarantee
  • Excellent Uptime


  • Limited Features
  • Mediocre Performance
  • No Uptime Guarantee

Main Features

  • Easy To Get Started
  • Essential Features

Hosting Prices

pixpa review screen

Server Locations

  • United States

Server OS

  • Linux logo Linux

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    May sound obvious after this reading this review but as I am a photography student and I began using it. And all good so far. It’s nice to have a special discount and I could try it before buying.