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Bart Keating


2019 October 2nd

PowWeb claims to be the "perfect hosting solution", offering "unmatched" services. With only one plan and one price point, it's also seemingly simple and affordable. In this PowWeb review, we are going to go over some of both the pros and cons of PowWeb’s hosting, as well as the detailed features of each hosting plan.

What is PowWeb?

PowWeb is a hosting company only offering a small handful of services. Here's what they include:

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Exchange Email Hosting
  • Domain Services
powweb review

More to add (or in this instance, less to add), there appears to be only one hosting plan offered. This lack of upgradability makes PowWeb appear to be a web host that only targets one specific kind of audience: beginners.

But it's quite contradictory. With the low participation of technical support in the forums and highly detailed knowledgebase of tutorials, it seems that PowWeb is designed for one specific type of beginner: the do-it-yourselfer.

PowWeb's stand-alone web hosting plan features load-balanced unlimited disk space and bandwidth, so upgrading isn’t a concern to have in the future. Unless your website begins to put more demand on their servers than they can handle at this price.

But let's dive deeper into this PowWeb review, so we could properly evaluate this hosting provider.

PowWeb Pricing

PowWeb offers just one hosting plan which can be as cheap as $3.88/mo. This offer is available when subscribing for two or more years.

powweb review one plan

The lucrative price is only valid when going with long subscription terms. You will get $3.88/month if you'll sign up for 2 or 3 years billing cycle.

powweb review terms

And after the first term is over you'll not see a $3.88/month deal anymore. What you'll see is:

  • 1-month term: $14.95 monthly rate (billed monthly, subject to availability)
  • 12-months term: $14.95 monthly rate (billed $179.40 for 1 year)
  • 24-months term: $13.95 monthly rate (billed $334.80 for 2 years)
  • 36-months term: $12.95 monthly rate (billed $466.20 for 3 years)

Maybe PowWeb is not that cheap when you think about it...

But let's take a look at what you get for that price. PowWeb claims this one plan to be all included and suiting everyone's needs.

Here are the main features of PowWeb shared hosting plan:

One Plan
Disk Space Unlimited
Bandwidth Scalable
Domains 1
Email accounts Unlimited
FTP accounts Unlimited
Auto-installer Included
Auto-installer scripts 82
Customer support Live chat, phone, email
Free automated back-ups No

This plan also includes unlimited FTP users and 75 MySQL databases. This is great if you are building many websites that require their own databases. As for hosting administration, you get the vDeck. Some users might be more happy with the cPanel instead, however, vDeck has also a user-friendly interface to comfortably work with.

What is more, PowWeb has strong multimedia support, including Flash and Shockwave. It appears to be an excellent host to choose if you are starting a streaming media website.

But if you plan to sell online, this plan also a built-in shopping cart included. And there are $200 search engine advertising credits included. The inclusion of advertising credits not only saves you money but also helps support your website’s success upon opening.

Also, you get a PowWeb website builder. This is a drag-and-drop builder with 100 templates to work with.

powweb website builder

But unfortunately, there are some critical pieces missing.

Although SSL certificate is included, PowWeb fails to provide security for the data of your website. The plan has no anti-DDoS protection or anti-malware protection. And sure, both can be bought separately. That is a disappointing trick when a provider doesn't include basic things in the plan so you have to put more money in the end.

Another thing, there are no backups. PowWeb leaves those to your responsibility. And of course, you can get used doing them manually, but still, a good provider would include automatic backups within the hosting plan.

Also, if you are planning to migrate a website that's already existing, PowWeb doesn't provide assisted transfer. That again is something for your consideration.

But at least PowWeb has the traditional 30-day money back guarantee. So you can try out the services and decide for yourself. 

PowWeb Performance

PowWeb doesn't shine with the speed. Unfortunately, it fails to keep up even with an average speed. That's no surprise, knowing that it uses HDD for its servers and has only one location.

PowWeb review performance

The test results show that PowWeb provides good performance for the United States, both East and West, with an under 80ms load time. London takes a little longer, but is still acceptable, with an almost 200ms load time.

As for other parts of the world, such as Singapore, Japan, and Bangladore, speeds get as slow as 628ms.

Obviously, PowWeb is mostly intended for an American audience. So if you plan to have global visitors, PowWeb might not be the best hosting provider.

PowWeb Pros

At this point of the PowWeb review, we can already see some general image of this provider. So let's pile up all the advantages and disadvantages of this hosting provider.

Good for beginners

One of the good things that this PowWeb review can highlight about this web host is that it offers one low-priced, standardized hosting package for beginners. These simplified options are great for people who want to learn more about how to administrate a website, without becoming overwhelmed by too many options.

Essential features

The PowWebs features list covers a lot of things. It supports streaming multimedia, offers PHP, CGI, a considerable number of MySQL databases. Also the unlimited email accounts, and unlimited FTP users. All those features allow you to improve and grow your website.

PowWeb Cons

Lack of upgradability

PowWeb is not a permanent solution to a web hosting provider if your website continues to grow. This lack of upgradability in plans means that PowWeb has limited server capabilities for each account (a cap). When you overcome this gap, instead of being able to upgrade, you will need to shop for a new web hosting provider. So, be prepared to require a website migration if you choose to go with this web hosting provider.

Security shortage

It does not provide any additional security by default, such as protection from DDoS attacks or malware scanning. So, it is highly advisable that anyone using this web hosting provider use some form of alternative services for that.

High prices

The advertised price sure looks good, however, they are valid only with long term contracts. And the renewal price jumps up to $14.95/mo. So even if you go with the promoted long term, when it ends, get ready to empty your pockets.

PowWeb Review - Summary

PowWeb is an average web hosting provider. You might find it suitable if you are a beginner that doesn’t mind putting some effort into resolving technical issues. PowWeb also could be a provider for web developers that are in need of simple startup hosting for new clients.

Overall, PowWeb has a good standard plan but lacks crucial parts such as performance or website protection. And that doesn't justify the expensive regular pricing.

Therefore, I highly recommend checking out other hosting providers before you make your choice. You will definitely some that offer cheaper and even more powerful plans!


  • Good for beginners
  • Essential features


  • Lack of upgradability
  • Shady pricing
  • Security shortage
  • Only one sever location

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Sue picture

2018 November 5th

PowWeb has abhorrent customer service. First, our website went static. And after multiple frustrating calls and online chats, I was told they no longer supported the platform our website was... Read more

PowWeb has abhorrent customer service. First, our website went static. And after multiple frustrating calls and online chats, I was told they no longer supported the platform our website was built on. (To my knowledge we were never notified.) Then our domain name went public. I sent them an email. One week. No response. I called them, and it took them 15 minutes to say it was due to non-payment. (We were on auto-pay.) Their web page promotes friendly tech/customer support and an opportunity to give feedback. However, when you click on the feedback link you are taken to a "Knowledge Base" page which takes you to various other links to "help" you. Talk about a frustrating experience. I don't even have the words to describe the utter disgust and disappointment I have experienced with this company. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone. Even if it was free.

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