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Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 31st

WordPress is the most popular content management system around, that's no news to anyone. But what about times when you want to have all the benefits and no drawbacks of this system?

This is where we meet Pressable and its managed WordPress hosting. But is it the best choice for your money?

In this Pressable review, we'll look at how good it truly is for WordPress.

What is Pressable?

Pressable is a Texan hosting company that has been around since 2010. It offers 'white-glove' managed WordPress hosting which means it does all the technical heavy lifting so you can focus on your content.

Pressable Review - Homepage

While just working with WordPress, Pressable has a fair amount of variety. It has hosting services tailored for agencies, high traffic websites, and even freelancers.

Most hosts provide you with a WordPress-compatible server and leave you to fend for yourself. Not so with Pressable hosting, which will migrate your sites from other services for free.

Pressable Pricing

There are 3 categories of plans that Pressable offers - Basic use, Moderate use, and High Volume use. Each category is split into 3 offers, the cheapest Personal plan in the Basic category costs $25/mo. You get unlimited SSD storage, 1 WordPress install, a free SSL certificate, and 60 000 monthly pageviews.

Pressable Review - Basic Pricing

The Pro plan that costs $90 a month comes with 20 WordPress installs, and 400 000 monthly pageviews, and performance analysis. The later can help with improving and optimizing your website.

The Moderate Use tier is made for bigger projects and websites, it starts out from $135/mo. The Agency plans include everything that came before, from 30 to 50 WordPress installs, 600 000 to 1 000 000 monthly pageviews, and expert diagnostics.

Pressable Review - Moderate Pricing

The last High Volume Use tier plans are for large businesses or corporations. These start from $750 a month, giving you 5 000 000 pageviews, 100 WordPress installs, 24/7 phone support, and a dedicated slack channel.

Pressable Review - High Volume Pricing

At the checkout you have two extra options you can choose, Woocommerce plugin and private slack channel. With Woocommerce is simple, you can install the plugin automatically for free on your selected plan.

Pressable Review - Add-ons

The private slack channel costs $450 a month, it gives you dedicated support through slack chat or voice calls whenever you need it. While convenient it's also really expensive for just support.

Pressable is confident in its services and offers its customers a 90-day money-back guarantee. You get to safely test its hosting features for nearly 3 months, so you're not risking anything just your time.

Pressable Review - Money-Back

Also, we should note that if you opt for annual billing with any plan, you'll get two months per year free. 

Pressable Review - Free 2 Months

And this works no matter if you are a new customer or just renewing your services. At Pressable, the prices you see are the prices you will pay, there are no hidden requirements or limitations here.

Below we have the cheapest Basic Use plans in more detail:

Entry Starter Pro
Price $25/month $45/month $90/month
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Page Views 60,000 200,000 400,000
No. of Sites 5 10 20
Email Addresses Not included Not included Not included
SSL Included? Yes Yes Yes
Customer Support 24/7 Ticket 24/7 Ticket + live chat 24/7 Ticket + live chat + migration analysis
Money-Back Guarantee 90-Day Period 90-Day Period 90-Day Period

It's good to see that all plans include unlimited storage and bandwidth. 

While Pressable does have slightly higher prices, the features and tools you get make it more than worth your money.

Pressable Features

Pressable wants you and your business to learn, grow, and overcome new challenges. That's why it takes WordPress training very seriously, every user that purchases hosting plan get a free WP101 pass. A learning platform that already has 2 million members around the world.

Pressable Review - WP101

You get over 160 WordPress training videos for every topic, from starting your website to dealing with more advanced plugins. Pressable even recommends some of the most important courses.

Pressable Review - WP101 Subjects

WP101 usually costs $19 a month, so if you need training with this provider you can save a hefty amount of money.

Pressable wants you to know exactly what you want before spending your money, so it gives extra attention to sales. You can call, write an email, or use live chat to get more information.

Pressable Review - Sales Team

You can even schedule a 30-minute video conference with the sales team, to talk about what do you want and need from your managed hosting.

Pressable Review - Appointments

Pressable also offers free migration services to anyone who buys hosting. And it's not just a one website deal, its support teams will migrate every website you have. It even does a pre-migration and post-migration check to ensure your site works correctly.

Pressable Review - Free Migration

If you like to do things yourself, Pressable has created an automated transfer plugin. You can install it from the WordPress plugins page and use it to transfer your website manually.

Pressable Review - Free Migration Plugin

So no matter your technical skills, you will be able to transfer your old website with ease.

Pressable gives you the most important features and resources for growing and maintaining your website or business.

Pressable Performance

Pressable takes your website's performance seriously and offers a 100% network uptime guarantee. Luckily, we didn't have any downtime in nearly a month of testing, and our uptime stayed at 100% all the time.

Pressable Review -Uptime

There were no major fluctuations in performance, the maximum it got was 359ms. Visitors had stable loading times between 0.2 and 0.4 seconds.

Next, our website fully loaded in 3 seconds, and given its size of 842KB, it showed great results.

Pressable Review - GTmetrix

And we got A in PageSpeed (90%) and B in YSlow (87%). The performance optimization while great does have room to improve a bit.

To test speeds all around the globe we used Bitcatcha. It gave us response times in 10 different locations and an overall performance score of A. Most locations had response times below 100ms mark.

Pressable Review - Bitcatcha

The only place where response times were higher than 100ms was in Sao Paulo, with a time of 132ms to respond.

Pressable has great uptime stability and performance speeds to match any top provider.

Pressable Support

All customer support Pressable offers is 24/7, it includes a ticket system, live chat, phone support, and a dedicated slack channel. But it's a mixed bag, it limits and restricts a lot of support options behind different plans, however, it has tutorials and teaches you a lot about WordPress.

Pressable Review - Customer Support

With the cheapest plan, you are restricted to only a 24/7 ticket support system. To get live chat support available you have to choose the Starter plan for $45/mo. but what good is managed hosting if you can't talk to the manager?

Pressable Review - Basic Customer Support

Don't get us wrong, the ticket system works just fine. But a premium experience for $25/mo shouldn't limit something like getting help through live chat.

24/7 phone support is only available if you choose the VIP 1 plan for $750/mo. This is the price for the ability to talk to a real human being in your managed hosting.

Pressable Review - VIP Customer Support

Apart from the regular 24/7 support options, you have a knowledge base available with lots of informative articles. You get frequently asked questions answered as well as tutorials and troubleshooting advises.

Pressable Review - Knowledge Base

So while limiting your ways of getting support, it still gives you more than enough material and help.

Pressable has great support options available 24/7, the only problem is that they are limited by the plan you choose.

Pressable Review: Final Thoughts

After our Pressable review, we can confidently say - it provides an impressive number of features with every hosting package it offers.

There are plenty of brilliant tools that will be helpful to every WordPress website and user. But you should only sign up if you can look past the customer support restrictions.

Pressable is great:

If you want a powerful WordPress managed hosting with great features and even some free learning courses.

What do you think? If you've got your own Pressable reviews, add them below!


  • Unlimited free site migrations
  • No bandwidth or storage restrictions
  • Wide range of plans suited to hosting websites of all sizes
  • Free premium WordPress plugins
  • Free WP101 courses


  • Fairly expensive
  • Cheapest plan doesn't include live chat
  • Extremely expensive plan needed for phone support

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