ProFreeHost Review


Paul Mahony


2019 October 2nd

ProFreeHost is one of the truly free hosting companies on the web, promising never to charge for any of its services.

The problem I tend to find with many free hosting services is that you essentially get what you pay for.

Absolutely nothing.

Is this one any different?

Let's find out.

Alarm Bells From the Forums

The first thing I do before getting started with a new host is checking the community pages, forums or static help pages.

On this occasion, I was greeted by a sea of issues. Downtime, suspensions, FTP connection issues and a whole thread dedicated to deleting your account.

ProFreeHost Review User Issues

Not the best start.

And while it's easy to get started, this pales into insignificance as the site is so buggy that your control panel doesn't even function half of the time. 

So far, not so good.

ProFreeHost Pricing

I can confirm that ProFreeHost is indeed free. There are no hidden charges and everything is exactly as advertised.

ProFreeHost Review Pricing

However, it's all very well to offer something for free, but more difficult to deliver on your claims. Other reviews online show that others have also experienced the difficulties I had with access and connectivity.

Would you rather choose a free hosting service with reliability issues or a paid service with a greater peace of mind? Opinions might differ.

But these instances and reviews made me interested enough to start investigating this host even more thoroughly.

Plan in More Detail

Free plan
Disk space limit Unlimited
Bandwidth limit Unlimited
How many domains allowed 10
SSD or HDD used in servers HDD
SSL Included
Email accounts Unlimited
Website builder Included
Customer support Forum

Offering unmetered bandwidth, disk space, and allowing up to 10 separate domains, ProFreeHost is doing quite well. Unfortunately, MySQL databases didn't work at least 50% of the time.

The same was true of the FTP connection and the claim of 99.9% uptime is worded slightly differently on another part of the website: "Up to" 99.9%. This is more realistic, as I didn't experience anything near 99.9%.

Another let-down here is the file size limit; 10MB isn't particularly large and will cause issues for many businesses.


This is actually not really a surprising area for ProFreeHost.

profreehost review speed

Loading times are great in the U.S and Europe, bearable in Australia and really lacking in Asia. Though for some businesses this speed might be more than enough.

Of course, the warning here is that this is only the case if the connections and control panel are actually functioning - and this is not always the case.

Summing up my ProFreeHost Review

So, should you count on a free lunch?

Not this time. While none of ProFreeHost's claims are untrue - they do offer unlimited bandwidth and storage - these benefits are outweighed by a regular and frustrating lack of functionality. There are plenty of other free web hosting providers, able to do a better job.

Even the ProFreeHost forum screams at you not to sign up, and there isn't much chance of customer service to soothe your anxiety at any point. Ultimately, I can't recommend them, as they certainly aren't a reliable provider.

Have you experienced anything different with ProFreeHost?

Leave your own ProFreeHost insights below so that we can compare notes.


  • Unlimited databases and storage for free
  • It's easy to sign up
  • Fast when everything is working


  • Lots of downtime
  • Poor customer service
  • Low file size limit

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Ion DeLa Scularie picture
Ion DeLa Scularie

2019 January 17th

This hosting is a JOKE. You get what you paid - NOTHING. After 5 days account is suspended, no email received. It is ok i only installed oscommerce to see... Read more

This hosting is a JOKE. You get what you paid - NOTHING. After 5 days account is suspended, no email received. It is ok i only installed oscommerce to see how it works but definetly worth to buy paid hosting (you can find with 2.5 pounds per month).