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ResellerClub aims to gather the best web services so that users can find all hosting and online solutions in one place.

The provider claims that its goal is to become a one-stop-shop for online presence products designed for professionals and small to medium enterprises.

And from what we see, ResellerClub is doing quite well with 8 worldwide locales.

But how good the provider actually is? In this ResellerClub review, we'll test exactly that!

What is ResellerClub?

ResellerClub is a web hosting and online presence products provider with a wide list of services. With ResellerClub, you can get shared, WordPress, reseller, CMS, and Cloud hosting, as well as VPS and dedicated servers.

But that's just a fraction of what ResellerClub offers.

Each of the hosting categories has even more options, like Windows or Linux hosting. You can also purchase email, website builder, and security services. On the ResellerClub website, you will see themes and domain purchasing options as well.


But unlike the provider name suggests, ResellerClub doesn't simply wheel and deal with other hosts services (although there is a lot of that, too), they also provide their own hosting platform.

So perhaps ResellerClub did achieve its goal of becoming a one-stop shop. But did it do that successfully?

Founded in 1998 in Mumbai, India, ResellerClub was acquired and incorporated into the Endurance International Group (EIG) in 2014. With the move to EIG, ResellerClub joined an evergrowing list of hosting providers to be snapped up by the group.

And the list includes a lot of well-known providers:

Resellerclub review

Excuse my poor Illustration skills! I decided to leave plenty of blank space here, as EIG has a habit of mopping up brands like nobody's business. So I expect this list to size up fairly often.

And while EIG is known for running some reputable companies down, ResellerClub seems to be doing quite okay.

ResellerClub Pricing

RessellerClub has 3 Linux shared hosting plans to choose from and the cheapest Personal plan costs from $2.49/month. If you pay 1 to 3 years in advance. The Business plan will cost $3.49/month with the same condition. The Pro plan is $4.49/month, paying in advance.


But for the price, ResellerClub has a lot to offer.

All plans offer unlimited disk space. bandwidth, and email accounts. They all include SSL certificates and cPanel as well.

  • However, with The Personal plan for $2.49/mo, you'll only be able to host 1 website.
  • The Business plan for $3.49/mo allows up to 3 websites.
  • And The Pro plan for $4.49/mo gets you unlimited websites.
ResellerClub review

Unfortunately, a domain name is not included in any of the plans, and you'll have to purchase it separately. The renewals and billing periods are also a different story.

You only get the advertised price if you choose to host for a specific period. And after that, the price will increase to its regular rate.

So for example, the Business plan is advertised to cost $3.49/month. But you only get that price if you choose 1-, 2-, or 3-year billing cycle. 3- or 6-month plan will cost $3.99/month. A really small increase, but why would you do that?

Also, after the first term, price increases. Instead of paying $3.49/month, you'll be billed $4.99/month. 

To get a better picture, the table below shows exactly what happens:

Payment Period / Plan Personal Business Pro
3 months - $11.97 $14.97
6 months - $23.94 $29.94
12 Months $29.88 $41.88 $53.88
24 Months $59.76 $83.76 $107.76
36 Months $89.64 $125.64 $161.64
Renewal per month $3.49 $4.99 $6.49

Overall, that's not bad. Other hosts are known to increase pricing by over 2 or even 3 times. So we like what we see with ResellerClub.

But to make things more simple, you can check the table to compare the plans and choose the right one for your online project:

Personal Business Pro
Disk Space Limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Domains Allowed 1 3 Unlimited
SSL Included Included Included
Anti-DDoS Protection Included Included Included
Anti-Malware Protection Included Included Included
Email Accounts Unlimited (10GB boxes) Unlimited (10GB boxes) Unlimited (10GB boxes)
FTP Accounts 0 0 0
Customer Support Live Chat (pre-purchase only), Phone, Ticket, Knowledgebase
Choice of server location USA / India / UK (Pre-purchase only) USA / India / UK (Pre-purchase only) USA / India / UK (Pre-purchase only)
Free Automated Backups Included, timing unspecified Included, timing unspecified Included, timing unspecified

From what we see, ResellerClub offers quite a lot for affordable pricing. So now it's time to see, whether the services are actually good.

ResellerClub Features

ResellerClub promises a lot, especially about being all-inclusive hosting provider.

That's why in this part of ResellerClub review we are going to check if the features it offers are enough.

Varnish Caching

ResellerClubs includes Varnish Caching tool with all shared hosting plans and claims to make your website 1000% faster. A pretty bold claim!

ResellerClub review

Usually, a cache works by saving static website content to the visitor browser. So if that visitor enters your website again, the contents will be loaded directly from the browser. This way, you avoid the whole "request to server and server to browser" contents delivery process. Naturally, it's much faster.

But can it be 1000% faster?

Varnish Cache tool claims that it is. It says that contents are delivered by Varnish software ensures lightning-fast speed.

Very interesting and certainly something that should be offered by more hosting providers out of the box!

But don't be fooled by the promises of unbelievable speeds. A cache does speed up loading times, but not that significantly. And not for first-time visitors.

Purchasing and user interface

ResellerClub has 3 payment options: WebMoney, for Visa and Mastercard, and Paypal Express Checkout.

Resellerclub review

The whole process of purchasing is smooth. I chose Paypal, and in less than a minute the transaction was confirmed.

resellerclub review

That big and beautifully designed 'Manage my order' button was too tempting to not click on. So, click on it I did. And I was then presented with the dashboard.

But the dashboard doesn't really provide me with anything. Not only it is hideous but unintuitive as well. This couldn't be the place I was really looking for.

resellerclub review

To actually get to the real dashboard from where I could manage my site, I had to enter my domain name in the 'jump to domain' box and hit enter. It's really poor UI and UX design here.

And yes, this is a review of hosting, not design, but UX and UI design is genuinely a big part of our 'User-Friendly' rating, so it's definitely worth exploring and evaluating, I believe.

Once I had entered my domain and fell deeper into ResellerClub's web of 'design', things improved by quite a bit.

Finally, I was able to locate all the options of my hosting.

resellerclub review

Clicking on the 'Manage Web Hosting' option takes you to the welcoming sight of cPanel. We are provided with a standard 'paper_lantern' cPanel theme to begin with, but there are customization options in the cPanel settings section.

resellerclub review

As it turns out, ResellerClub has done a really thorough job in its cPanel. I won't show all the options in pictures, otherwise, this review will turn into a picture book. I will, however, point out some of my personal favorites and highlights.

In the ResellerClub cPanel, you'll find a number of options to make hosting pleasant and hassle-free:

  • Softaculous App Installer (Over 400 installations available, from WordPress to SEO improvements)
  • Site Publisher (A simple and quite lovely way to publish a 'coming soon' page to your site whilst you build the full thing)
  • IP Blocker (Does what it says on the tin)
  • File Manager (Again, self-explanatory. Really useful for adding images and files to your site's backend)

cPanel makes things really quite simple and I truly believe that unless there's a truly better solution, every host should just sick with the cPanel.

Let's take an example of how easy things are to show you why so many people use cPanel.

I wanted to make a simple HTML subdomain site, for our performance testing. With cPanel, this took me less than 30 seconds.

Hit the 'Subdomains' button, type in the word 'HTML' and click 'create'. And that's it. Done. No faffing around with settings and the rest of it. It just works.

resellerclub review

There's one more great thing. In the file manager, there is an HTML and code editor included.

resellerclub review

ResellerClub Service Quality

ResellerClub does have some impressive features. But how good it is in providing them?

In this part of ResellerClub review, we'll test how good its performance, customer support, and account security are.

ResellerClub performance

The performance got to be the most important part of the hosting. After all, what's the use of the host if it's down all the time and pages take an eternity to load.

Fortunately, ResellerClub promises blazing fast speed with its shared Linux hosting. In order to test whether that's true, we designed 3 tests:

  • Host’s speed hosting a small website
  • Host’s speed with cPanel Site Publisher website
  • Server’s overall speed and uptime

To perform the tests, we purchased a plan based on the US servers. So let's see the results.

Host Speed Hosting a Small Website

For this part of the performance evaluation, we used the code editor we found on cPanel to create a really simple HTML site. It has fewer than 30 lines of code, in total. These kinds of sites should be a breeze for all but the absolute worst hosts, so let's see how ResellerClub dealt with it!

resellerclub review

ResellerClub managed to show us excellent speeds.

The fastest were US servers, not hitting 50ms mark. But that is expected as our website is hosted in the US. What impressed us more, however, was the response times in other continents. None of them reached 400ms.

Resellerclub review

The average response time in the industry is 553ms. And in locations like Singapore or Banglore, the numbers tend to be even bigger. ResellerClub manages to be well below average!

Host Speed With cPanel Site Publisher Website

Using Site Publisher, a free app that comes pre-installed to cPanel, I created this fairly simple site. It still has far more code than the HTML site, despite looking very clean. Lots of CSS and some Javascript in there, too. So it should be a bit more challenging for ResellerClub servers. Let's find out.

resellerclub review

Almost identical to the HTML score! The only big change is the Singapore server is almost twice as slow, but everything else is the same and London, Sydney and Bangalore even improved! Really nice work from ResellerClub here, they are certainly on the right tracks.

resellerclub review

From what we see, ResellerClub servers seem to be very well optimized. But the next test will show if that's true in the long run.

Server Overall Speed And Uptime

To test how ResellerClub servers perform in the long run, we've set up a simple WordPress website. Then we used a tool to monitor the website response time and uptime every minute. 

But first, we need to find out what we are promised.

ResellerClub promises to be up at least 99.9% of the time. It backs the claim with SLA, so you should expect for your website to be down less than 40 minutes per month. Anyways, that's what most of the hosts promise.

Also, ResellerClub claims to offer blazing fast servers. But what is that?

The industry average response time is 553ms. On the other hand, Google standards are a bit higher. To not affect your mobile rankings, Google recommends the response time to be lower than 200ms.

So we expected ResellerClub to do better than that.

And it dit. ResellerClub servers were 100% functional during the several weeks of testing. Response time was even more impressive. It averaged at 65ms with occasional peaks reaching 500ms.

resellervlub review

In a word, magnificent. The speeds are not only some of the best we have seen from any provider, but the server overall uptime was also perfect.

Unfortunately, the excellent results didn't last very long.

After a few months have passed, we noticed an increase in response times. Seems, like we were put on a brand new server during the testing period and it filled up in the next couple of months. Response time evened out and now averages at 300ms.

Still, below the industry average, but not the number 1 of all hosts.

ResellerClub customer support

ResellerClub has a number of ways for you to get help. That includes 24/7 ticket and phone support. There's also an extensive knowledge base and pre-purchase you can reach sales live chat.

Unfortunately, technical live chat is not available. So to solve problems immediately, you'll need to pick up the phone.

But overall, support options seems to be sufficient.

The way these perform, however, can make hosting experience so much better (or worse). So in this part of ResellerClub review, we're going to test the quality of support provided.

Ticketing System

Traditionally, ticketing has been the way to go. That has kind of faded away slightly since the introduction of powerful and fast live chat systems. However, for anything detailed or technical, tickets are still preferred by technicians and users, alike.

After purchasing a package with ResellerClub, I genuinely encountered an issue I wanted more information regarding. I already set my domain nameservers over to ResellerClub's and was surprised when after a couple of hours the site still wasn't live. This does take some time, but usually, with most of the providers, that's not longer than 15-30 minutes.

So to create a ticket, you'll first have to choose one of the many options. It's a nice way to lay out all the available departments, and also will help both users and tech support agents as each ticket should go to the right place if the system is used properly.

Resellerclub review

So I created a ticket and sent it off expecting a response possibly a few hours later.

And that was fast. I received ticket confirmation about 2 minutes after creating the ticket. So to go from sending a question off to receiving a detailed response in less than 3 minutes is nothing short of incredible.

Resellerclub review

The response was also really friendly, but not exactly helpful. While all hosts mention that the DNS propagation to be complete in 24-48 hours, most of them take way less than that.

resellerclub review

Phone Support

This one is a bit harder to show off in a review. Here's the story. ResellerClub gives you 3 phone numbers to call on their support page: One for India, one for the US, and one for the UK.

I suppose they just feel that if you are outside any of those countries you would just call the one closest to you. So that's what I did. After waiting for a couple of minutes I was connected to an agent. I asked a few probing questions about what was included in the shared hosting packages ('Do you use SSD or HDD in your servers?') and generally tried to be not very polite. It's not nice to do that, but it is a good test of how the support holds up.

And well, they held up very well! Professional and polite throughout, as well as informative.

However, I'll have to include something else.

I received a call a few days after purchasing the hosting package and already setting up my site, as well as running some tests.

Mumbai, India. I thought for a second, who do I know that's based in Mumbai? Then it hit me! 'Founded in 1998 in Mumbai, India'. Of course! ResellerClub.

So I answered, and was told basically that they had sent me an email requesting card verification, and it would only last 48 hours before my site would be suspended.

Now asking for additional information is a bit of a pain, especially after a few days of smooth sailing, but the fact that they called me with plenty of time in advance is really great and definitely something what other hosts could learn from ResellerClub.

Live Chat Support

Now this one is the interesting one!

For some reason, ResellerClub has decided that live chat is only to be used for pre-sale support. You can connect as many times as you like and ask anything about the hosting packages, but if you have any kind of technical issue with your site or a detailed issue, you're going to have to raise a ticket or make a phone call. Or check the KB, of course.

There's nothing wrong with this, per se, but it is a little odd.

The first thing I saw after opening a live chat was a message that I was 3rd in the queue and someone will chat with me in 6 minutes.

It turns out, from connecting and receiving this message to actually talking to a human, took around 11 minutes. This was the case multiple times, too.

This isn't awful, but it's not good either.

Considering that ResellerClub's email support is so lightning fast, you'd have expected their live chat to be even quicker. Sadly, it's not the case.

resellerclub review

However, not all is lost. We still have to find out how good the agents are once we are actually connected. So, let's find out.

Once connected with Aditya and later, Shikha, I asked the same questions I had asked on the phone and was hoping to get different results because until now everything was going suspiciously smoothly. Well, I got the same answers.

Response times were kinda slow as I would wait at least 3-4 minutes between each question.

Strangely, I'd say live chat is the area of greatest weakness for ResellerClub. It's strange primarily because a lot of other providers have great live chats and not much else.


In case you need answers immediately and talking on the phone does not sound like a good idea to you, ResellerClub has a pretty extensive knowledgebase.

There are absolutely loads of articles in here, almost all with relevant, up-to-date and informative content.

resellerclub review

Perhaps it's not the most aesthetically pleasant knowledgebase we've seen, but definitely among the most thorough ones.

Account security evaluation

For the final test, I will be attempting to steal my own hosting account without anyone noticing. In doing this, I will find out how seriously ResellerClub takes security.

Firstly, I tried to brute-force my way into my account by entering an incorrect password as many times as possible and as quickly as possible. A really secure system would notice that this is probably a bot trying to access an account and would throw out some extra verification steps. And ResellerClub?

Well, after 30 incorrect attempts, I logged in with the correct credentials and that was it. Easy as that. Not ideal by any stretch, considering there are many simple options for extra verification available.

Next up, I attempted to lure some information out of the live chat support. I told them the usual excuse ('Oh I'm so sorry, I lost access to my email inbox so I can't receive a password reset!') and hoped they would slip up.

They didn't. I was required to show proof of purchase as well as an ID verification. This is more like it!

However, any more advanced hacker could enter your account if they really wanted to. With so many software generating random passwords and no 2-step verification from ResellerClub, it's just a matter of how long it would take for a hacker to log-in.


To sum up this ResellerClub review, we can say that it's good. ResellerClub demonstrates excellent performance and uptime, as well as fast ticket support. 

It is not superb, though. There are a few points that we have to mark ResellerClub down on. Live chat could be improved and expanded to include tech support.

ResellerClub could also do with a bit more expansive options in regards to things like website building and templates being offered. It's great that Softaculous is included as they have an extensive auto-installer script package, however.

But on a more positive side, ResellerClub has several premium features to compensate.

Every website is equipped with a caching tool to boost speeds. Automatic backups are also taking place regularly. And now that we talk about security - server level malware and anti-DDoS protections are all there.

All in all, it's a fantastic choice for most users. So if you value performance over everything else, ResellerClub could be the choice for you!


  • Incredible performance
  • Fast ticket support
  • Choice of server location


  • Poor UI and UX
  • Live chat only pre-sale





User friendly






Disclosure: We earn a commission if you make a purchase through referral links in this review. This helps to cover the expenses for running ongoing performance tests.

ResellerClub User Reviews


Trent Bridge picture
Trent Bridge

2019 February 26th

ResellerClub’s hosting products perform really well. I started my business in 2011 as a Reseller and gradually scaled my business with RC’s domain, hosting and security products. The best part is that these guys provide a wide range of domains to cater to different industries.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Tarikul Molla picture
Tarikul Molla

2019 February 16th

Birthday wishes best Hosting 55% Off Offer Discount Coupon and good information thanks for sharing.

Stuart Prickson picture
Stuart Prickson

2018 December 6th

Have been ResellerClub’s customer since ages. One of the many things I realized while choosing a hosting package is that you should have a provider that ensures SSL and security plugins within their plans. So no extra charges to give. Moreover, ResellerClub’s hosting services also provide ample of storage facilities and good bandwidth. Will be moving my ecommerce store from a personal version of cloud to a business plan. All thanks to reseller club.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Tham Khai Mang picture
Tham Khai Mang

2018 December 6th

I as of late acquired different area facilitating with a cPanel from ResellerClub. They have made facilitating simple for beginners like me. I needed to move from a blog/numerous sites to appropriate business sites. Also they additionally helped me purchase a .COM space.

I have been utilizing their administration for perhaps barely 3 months now and everything is running easily. No turbulence/issues at all. Their up-time and bolster speed are most likely the features of their administration. Extraordinary to utilize ResellerClub’s cheap facilitating plans.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Themut picture

2018 November 30th

hello. i am from poland. i uwielbiam was!

Carrie Dickson picture
Carrie Dickson

2018 November 20th

I recently purchased multiple domain hosting with a cPanel from ResellerClub. They have made hosting easy for newbies like me. I wanted to shift from a blog/multiple blogs to proper commercial websites. Not to mention they also helped me buy a .COM domain.

I have been using their service for maybe a little over 3 months now and everything is running smoothly. No urbulence/issues whatsoever. Their up-time and support team are probably the highlights of their service. Great to be using ResellerClub’s cheap hosting plans.

Lloyd Mendonca picture
Lloyd Mendonca

2018 November 12th

I am glad that I chose resellerclub’s cloud hosting plan to launch my website. Not only did it allow me to get online quickly but also helped me distinguish myself in the market. thanks resellerclub.

Aykan Tekin picture
Aykan Tekin

2018 November 5th

ResellerClub’s starter packages are a steal. I began with shared hosting for my blog and gradually evolved to a much bigger VPS plan. The biggest benefit provided by them is that they rarely have a down time ( not even once as far as I can remember). Pleased to have a service so efficient.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Vinnie Paul picture
Vinnie Paul

2018 November 2nd

My business took time to setup since I began selling music equipments in 2009. I thought of launching a website just to reach out to a younger audience. That’s when I came across ResellerClub’s hosting plans. I started with a shared plan that hosted a little bit about my background, videos and images. It was enough to give me the boost i needed. With time, I expanded my plans and set up an ecommerce store too. Today I successfully manage the website without depending on anyone else except resellerclub’s plans.

Geeta Jones picture
Geeta Jones

2018 October 30th

In 2012, I began using resellerclub’s multi-domain hosting services. Since then I have been a customer using shared, then VPS and now cloud hosting services. I am happy that my business could grow with the help of resellerclub. Their plans have helped me scale immensely. Over this period of time, they have introduced many a features that equips web professionals with all kinds of tools, products and services.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features