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2019 October 2nd is a Swedish game hosting service, it stands out thanks to its incredibly affordable Minecraft hosting.

But is really worth your valuable time?

In this review, I'll reveal whether this is a great and reliable service or just a Creeper in disguise!

What is isn't a standard web hosting company and doesn't offer traditional web hosting. Instead, this service allows you to host multiplayer servers for three different Sandbox video games:

  • Minecraft
  • Minecraft Bedrock Editon
  • Terraria

If you're looking for regular web hosting, you'll be better off with an alternative provider. Review: First Impressions

The website is easy to navigate if a little sparse. For example, I'd have liked to see more information on the 'About us' page, for example. Review About Us

While this does not affect the quality of the services (obviously), a website this small way turn some users down.

But we're brave, so we march onwards. Let's have a look at what features will you get:

Features to Enhance Your Gameplay

There are some big benefits to using a host that specializes in a single game. In the case of Minecraft, it's evident that servers are properly customized to handle the unique demands of Minecraft players.

For example, every Minecraft hosting plan includes support for bukkit and spigot plugins. That means you get access to some of the most popular and best Minecraft mods. Review Bukkit

Disappointing Support

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend for its customer support. The support knowledgebase only contains a handful of articles, and no live chat or phone customer service is offered.

In fact, the only way to speak to a representative is by email.

Unreliable Gameplay

Because offers exceptionally cheap prices, you may well be asking 'is legit?'.

In my gameplay tests, I found Minecraft and Terraria normally functioned well. However, games weren't lag free and I was occasionally disconnected without warning. Review Disconnect Pricing offers five different plans which range from $0/month to $40/month:

  • Low: $0/month
  • Premium Basic: $5/month
  • Premium Medium: $10/month
  • Pro High: $20/month
  • Pro Ultra: $40/month Review Pricing

The key restriction with the free 'Low' package is that it only supports up to 10 players. The main difference between the paid plans is the amount of included resources.

Plans in More Detail

Here's a closer look at the differences between the plans.

Note that I've only displayed one Premium and one Pro plan.

Low Premium Basic Pro High
Disk Space 5GB 20GB 40GB
Players 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Plugins 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Instant Setup No Yes Yes
Advertising Yes No No
Backups No Yes Yes
Multi-Admins No Yes Yes
Dedicated IP No No Yes
MySQL Access No No Yes
Customer Support Email Email Email
Money-Back Period N/A 72-hours 72-hours

Other than the limited disk space, a major problem with using the free 'Low' plan is that you don't get daily server backups. There's nothing worse than losing a precious Minecraft map!

For most players, the Premium level packages will be most suitable because they support multiple administrators. Performance

During my review, I tested my Minecraft server's performance using Bitcatcha. The results were acceptable, reflecting my mostly-smooth gameplay experience. Of course, considering the servers are located in the USA, the American response times are understandably better there. Review Performance Review: Final Thoughts

In the end, you get what you pay for. does offer a usable Minecraft server hosting package.

However, because of its bargain prices, you shouldn't expect as reliable an experience as you'd receive with a premium game host. If you don't mind the occasional minute of lag or random disconnect, this is a service worth considering.

Have you used to host a Minecraft server? If so, I'd love to hear about your experiences below!


  • Specialized Game Hosting
  • Supports Minecraft Plugins
  • Extremely Cheap Prices


  • Poor Quality Customer Support
  • In-Game Disconnects and Lag User Reviews

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User comments

Miroslav Dimitrov picture
Miroslav Dimitrov

2020 May 21st

i personally would rate them an 8/10 or something close to that because i have never gotten in-game disconnects and their service has very ok prices

i personally would rate them an 8/10 or something close to that because i have never gotten in-game disconnects and their service has very ok prices

Performance Pricing User friendly Features
Nathan Borton picture
Nathan Borton

2019 August 6th

But which package were you using for the review?

But which package were you using for the review?


    2019 October 11th

    Please do a review on the pro plan? Lag?

    Please do a review on the pro plan? Lag?