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Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 2nd

Boasting a firm focus on offering a 'fast and flexible' service, Server4You is a Germany-based server provider founded over 20 years ago.

With highly-secure and energy-efficient servers in the United States and France, it's also a proper international company.

Surely, that's more than enough time and resources to make a seriously good online service provider?

Well, let's find out. Let's put Server4You to the test.

Good, And Constantly Improving

Overall, while checking out the Server4You website, I had mostly good things to say. The live chat is always available as an option, and according to online reviews, support was the company's previous Achilles heel.

Seeing it fixed now signals one thing - Server4You is dedicated on improving and becoming the best version of themselves.

Is that the case, then? Interesting - so I decided to check out the customer support myself.

I played around with the live chat feature, grilling the staff with several questions.

server4you review supportAnd it really seems that the support is holding its own.

At all times, the customer support took seconds to respond. And I was showered with attention. mostly impressed with my experience at the very start.

This was when the customer service representatives showered me with attention, and what's even more important - were happy to help me with tailoring a plan of my dreams.

Overall, Server4You were a good example of customer support excellence.

If you're looking to choose a provider because of how their support works or were just generally spooked by other reviews, worried about Server4You's lack of help - no worries here. Not anymore.

Server4You Pricing

Going strength to strength, Server4You is also very good when it comes to pricing. Here's how much you'd have to pay for the 3 main dedicated server plans.

server4you review

That's pretty good. Server4You dedicated servers start from just $37.99/month, which offers great affordability to those wanting to transition to their first dedicated solution.

However, for some, this may not be a good first. You see, Server4You does not offer server management or advanced monitoring.

Instead, you get sent to its partner company,

So while the price points may be suited for starting users, same can't be said about the services.

And even then, the price points tend to go up as you look for bigger plans (shocker!)

The most expensive Server4You option available is a $179.99/month plan, which you find by configuring the options provided. For instance, you can move the slider to opt for a certain amount of RAM, while you can also choose different HDD & SSD storage options in the drop-down menu.

Future hosting-industry stars, take note: this is a super-effective way to provide optimal flexibility to your customers. You can fiddle with all the options available on one simple screen, rather than having to scour through endless pages or call a sales team.

Server4You Plans

Green Line (from $37.99/month) Blue Line (from $59.99/month) Red Line (from $99.99/month)
Processor Octacore AMD Opteron Quadcore Intel Haswell i5-4590 Quadcore Intel Skylake i7-6700
RAM Amount 16GB (default) 32GB (default) 32GB (default)
Connection 100Mbit/s 1Gbit/s 1Gbit/s
Bandwidth Guaranteed 100Mbit/s 200Mbit/s 300Mbit/s
Uptime Guarantee 99.9% 99.9% 99.9%
OS Linux Linux (or Windows for $25 extra/month) Linux (or Windows for $25 extra/month)
Setup Fee $19 $39 $0

When I take a further look into Server4You's plans, it's clear that the core differences are the processors, RAM, and bandwidth.

This is what's worth splashing the extra cash for.

However, there is also the OS to consider. If you're after a Windows-based server, the only option available is the Blue or Red Line. Although, the OS upgrade will cost you an additional $25/month.

Aside from the tech specs, the setup fee may raise a few eyebrows.

Coming in at $39 for the Blue Line yet $0 for Red Line, it's certainly something you may consider if you're only wanting to test Server4You for a short period of time. After all, Server4You does operate its subscriptions on a month-to-month basis.

Server4You Performance

But while all of the things previously sound really good, there is one slight issue - and that's performance.

Namely, the processors.

The high-tier plan features Intel Skylake i7-6700 chip, released in 2015. This one is only similar in performance, as compared to the Intel Xeon E3 processor released 18 or so months ago.

The mid-tier plan entry plan features Intel i5-4590 AMD processors back from Q2, 2014. (most popular song at that time? "Happy" by Pharrell Williams).

And finally, the entry plan is running on the AMD Octagon processors, released in ye olde days 2012.

Overall, Server4You's hardware is due an update. Because now, month after month, its chips are falling dangerously behind the times. For now - they're perfectly adequate. But adequate is only the right word. I mean really, look at the results from our test server:

server4you review speed

Adequate? Yes. Good? Not really. It's not a big issue now. But I hope Server4You addresses this too, the same way they seemingly addressed lacking customer support.

Server4You speed doesn't live up to the market's standards. The response times are pretty decent in the United States and Europe but really lacking outside these locations. It's terrible in India, Brasil, and Japan. If you are planning on doing business in any of these countries, it's better to avoid Server4You.

Server4You Review - What's the Verdict?

With what's offered right now, Server4You is a perfectly okay dedicated server provider. But really, that's all it is - not much more.

The plans are very flexible, and the customer support is helpful. However, the hardware, and consequently, the performance, have been slightly disappointing. This company is due a good refresh but for now, you'd be better off picking something else.

But that's only my opinion. If you have Server4You reviews or experiences of your own to share, please feel free to leave a comment down below.


  • Flexible plans
  • Worldwide server locations
  • Good customer support


  • No server management
  • Not very good performance overall

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Mike picture

2019 October 22nd

bad service not recommend

bad service not recommend

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