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Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 2nd

Boasting 'high-performance networks' and the use of over 10,000 servers in its lifetime, ServerPronto is a hosting provider based in the United States.

With a reputation built up from 13 years working in this industry, ServerPronto should have the experience required to excel in this niche. But does this company live up to its reputation by delivering top-quality web hosting?

My First Impressions

At first glance, the ServerPronto website doesn’t place an immediate emphasis on web hosting. Instead, this provider offers a range of services, including dedicated servers and cloud computing - which isn't uncommon for a company in this sector.


The site displays all of its credentials (including a 100% SLA uptime guarantee), security measures and specs pretty clearly. It's extensive list of partners also adds further credibility and helps users to feel at ease trialing the services on offer.

serverpronto review partners

Not to mention that ordering web hosting (or any other package) is made reasonably straightforward, while the site immediately gives you the option of registering a domain name when you make a web hosting order.

Having said that, its domain options are a little pricey, but it still provides some convenience.

ServerPronto Pricing

Some ServerPronto reviews have criticized the pricing of its web hosting services, and I can see why. They're not exactly extortionate, but there is certainly more affordable options out there.

With no free option available and its cheapest package priced at $6.95/month, small blog owners may wish to look elsewhere. But for everyone else, there is plenty on offer.

The Enterprise package (a Windows VPS plan) costs $24.95/month, which isn't too bad, but again I have seen cheaper packages with unlimited provisions from other providers.

Shared Web Hosting Bare Metal VPS Windows VPS (Enterprise)
Price $6.95/month $12.95/month $24.95/month
Disk Space Limit 100 GB 30 GB 30 GB
Bandwidth Limit 500 GB 2 TB 5 TB
SSL Included Included Included
Website Builder Included Included Included
Money Back Guarantee 7-day 7-day 7-day
Customer Support 24/7 Live Chat 24/7 Live Chat 24/7 Live Chat

Although I am a fan of the website builder, 24/7 live chat and free SSL included in all of its packages, there are other providers which offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space for a cheaper cost.

On the other hand, ServerPronto offers SSD servers, so it's a no-brainer that the pricing will be on the higher side.

Overall, I wasn’t overly impressed by what was on offer.


During my ServerPronto review, I tested the site on Bitcatcha.

serverpronto review bitcatcha

This was a decent performance and means that the servers used by ServerPronto allow for an enjoyable experience for the users who land on your hosted site.

My ServerPronto Review Final Thoughts

After seeing other Server Pronto reviews (which weren't the greatest), I was quite apprehensive before conducting my own.

However, this provider did surprise me a little... It is keen to get you up and running quickly, they offer reliable and speedy web hosting, while there are lost of package options on offer.

One of the main issues I found during my Server Pronto review was that it's expensive for what it is. It goes without saying that there are other providers available that do more for less outlay.

For this reason, I cannot recommend ServerPronto unless you're looking to experiment with alternative options and don't mind paying big bucks to do so.

Do you agree with my ServerPronto review? Let me know in the comments below.


  • Stable web hosting
  • Well-established company
  • Good choice of plans


  • Expensive packages
  • Ugly website

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