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Dedicated services? VPS? Colocation and specialized game servers? You'll find it all at Sharktech. The host has plenty of solutions and aims to please pretty much everyone looking for a dedicated server. It's a jack of many trades.

But is a master of at least one? Let's put Sharktech dedicated servers to the test and see if they're great - or if there's something fishy about them.

Ready for big international business

Sharktech provides hosting via its data centers located in Denver and Los Angeles. They have a variety of server types available and allow users to arm their dedicated servers with loads of memory and disk space configurations. Multiple operating systems are available, namely Linux, FreeBSD, and Microsoft Windows Server.

10 Gbps bandwidth ports and 40 Gbps DDoS protection both point to the fact that Sharktech aims to please big businesses. The kind of businesses who need both security from targeted attacks, and enough resources to withstand huge flocks of visitors.

And finally, Sharktech seems to be acting as a bridge between the US and China. Accepting Alipay - China's most popular payment gateway - it also partnered with China Telecom to offer its blazing fast servers for both Chinese and American users.

Sharktech Pricing

I have included three of Sharktech's packages in the table below - so you can see what the value for money looks like.

Intel Xeon X3470Dual Intel Xeon L5639Dual Intel Xeon E5-2670
Price per month$79$129$219
ProcessorQuad 2.93GHzHex 2.13GHzQuad 2.60GHz
RAM12 GB24 GB48 GB
Configurable RAM Limit (Additional Cost)up to 24 GBup to 48 GBup to 128 GB
Storage2 TB2 TB2 TB
Tech Support24/724/724/7
Bandwidth10 TB10 TB10 TB

It's a very competitive list of plans. I must also give Sharktech credit for making its services as customizable as possible (although at an extra charge), while they charge zero fees for setting up your servers too. 

Another good thing is that there seems to be a lot of RAM allocated even for the cheapest of packages. A $79/month dedicated server plan often gives you around 2GB of RAM - on Sharktech, it's a whopping 6 times more.

However, there are some drawbacks with the overall hardware of the servers: the $79/month plan uses a Xeon X3470, released all the way back in 2009. 

And even in the expensive $219/month servers, you'll be getting dual Xeon E5-2670 processors, which were released in 2012.

So, considering all that, the RAM is also fully expected to be DDR3 - cheaper, slower, and less energy efficient than its newer counterparts.

That being said, with the resources you get for the money, it's hard to really fault Sharktech.

Sharktech Performance

Now, let's review what the Sharktech performance is really like. Below, you can see the Bitcatcha results.

sharktech review

Overall, that is pretty good. The American server, as expected, performs much better in its own country. With a good CDN, you should have no response time issues.

sharktech review

And when it comes to other things, such as uptime and the overall reliability of the server, well, Sharktech has all the bases covered.

During my time with the platform, I had no problems with any outages.

Of course, it was nice to see Sharktech sticking to this claim.

Reliability is definitely something you can rely on with this provider.

And while the response times were somewhat average, I still wouldn't let this discourage you from using Sharktech.

After Conducting My Sharktech Review

In general, Sharktech reviews are rather complimentary too: the company seems to leave its users pretty satisfied and there are no serious scandals.

And I must say, my experience with the host was quite consistent with this reputation. Although the customer support (labeled as 24/7) wasn't always available on live chat, the company still made me feel like I was a welcomed user.

The dedicated servers delivered by Sharktech work well. The hardware may be coming from the previous decade, but the host is pushing it to the limit. And the resources you get for the money are seriously good.

Overall, if you find a Sharktech plan that fits your needs - it may be worth a shot.

Or have you already shot yours? If you have any Sharktech reviews of your own, we'll be happy to read them in the comments below.


  • Multiple packages and configurations
  • Good pricing
  • Support for three operating systems


  • Website is a little awkward

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