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Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 31st

With the DDoS and other cyber-attacks becoming more and more popular, secure web hosting is a must. And Sharktech is ready to deliver.

Sharktech is a hosting company focusing on providing advanced web hosting solutions with the highest standards of web security. The company promises speed, security, and affordability.

And with these promises, Sharktech offers a variety of services: VPS and DDoS protected dedicated servers, colocations, 10Gbps servers, and gaming servers.

So can it deliver the promises?

In this Sharktech review, we'll test the provider in terms of performance and features offered to find out.

Advanced Features for Business Professionals

Sharktech aims to contribute to your business success by including a number of advanced features. That includes a server location choice, advanced DDoS protection, and flexibility for choosing an operating system right for you.

Server Location Choice

Sharktech users get to choose from 4 data center locations - Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, and Amsterdam. This gives you the possibility to place a server closes to your target audience.

Sharktech review: Sharktech server location choice

Placing a server closest to your target audience reduces latency. This means significantly faster website loading times. And loading times are important for several aspects of your website's success.

Faster page load times mean:

  • Reduced bounce rates.
  • Better UX - more conversions.
  • Increased search engine rankings and visibility.

Overal, page speed has a direct impact on your revenues generated through traffic coming into your website. So when choosing a server location, make sure it's close to the audience you target.

Advanced DDoS Protection

One of the main selling points of Sharktech is the DDoS protection included in every purchase.

So no matter what plan you choose, you'll get 60Gbps DDoS protection included. This works in several ways - Sharktech ensures that no one can interrupt the smooth functioning of your website, it stays up at all times, and so protects you from the loss of traffic.

Sharktech review: Sharktech DDoS protection

Advanced DDoS protection is an expensive technology that's very important for all websites generating higher levels of traffic.

DDoS attacks are becoming more often and have the potential to cost tens of thousands of dollars per hour. That's the price of hardware, software updates, loss of traffic, brand value, and more.

Sharktech eliminates this problem by already including DDoS protection as a default. And that is something all reputable hosting companies should take an example from.

Choice of Operating System

Sharktech offers multiple operating systems, including Linux, FreeBSD, and Microsoft Windows Server.

This opens up a lot of possibilities for different users without the need of investing in different hardware. Each of your VPSs can be launched using a different OS and serve a different purpose.

  • Linux is the most popular operating system used by hosting providers. It's great for websites and web-based apps.
  • FreeBSD can be called a not-so-popular alternative to Linux. It is mostly used for application development.
  • Windows Server OS is used to develop applications for Windows and to build dynamic pages.

So no matter what project are you starting, Sharktech gives you the possibility to do that without restrictions choosing the right OS for you.

Sharktech Performance

In our Sharktech review, we also tested its performance. We chose a Chicago datacenter to run our tests from.

Overall, the performance is pretty good. The US server, as expected, performs much better in its own country. With a good CDN, you should have no response time issues.

sharktech review

And when it comes to other things, such as uptime and the overall reliability of the server, well, Sharktech has all the bases covered.

During our time with the platform, we had no problems with any outages.

Of course, it was nice to see Sharktech sticking to this claim. Reliability is definitely something you can rely on with this provider.

And while the response times were somewhat average, we still wouldn't let this discourage you from using Sharktech.

Sharktech Pricing

Sharktech offers a huge variety of services with the pricing for the cheapest VPS service starting at $11.95/mo. Dedicated servers cost from $69/mo. For gaming servers, you'll need to pay at least $109/mo, and 10Gbps servers start at $839/mo.

Sharktech review: Sharktech pricing

In this Sharktech review, we'll focus on the more affordable VPS and dedicated server hosting. Both solutions are extremely powerful and can power huge international sites, web-based apps, and enterprises. So if you are planning a huge project, want to move your rapidly expanding site, or need a business website - VPS and dedicated servers are the right solutions.

Sharktech VPS hosting starts at $11.95/mo for 1 CPU core, 2GB of memory, 30GB of disk space, and 4TB of bandwidth. You can upgrade up to 4 CPU cores, 32GB of memory, 130GB of disk space, and 64TB of bandwidth with the more expensive VPS plan for $191.95/mo.

Sharktech review: Sharktech VPS pricing

For your VPS hosting, you'll be able to choose from Linux, Windows, and BSD operating systems. It also includes advanced DDoS protection and server location choice.

Talking about even more powerful solutions, Sharktech has several different dedicated server options for each of its 4 locations.

The pricing for DDoS servers ranges from $69/mo to $229/mo. The server resources, according to the price and server location also range from 16GB RAM, 2TB of storage, and 10TB of bandwidth to 48GB RAM, 2TB disk space, and 10TB of bandwidth.

Sharktech review: Sharktech dedicated server pricing

Dedicated servers are equipped with advanced DDoS protection and include premium 24/7 customer support. You can also choose from the HDD and SSD disks during your purchase - servers are completely customizable. One thing though, while Sharktech keeps the same pricing for both SSD and HDD disks, you'll get a little less of disk space if you choose SSD.

Also, a cPanel license will cost $10/mo ensuring a pleasant user experience and the possibility to manage your hosting from an intuitive control panel.

All in all, Sharktech has a bunch of affordable options for both medium and large projects. You'll also have unlimited options to scale.

Sharktech is pretty affordable VPS and dedicated server hosting provider. It provides highly protected services for large web based projects and keeps the pricing to the minimum.

After Conducting My Sharktech Review

In general, what we found out in our Sharktech review was pretty good. The company keeps up to its claims to provide secure, powerful, and pretty affordable hosting.

The servers delivered by Sharktech work well. The hardware is also kept up to date - you'll have choices both of powerful SSD and high-capacity HDD disks. And the resources you get for the money are seriously good.

Overall, if you find a Sharktech plan that fits your needs - it may be worth a shot.

Or have you already shot yours? If you have any Sharktech reviews of your own, we'll be happy to read them in the comments below.


  • Multiple packages and configurations
  • Good pricing
  • Support for three operating systems


  • cPanel costs extra

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