Simvoly Review


Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 2nd

When looking for an impressive website builder, there are hundreds of options to choose from - some more popular than others.

Simvoly is a fairly unknown website builder, claiming to use the simplest funnel building tool ever. Complete with A/B split testing, multiple admins, and a minimum of 5GB storage, Simvoly is not one for a lack of trying. 

In my Simvoly review, I will establish whether this fairly unknown builder deserves more recognition.

First Peep at Simvoly

My very first impressions of Simvoly were good, the website is simple, responsive and provides lots of useful visual information.

More to add, I instantly noticed a good selection of templates that are fully customizable. There are 84 in total, and most of them are really contemporary with lots of room to showcase photographs. Another pleasant bonus was Simvoly's drag and drop feature,

Signing up was made easy thanks to its 14-day free trial. But unlike Duda and Wix, there is no permanent free package.

simvoly website builder

Simvoly's layout is made up of fully customizable blocks that contain widgets. Widgets can be added to your website to represent your content - they include images, text, buttons icons - and even social media links.

Unfortunately, the more I began testing Simvoly, the more confusing and unresponsive interface became. Uploading social media links took longer than I expected, and I felt limited with the layout options.

Overall, there's a good choice of design features, but only some of them work as I'd expected.

Simvoly Pricing


The four pricing plans offered by Simvoly are very flexible in price and features. The business plan would suit individuals who are looking to build its business with a professional website. However, the Growth plan includes a greater number of products, website admins and funnels.

I would avoid the Personal plan as it excludes the funnels which is one of Simvoly's main features.

The fourth package is the Pro plan. When comparing this to the growth plan, I found very few differences other than the unlimited funnels and website admins.

Plans in More Detail

Personal Business Growth Pro
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Templates 84 84 84 84
Websites Included 2 5 10 Unlimited
Support Live Chat Support Live Chat Support Live Chat Support Live Chat Support
Traffic 10GB 60GB 120GB 400GB
A/B Split testing No Yes Yes Yes
eCommerce No Yes Yes Yes
Funnels 0 3 20 Unlimited

In more detail, the four plans offer a flexible amount of features at a fairly good price. Although a live chat feature is offered as support, it was unresponsive - as I later found out when asking questions about Simvoly's funnels.

Although the main downside is that the personal plan has a low number of websites, and zero number of funnels. 

Performance of Hosting


The performance from Simvoly It was below average in the speed test. Response times were fairly good in the United States and the United Kingdom. However, countries such as Brazil, India and, Japan experienced much slower response times.

Simvoly Review - Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, Simvoly is just another, unimpressive website builder. Simvoly's interface isn't user-friendly and the features don't compare to the most popular website builders in the market.

On paper, Simvoly looks attractive - but when it comes down to building your website and testing it's features, Simvoly fails to impress.

If you do try Simvoly, please feel free to leave your own Simvoly reviews and experiences below.


  • All-in-one website builder
  • 80+ templates
  • Flexible pricing packages


  • Confusing interface
  • Lacking in features
  • Unresponsive live chat feature