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Bart Keating


2019 October 2nd

SingleHop claims have a hosting infrastructure powerful enough to meet the needs of any IT strategy - be it a world-known online store or a tech giant.

But SingleHop made one huge jump in the hosting industry. From a simple, dedicated hosting platform, it became Cloud hosting innovator. So don't be surprised to visit the SingleHop website and see the new, professional looking name INAP.

But to be honest, does the new name means better and more professional hosting, or is it just some make-up to cover insecurities?

Let's test this in our SingleHop review!

What is SingleHop?

SingleHop, now rebranded as INAP, is a small yet growing hosting provider promising to power any online project with its cutting-edge Cloud technology.

Currently, SingleHop offers several solutions that include bare metal (dedicated), private cloud, and virtual cloud services. Also, you can purchase the whole private data center suite or AWS and Azure hosting, which INAP resells.


But SingleHop is not limited to Cloud hosting services only.

You'll find network solutions for IPs, connectivity, and managed DNS. It also helps with disaster recovery, security, storage, and backups.

So can SingleHop suit your needs?

INAP offers its Bare Metal Cloud servers to meet the needs of growing online projects. One server is used for one client, so you can expect the best possible performance and resources that will be enough even when you grow.

SingleHop Pricing

SingleHop has 4 Bare Metal plans - cheapest of which costs $129/month. Second tier plan can be purchased for $179/month and the third tier plan costs $229/month. The fourth plan is custom and the price depends on your needs.


Each plan gets you a personal machine, but what's the difference?

  • e3-1230 ($129/mo) gets you single processor server with 4 CPUs, 16GB memory, 10TB bandwidth, 2x1TB SATA drives, and 1GBPS network uplink.
  • e3-1270 ($179/mo) will provide you with single processor server with 4 CPU cores, 8GB memory, 10TB bandwidth, 2x240GB SSD drives, and 1GBPS network uplink.
  • e5-2620 ($229/mo) offers dual processor server with 6 CPUs, 64GB RAM, 10TB bandwidth, 4x1TB SATA drives, and 1GBPS network uplink.

Plans do look expensive, especially if you're used to the pricing of simple VPS or VPS Cloud solutions.

But keep in mind, that with Bare Metal Cloud hosting, you get the whole server, that's put on the cloud for your own needs. That means high scalability, performance, and security. Not to mention, everything can be customized according to your needs.

And from providers offering such features, INAP seems to be one of the most affordable options. So let's take a look at the features you get.

SingleHop Features

SingleHop features many cutting-edge technologies with its hosting plans. That includes powerful and adaptable servers, 100% uptime, security features, and 24/7 customer support.

Let's take a look at the details.


SingleHop has got quality services that can help you improve productivity, worry less and still be in control of your business activities. You'll have a team of experts that are ready to customize the server according to your project needs - whether it's an online application, a testing server, or a huge eCommerce store.


For that, SingleHop uses its own high-tech infrastructure.

But do these systems prevent your IT professionals from implementing their own changes to reach the best possible speeds?

The answer is no.

Most of the SingleHop solutions are developed on technologies that are similar to VMware, Microsoft, Intel, and Cisco. That simply means that you don’t need any extra knowledge base to what you already have to get you started – this saves you time and money.

SingleHop Uptime

The possibility of a server breaking down at some point due to technical or even disaster-related reasons is unavoidable.

However, having identified this single problem, SingleHop has put in place enhanced Virtual Machines as well as other advanced facilities to ensure that there is as little downtime you experience as possible. SingleHop guarantees 100% uptime.


That's no gap for server maintenance. So how INAP achieves it?


SingleHop state of the art data centers are strategically stationed at 9 worldwide locations to enhance access, user experience, and many other benefits.

These facilities feature the most robust tech pieces that ensure optimal operational capacity

Plus, with top-quality UPS back-up generators available at each data center, the possibility of experiencing any system breakdown is almost down to zero. 

As far as uptime goes, SingleHop technology is one of the industry best.

Security and Recovery Solutions

Security and disaster recovery options are crucial variables in the success equation of any technology solution services driven outfit.

SingleHop has a variety of security solutions to help your business bounce back from the unexpected. You do not need to pay any extra dime for these security measures. With your hosting plan, you are entitled to a security solution that protects your data anytime any day.


For instance, they’ve got disaster recovery solutions that are powered by enterprise partners like Zerto and Veeam to ensure the continuous protection of your business.

Although recovery objectives do vary from one organization to another, SingleHop claims it will keep your data safe no matter what issue you might experience.

SingleHop Customer Support

Every SingleHop hosting purchase begins from a consultation with its friendly customer support - just so you choose the best plan for your needs.

This makes customer support the crucial part of SingleHop. It offers 24/7 live chat, phone, and email support. And their support team takes care of every aspect of your hosting - from the consultation to server maintenance, scaling up and troubleshooting.

For you to get to the help easily, INAP offers some guarantees - no more than 15-minute wait times for Priority 1 events and no more than 60 minutes reply times to any other ticket. 


Overall, you should be in good hands. But our experience shows a bit different output.

We chose a plan to try SingleHop hosting and were redirected to the live chat. And unfortunately, it was not available.

After we left our contact details, the company representative reached out after a couple of hours. So if you need hosting right here and now - SingleHop might not be the top choice.

But on the more positive note, you won't purchase an expensive plan that you don't need.

More Tools

SingleHop’s eagerness to help you drive your business in a more productive manner can be seen in the way it equips customers with the needed tools.

Its LEAP control panel provides you with full access to your servers; you can also get updated with SingleHop’s Network and Status site –, giving you a firsthand view of how performance and other related information are accessed by the professionals.

SingleHop Review - the Verdict

SingleHop offers hosting solutions to meet very specific needs. And for sure, it's not a match for beginners.

But, if you own a growing online project or planning to launch one - it is a place where a team of experts can find the right solution, as we found out from this SingleHop review.

It features powerful servers with many scalability options and top-notch security. Just keep in mind, that SingleHop is not a place where you go an buy any plan that you like. The support team will help you choose an option that will make you completely satisfied.  


  • Fully Customizable
  • Enhanced Security Features
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee


  • Long Deployment Time
  • Not Suitable For Beginners

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