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What is SingleHop?

SingleHop premiered their cutting-edge tech services for IT departments in 2006, and 12 years down the line, they appear to be getting better and better.

With more than 40,000 servers and customers from over 120 countries, SingleHop cannot be wrong if they perceive themselves as one of the best when it comes to delivering top-quality Managed and Cloud hosting services.

As an organization that seeks better productivity and higher efficiency within your IT department(s), you are here to know if SingleHop is the answer to your questions. This SingleHop review will be rolling out as much information to help you decide if SingleHop’ collection of services will in any way cater to your exact business needs.   

SingleHop Plans and Features

SingleHop does have various hosting plans that are geared towards bringing out the best from any organization’s IT department. From a convenient spectrum of managed infrastructure to a couple of dedicated server and cloud hosting services, SingleHop is at the top of it all.

Business needs are ever dynamic and as such, they are bound to change with time, and that is where SingleHop has stolen the spotlight. They allow organizations 100% privilege to manage their solutions by tailoring SingleHop’s architecture to the business requirements.

Their private cloud services are simply fantastic. Your IT team no longer needs to bother themselves with routine tasks and maintenance trouble when you are on any of their Cloud hosting plans.

singlehop private cloud

They offer solutions like vCenter, LEAP Platform, and vCloud Director, all in a bid to rescue customers from wasting too much time in trying to maintain and optimize their hardware and software.

SingleHop are also reliable when it comes to delivering extensive Public Cloud Services. Although this option is a bit similar to what you regard as dedicated hosting, SingleHop’s public cloud services allow you more flexibility to customize certain features based on your preference. Plus, with an option of hourly billing, you get to pay only for used time and nothing more.

singlehop public cloud

Some of their services include Managed Amazon Web Services, Managed Private Clouds, Managed Microsoft Azure, etc.

singlehop review plans

SingleHop Dedicated Servers Pricing

Let's see the summary of SingleHop's pricing for Dedicated Servers:

singlehop dedicated servers pricing
  • e3-1270 ($179/mo.) - 3.5GHz speed, 8GB RAM, 10TB bandwidth and 2x240GB SSD Drives
  • e5-1650 ($219/mo.) - 3.5GHz speed, 32GB RAM, 10TB bandwidth and 2x240GB SSD Drives
  • e5-2620 ($300/mo.) - 2.1GHz speed, 64GB RAM, 10TB bandwidth and 4 X1TB Sata Drives


SingleHop has got quality services that can help you improve productivity, worry less and still be in control of your business activities. They’ve got some advanced infrastructural set-up I must confess.

But do these systems prevent your IT professionals from getting up to speed in the shortest possible time?

The answer is a Definite No!

Most of their solutions are developed on technologies that are similar to VMware, Microsoft, Intel, and Cisco. That simply means that you don’t need any extra knowledge base to what you already have to get you started – this saves you time and money.

System Failure

One term that clients are not only aware of, but they are also scared of is downtime. The possibility of a server breaking down at some point due to one reason or the other has been a likely occurrence with some other hosting companies.

However, having identified this single problem, SingleHop has put in place enhanced Virtual Machines as well as other advanced facilities to ensure that there is no downtime in the course of your usage.

Their state of the art data centers are strategically stationed at 5 places to enhance access, user experience, and many other benefits. These facilities feature the most robust tech pieces that ensure optimal operational capacity. Plus, with top-quality UPS backed up generators available at each data center, the possibility of experiencing any system breakdown is almost down to zero. 

As far as dedicated hosting and cloud services are concerned, SingleHop’ customers are assured of 100% Uptime.

Security and Recovery

singlehop review security

This is a crucial variable in the success equation of any technology solution services driven outfit. Data is an indispensable part of any organization. The more secured your data, the better for you. SingleHop understands this and that is why they have dedicated a huge structure to data security and recovery.

SingleHop has got a variety of security solutions to help your business bounce back from the unexpected. You do not need to pay any extra dime for these security measures. With your hosting plan, you are entitled to a security solution that protects your data anytime any day.

For instance, they’ve got disaster recovery solutions that are powered by enterprise partners like Zerto and Veeam to ensure the continuous protection of your business.

Although recovery objectives do vary from one organization to another, SingleHop disaster management experts has got the perfect design that can help you recover your data at the slightest possible occurrence of any disaster. Always remember, their goal is to prevent any downtime!

They equally offer an off-site back up.

singlehop review offsite security

More Tools

SingleHop’s eagerness to help you drive your business in a more productive manner can be seen in the way they equip customers with the needed tools. Their LEAP control panel provides you with full access to your dedicated servers; you can also get updated with SingleHop’s Network and Status site –, giving you a firsthand view of how performance and other related information are accessed by our professionals.

Customer support

singlehop customer support

SingleHop has got an easy going customer support system to help you handle any concerns you may have. Unlike many other hosting services company, you can start a conversation with them on their chat platform even though you are not one of their customers.

SingleHop surely has a lot of services that will make you jump to your feet and sign up immediately. They even offer dedicated hosting services on Linux-based and Windows operating systems.

However, the one possible let down by SingleHop that may matter to a certain group of potential customers is that they do not offer any services for shared hosting. Their services are more inclined to the high-end of the market.

SingleHop Review - Overall Thoughts

SingleHop has got so many promising features that can move any business forward. With their ideology of granting you so much freedom while you leverage their services, there is so much you can do. If you are interested in exploring superb dedicated or cloud hosting services, SingleHop will be the perfect opportunity to step your business activities a bit further.


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